Friday, March 30, 2007

Democrats on the War --what are they thinking? '08 and nothing more

The Democratic bill regarding the War just hurts our troops by putting them in the enemies' crosshairs today --

"Let's see --how can we get the Americans out of there! Just kill more of their kids! Blow up some vehicles! We and the democrats want them out of this war --and deaths are their rationale--so let's give them more deaths to hurry them home!"

That's the reality --the democrats don't want us to succeed in Iraq because they need our failure there to ensure a democratic pres. in the white house --they think.

Nothing will hurt our image and prestige more abroad than to let them say, "We told you so!" That's what the dems seem to want. Astonishing to me that they don't want to DETERMINE to get Iraq on its feet before we leave. Why do they expect instant success like instant everything else in America? --We've got centuries of history behind these people under the yoke of oppression and sectarian rivalries. But they voted! they cheered Sadam's demise! We need to stay there and behave while we are there --and be there in such numbers that we are a successful peace-keeping force. In time, they'll be grateful--as most of them were in the beginning.

Dems haven't really calculated the potential clout of the evangelical, pro-life third of the nation who have yet to find a candidate to back. When they do, the dems don't have a prayer--(I hope.) It won't be a democratic candidate for sure, because Ann Coulter was right --they are "godless" in their ACLU and NEA agendas for porn access, GLSEN (gay sex ed) in schools, rights of criminals, gay marriage and abortion on demand for convenience. (And I've not read her book.)

I also find our stance on the Iraqi's failure to help themselves a little strange --in light of our expressed guilt for going in there in the first place. Doesn't seem to be the right sort of rhetoric coming from those who think we should have been more "diplomatic" in conversation with Iran and No. Korea. Both sides of the aisle have blamed Iraqis for not really getting with the program of rebuilding their nation and providing its defense. Do we want to say that in insulting terms? Even if it's true. And I did hear one of our soldiers say (via his grandmother) that he and his buddies would stay fully dressed and sleep with their guns enroute to a mission with the iraqi army --while the Iraqis got comfortable. I'm thinking that says they trust us more than we trust them --in the middle of the night --with guns.

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