Thursday, March 17, 2016

WHY I OPPOSE KASICH FOR PRESIDENT --his cupcake instruction

The following is from a Facebook discussion on the GOP candidates:  I was saying Kasich is weak on the religious liberty issue --weak on the defense of those who are being persecuted for refusal to use their businesses for same-sex weddings.  He said they should just get along and "bake the cupcake."  (Wedding cakes, he meant --because the bakers WOULD  bake them generic cupcakes.)

LGBT's SHOULD  be treated equally --but not accommodated (or financially enabled) nor even CONDONED and HELPED in their confusion-- nor should our young be encouraged toward this disorientation and gender identity problem --which is what is happening now. More and more youth are pondering "Wonder if....?" --and then "sex-perimenting" with same gender friends -damaging their self-image-and then becoming addicted to orgasms abnormally achieved --and putting themselves at high risk for STD's.

The Bible-believing Christians (and even Muslims who agree on this one issue) do believe Gender is an assignment,  as both Moses wrote it in Genesis and Jesus said it in Matt. 19:4-6. We are created male and female --it is an assignment from God and the Bible says he literally HATES it when we seek orgasms outside hetero-marriage. He forbade it --seeing that people animalistically were seeking them any way they could get them - and promiscuously --to their everlasting detriment.

It is natural for kids to idolize and even envy same gender friends --and to long for such friendship with admired persons. This is not to be romanticized or sexualized. It is delayed development when kids arrest at the same- sex- preference- for -friendship stage. Many roads lead to this disorientation: relationships with parents, peers, seducers, molesters, and porn --role modeling by others --promotion at schools and in media and entertainment --affecting self-image and gender identity and orientation. ENOUGH ALREADY! WE NEED TO HELP OUR KIDS BE MORAL AND GET TO THE MARITAL ALTAR WITH ONE OF OPPOSITE GENDER.

Homosexual temptation and ideation are like other sins which enslave. Sex-perimentation before marriage with people who don't end up as your spouse --often leads to lifetime of singleness --and with single parenting of fatherless kids, in case of heteros. I am blessed to be growing old with my wonderful husband who has never been with anyone but me --and adores me. We are blessed by the social network and safety net my kids are for us and each other. I want this for others --and for our youth --marriage and sex as God intended it. Church and family make communities and nations strong --and ARE a boon for the economy with families (and church communities) looking out for each other and able to help the poor.

  It SHOULD be a top issue when bakers, photographers, florists, t-shirt designers, wedding chapel owners, and caterers are SUED or FINED out of business as happening right now--because they cannot do gay weddings because of the religiously based convictions about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG in God's sight. The State is denying them their first amendment right to freedom of religion. This will eventually--soon--extend to the Christian churches and colleges and schools --which already may have to ADMIT self-identified homosexuals and transgenders to their student bodies in order to compete for tax dollars for their students -- and will be sued if they TEACH the Bible on the topic and don't provide unisex bathrooms, dorm rooms, etc. In Canada the preachers can't broadcast on this topic. A Swedish pastor announced he WOULD preach against homosexuality and the nation took a fresh look at his religious rights by THEIR courts and legislatures to keep him out of jail and let him preach the Bible as written. All based on the lie that homosexuality and gender dysphoria are in-born --genetic. They are not (granted the very rare cases of extra x or y on chromosomes --who usually identify early on as male or female according to predominant characteristics of their anatomy and live successfuly, accordingly, though are sterile. They are the only ones entitled to confusion. The rest of us have an assignment with our anatomy to live as male or female --either in heterosexual monogamy or celibate. That would end ALL STD's, you know --and most poverty related to single parenting.

 These people who are being sued or fined did not refuse to do business with LGBT's --just not wedding business because they know marriage is a sacred matter and defined as union of man and woman by our Creator. the T shirt guy refused pride parade business. They recommended others they knew would do the businessfor them--but LGBT's won't be satisfied until there is no whisper of stigma against their unions as perverse -- and they intend to persecute Christians until they are quiet on the topic -- such that culture loses their sense of right and wrong about sexuality. "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people." We fear the removal of God's hand of blessing on the USA if we continue down this hedonistic, selfish path regarding sex --and it's not just the LGBT's at fault, either.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Friday, March 27, 2015



Yes, our Creator allows judgment, death, troubles in this world --but as Jesus said, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." Hallelujah!!

IT SHOULD BE NOTED  how none of the 21 (OR 22)  Egyptians who were beheaded recently renounced Christ -- some praised Him as they died and it was heard on the videos ISIS released --and the mother of two slain brothers said her boys went straight to Heaven and she would forgive their slayers, invite them into her home, and share her faith-- as Christ forgives.

See the SAT7 website  on this and how the ISIS tapes have fortified Christian faith instead of terrorizing them--on Lebanese Christian tv throughout the middle east. That's the Christian difference: forgiveness of those who trespass against us. Rather than "eye for an eye" --which is strict justice. It's against our human nature to forgive, but the Holy Spirit enables perfect love. (That doesn't mean the world's latest bullies shouldn't be stopped forcibly--just as happened in the Old Testament.)

We are the planet shadowed by evil --where the light strives with the darkness for dominance. Jesus --the light of the world.

YOU and I might have created a world where man could not have chosen to sin -- no free will with which to  worship and believe in God or not.  I  don't know any reason for a blood atonement for sin --but the Bible says that "life is in the blood." Whether sacrifice for atonement was God's idea or primitive man's matters not --it's the idea in every people group and it is demanded of Cain and Abel in Genesis.  Ever since, all people groups have appeased the deities that they were sure were there.

How else could you explain beautiful earth, with life-sustaining elements --and our bodies so compatible for each other as male and female to procreate the human race --like all other creatures with gender.  We have beautiful colors to see --and eyes to see color. Beautiful music to create and hear --and ears to hear. Amazing computer brains which have invented so much helpful and life-easing technology using God's principles of science and math. A night light in the moon; the sun for day and to nurture all life. And amazing water --which sustains life, cleanses, refreshes, cooks, transports, and provides fun and sport -- and is beautiful to look upon.

No designer? No Creator? in all the vast universe with all its barren planets --we have earth --and people --and creatures --and food --and happiness and love amidst sorrows and hardships.

Into this world stepped Jesus Christ --who died a criminal's death --and was raised to life 3 days later. And raised others and healed many --and calmed the sea --and changed water to wine --and ascended before hundreds --jump-starting the church.

A favorite story of mine is found in Acts 3 and 4 --after Christs' crucifixion, etc. --when Peter and John go into Jerusalem, heal a man lame from birth who sits at the gate called "Beautiful," and Peter preaches a powerful, contemporary sermon to the Jews there --telling them what they have done --and that Jesus arose! They said there were 5000 converted that day. The authorities marveled at the eloquence of these unlearned fishermen from Galilee. It's a great read --can be found at Bible

When you say Christians divorce at the same rate as non-Christians, you'd be including a lot of "nominal" Christians who claim Christianity like an ethnicity. The question would be, do the Bible- believers who take their faith personally and seriously divorce at the same rate as nominal Christians? I doubt they do. Certainly not in the church and Christian circles in which I circulate. Also, the divorce rate is pushed higher by the divorced themselves who marry and often divorce again --and again. I heard that recently that it's the oft-divorced and re-married who push up the divorce stats.
Granted, what I want is irrelevant --what God wants is not. What HE intended about gender and what HE says about homosexual relations in His book --and what biology says about the purpose of gender --all relevant.

I don't work for any of your named groups --but I support them. and agree with them --ACLJ, ADF, AFA, Focus on the Family, --just basic Christianity which says celibate singlehood, heterosexual marriage and parenting are God's design for gender --and homosexual coupling is not.
What is your dog in this "fight" anyway? Are you homosexual yourself --which would explain your efforts here?

You malign Christians as having "illogical hatred." We don't. I don't hate homosexuals. I just wouldn't participate in their weddings in any way because of my Bible-based belief that God doesn't force us to be homosexual --doesn't design us to be homosexual --doesn't want us to be homosexual --it is sin --like many other sins for which we do not or ought not have "pride." Like any other sexual temptation that afflicts mankind, homosexual sex acts can be avoided.

IF there is a God, as our founders mostly believed, it behooves us to define right and wrong as He does. "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."

Bless you as you pursue truth.

2 Peter 3: 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.  "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  1 John 1:9   "For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."  John 3:16

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bedrooms and Happiness --a Correlation for Political Concern

My response to a liberal Christian --on  bedroom issues of politics --which she believed should be irrelevant concern for the Church today:

Bedrooms have a great deal to do with happiness, actually.   Pre-marital fornication and Adultery are ruinous for the faithful who love --and  ruinous for their children --and expensive when  they cause divorce and the need for gov't subsidies.  Divorce and bed-hopping result in multiple households needing money and lacking the love and supervision of mom and dad as faithful role models in the home.

The increasing prevalence of  oral sex cancers is going to come as a shock for those who said "it's not sex"  --as in "I didn't have 'sex' with that woman."   Sexual promiscuity of sodomy practitioners from America  gave the nation AIDS and they still have 2/3 of the 50,000 known new cases annually in US.  though they are less than 4% of the population so far.  Expect that percentage to go up with heteros approving and sex-perimenting with the same behaviors as LGBT's --which young women in my day knew were repugnant.  

It may take awhile --but when our national economy collapses (many say this year)  --and the poor (and the drug addicted) rise up in fury and hit the streets and neighborhoods with break ins and looting because the freebies run out  to which they are "entitled" -- you may have to re-think your view that bedroom activity was irrelevant and merely divisive.  It's divisive alright --especially between the workers and the poor on entitlements  who are making babies without fidelity or marriage --without  good education and supervision of their  disrespectful kids --who make some teachers' and school peers' lives (and malls) a living H.  (Which is why the respectful and diligent kids and parents should have a voucher system to take their education money to other schools --including  private and religious schools.) 

You think that homosexual marriage has nothing to do with this --yes, it does.  It spreads its lies about God and man and God's plan for gender --to kids who now feel licensed by media and SEICUS (the professional sex educators)  to "sex-plore" their sexuality.  Being immature youth, they are NOT responsible to use the condoms --after all, if we get pregnant we can get an abortion.  But they ACT oblivious to the STD risk --no matter how educated they are on the topic.  TV and rappers give a false sense of security about results of promiscuity.  "Not me" --or "it can be fixed."
Parents are distracted by their own troubles and their careers  and their own messed up bed lives--leaving kids alone with peers after school --to their risk.  Some live in neighborhoods with lots of youth and no sober parents home.   The adults have  lost control and respect long ago --because they come from the same kind of youthful sex-perimenting  with  unwed teen pregnancy themselves.  This problem is epidemic. and inter-generational.   (Remember 84% of Chicago black youth being single parented  and mostly gov't dependent--and thus vulnerable to all the dysfunction of gang life --many illegally-owned guns and  deaths and headed for jail.)  White youth are now up to almost 1/3 single parented.
Believe me, our sex life matters.

As for the rest of your post --what a party  believes and says it will work for in a political platform CAN be morally superior.   Dems think they are morally superior about the environment and compassion. which they want expressed through money borrowed from China --who owns us now.  I think the GOP HAS been morally superior about  very important matters of immigrating legally, faith-based compassion and social aid and the right of religious groups to compete for public aid same as secular groups --because they ARE more efficacious in improving people's lives, REALLY helping the poor, and  getting over addictions, etc.  The GOP's stance on porn, marriage and abortion IS superior morally and put there BY and FOR voters like me --whether or not there are some hypocritical politicians on the Right who don't sincerely care about anything but lower taxes and smaller gov't. and getting elected for their overly generous lifetime pensions and perks and connections for  personal wealth-building  --advantages to politicians of the Left and the Right.  (Feinstein's husband is reportedly making BILLIONS handling the sale of the closed post offices.  Why so much?  Why isn't that put back into federal debt pay off?)  Of course he will also fund democratic campaigns with his windfall.

Conservative religious Christian people truly are not as prone to egregious bad behavior as others.  They surround themselves with christian radio, tv, Bible study, prayer, accountability to church discipline, sermons and fellowship, and our churches just aren't hotbeds of lust and carnal activity.  Even at their wedding dances, you don't see people dancing with anyone but their own spouses or kids.   I've never seen married people fliirting with others like on tv  --except at medical receptions and school board convention socials  where the bar is open.  

I've been around a lot of churches and church people all my life --and they are truly more moral than the general public --nonsmokers, non-drinkers, faithful husbands and wives, salt of the earth in their neighborhoods, church communities and school communities.   I've never known a philandering pastor, though I've heard of them in some denominations.   My husband has been a devout compassionate Christian MD  who works with and on women all the time --and has proven himself trustworthy --though handsome and desirable by anyone's description.  He fears God --even more than me!     He earnestly wants to be remembered as God's man --so that Christ won't say to Him in eternity "Depart from me --I never knew you."  He wants to set a good example for his kids and theirs.  And he does.   With my understanding of the weaknesses of men, I was not automatically a trusting wife --he turned heads when we walked into that hospital for a tour of his residency hospital with his plain pregnant wife beside him.  I felt inferior (was) but he never let me feel that way  --because of Christ in Him.

I'd like all people to be so blessed in their marriages --and I KNOW what makes for those blessings --faith in the living Christ and involvement in a Biblically faithful Christian church.    That's not a Pharisaical statement of Christians being saved by their works and goodness --no, it's CHRIST's perfection and sacrifice which atones for our sins --and we respond by trying to be "More like the Master."  (a song --More like the master I would ever be --more of his love and more humility....")   We don't attain "perfect love"  but we strive for it.  And I love any homosexuals whom I know --but loving does not mean approving their relationships or agenda --perpetuating the lie about God and His plan for gender.  They can truly love and be faithful to a partner --they can live outwardly respectable lives on par with heteros --but they are still missing the boat of God's Design for Gender --and encouraging others to do so by their examples.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Alcorn Boy Who Wanted to be Leelah

To One of the Facebook Memorial pages: 

You have no business telling this grieving family that they have to bury their son using a girl's name --which I understand to be on the agenda of these memorial and vigil events. The consequences of the LGBT ideation, ideology, idolatry of self over God and others are sad ones. Depression comes with the decision to be what we are not --and act as we should not. Every effort should be made by parents, society, and church to prevent this sad mental dissatisfaction with one's gender identity and assignment. We should be more vigilant to protect the kids from those who want them to become sexually active early --either gender. We don't need sex educators telling them the only risks to early sex occur if you don't use condoms. There is no condom for one's self-esteem, gender self-image, or sex addiction.

We've caved to temptation and evil-doing in every way lately. Our permissive PC culture has decided that If people want to be stoned on marijuana, we should just legalize it. If thugs want to break the law, we call them "gentle giants." If presidents want to have sex with interns, we'll make them our party heroes. If people want to have experimental marriage and shack up, that's OK. If people break the law to get into our country, we'll give them benefits. If they want to cheat at the voting booth, we'll look the other way. If they want to make babies with multiple partners, we should pay for them and their children --because goodness knows, no one can afford more than one household. If people want to be the opposite gender, we should provide their mutilation surgery, sterilization of their healthy procreative bodies, and their lifetime of hormones to maintain the deception. If people want to have anal and oral sex with persons of their own gender, we should call it marriage instead of sodomy. We are probably in the last days --when evil is called good and good, evil, according to the Bible.

Former Lesbian, now Christian married to a man and happy to be so, Rosaria Butterfield, says, "We are all born that way." i.e. born with a sin nature --all temptable by many sins.

.The devil had his way with this young man--sin always brings us down. Satan wants the death of humanity. He loves abortion, LGBT thinking, depression and suicide. Sin is sin--and sin matters. His death was a tragedy --and he was not a girl --even though he wanted to be. Where did he get the idea it wasn't sufficient to be a male --or that HE made a better female? from family--or bullying peers. from culture's propaganda --or from Satan himself?

God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Note on Alcohol for Church Friends and Others ~ Food for Thought

I read Animal Farm, by Geo. Orwell one morning last week.  It’s available free on line and is very instructive even for politics today.  A short book.

I noticed an alcohol theme in Animal Farm.  Had the farmer not been such a lush, he would’ve remembered to feed the animals;  the farm would not have fallen into disarray,  and the animals might not have rebelled.   Based on this experience, the leader-pigs of the farm  made a commandment to not use alcohol at all  (like evangelical churches and old time Methodists did)   It was  one of 7 commandments –and then the pigs start to behave as the farmer did –and start drinking.  They become corrupt and self-centered –as the farmer did  –and next thing you know, they change the commandment  to not drink unto excess!   Apparently not aware that they were doing that.   So even  with this secular author, drinking is portrayed as a slippery slope issue.  

For sure, the  Bible emphasizes avoiding drunkenness more than abstinence.    There were probably few year-round beverage choices, perhaps a risk of contaminated water,  and it  may have been the only temporary anti-depressant and pain reliever available –and “a little wine for the stomach’s sake”  was recommended by Paul.   Sure enough, Johns-Hopkins said moderate drinking may prevent H Pylori bacteria-caused ulcers .  That research hospital  also said antibiotics will take care of the bacteria and warned non-drinking  people to not start drinking for ulcer prevention as they said there are more potential problems from drinking.  The much touted health benefits of daily wine for the heart have been clarified by European study which said that NON-ALCOHOLIC wine has more anti-oxidant health benefits –and reduces blood pressure –more than does alcoholic wine. They said it’s the grapes themselves that have the most benefit and the alcohol reduces that benefit.

Of course, wine didn’t have to be fermented in the Bible to be called “wine.”  The “new wine”  is unfermented –and should be put in new wineskins which can expand when the wine ferments.  The  new wine is the fresh grape juice that tastes much better than alcohol.   (Yes, I’ve tasted –thought ewwwww! )  So maybe the wine of the wedding miracle was really flavorful and rare like “new wine” –which is only available at harvest time.    Most don’t agree with me on that, believing the wine of the wedding and the wine of the wedding feast of the Lamb in Heaven someday –are same as the intoxicating, prized, aged wines of today.  Time (Eternity?)  will tell! 

For people, alcohol  causes so much trouble in society, affecting judgment –and the drinkers don’t notice that their judgment is affected and don’t know they are drunk –as noted  one wife of an alcoholic , speaking up in a S.S. class.   My husband said no amount of pleasure from drinking was worth the horrible things he saw in ER from traffic accidents caused by alcohol.    

In fact, as per-capita consumption of alcohol increases in America, so does societal dysfunction and poverty with addiction –in addition to the  carnage on highways.

 The  great Christian evangelists and reformers in history preached abstinence –and that teaching thru-out our family line has protected many of us from having an alcohol problem.  That’s  why the Free Methodist Church still recommends it for members –though it no longer “requires” it for them –realizing that drinking itself is not biblically forbidden –though there are warnings about it –but does it sometimes pave the path to  poor judgment, regrettable sinful acts, emotions and  attitudes,  liver disease, drunk driving and  pre-mature entrance to Eternity?   Is there still good reason for the Christ-follower  today to set a pattern of abstinence for future generations?  Is  drinking  an avoidable stumbling block for the weaker brethren (including youth)  –which WE avoid for THEIR sake? 

Perhaps abstinence is   self-denial for many good reasons  which ought not be difficult for us  --not like chocolate abstinence would be….   ;  )  But keep perspective:  chocolate, a guilty pleasure for the calories,  doesn’t cause all the dysfunction that alcohol does!  (It, too, has antioxidants.)   God has given us many pleasures that don’t affect judgment , behavior and relationships the way alcohol can.  

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Saturday, November 1, 2014


There are three candidates on our ballot for Ohio State Bd of education --we choose one. And need to pray for whoever gets elected.

KATHLEEN A. MCGERVEY-- single, 45, engineer and surveyor, aunt of many children, tutor in math and science for inner city students; concerned for their education. She is a 4-year incumbent on the board which has effected school choice for students from failing schools --and enabled home school students to participate in public school part time and the extra curricular activities (Like my grandson Jacob, now taking 3 classes and marching band at A.W. --a right for home-schoolers considering their parents are also tax payers like the public school parents.) She describes herself as being for "family values" and is endorsed by some good groups.  She is a pro-life Catholic.

If children from inner-city, failing schools qualify for private (including religious) schools, they may now attend the private school with state aid for a better education --if they currently are enrolled in public school and if they apply by a certain deadline. The private school does not, however, have to lower admission, attendance, academic, religious and behavior standards to let such children in. (In my opinion, this funding should be available to all the private school students in ALL districts, and would be if we had vouchers to take to the school of one's choice. As it is, if you are already in private school, even if you live in a failing district, you don't get the aid. You only get it if you need rescued from a failing school --and you have to apply early in the year. The state figures if you are already funding your kids in private school, you don't need their help.)

RAY YOUNG is another self-acclaimed republican conservative running for state board of education. Retired, he has many years of experience as teacher, father, grandfather and other board membership. He is most articulate in writing and speaking. (Hear his interview on WSPD.) Google the candidates--they also have Facebook pages.  He is a Christian who says he will not compromise his convictions as a board member.  

KIM REDFERN, a young mother with small business history, wants more democrats on that board (8 of 19 get appointed by the governor and are likely republicans.) Her husband is chairman of Ohio Democratic Party.

Kim and Ray do not believe in vouchers for school choice --where public funds follow students to private schools. All candidates think charter schools should meet some standards --some of these schools have not tested well. The great irony of liberal thinking on this --the teachers' unions don't want competition by private or charter schools funded by gov't, as it may cut into their incomes. Their idea of "better education is more money" for the public school teachers and the buildings. Yet their schools continue to fail in the inner city.  

The conservative solution is competition for gov't funding from private schools accepting the motivated students from the poorer, failing districts. Help kids escape their unruly peers in schools that can't make up for the deficits of discipline at home and in school. NO question in my mind, that it's the culture of  unwed and teen parenting, fatherlessness and crime and disrespect for authority and rules-- and schools that are large and impersonal --and disrespect for education itself -- which all effect both poverty and failing schools.

I  recommend KATHLEEN MCGERVEY because of good changes allowing school choice by our state board with her on it and support for her from family values groups.  I believe RAY YOUNG is also an acceptable candidate.  Perhaps Kasich can appoint Ray Young some day; my only objection to him is that he IS a professional educator --opposing funding for school choice (PTA questionnaire) --while saying he IS for school choice --just not diverting public school funds to pay for private.

I do wish someone would address the new (as of last year) state requirements on public school teachers concerning their objectives, implementation and measurement of student progress --making new, esoteric, unnecessary, time-consuming burden on the teachers --in addition to the planning, testing and grading they already do. I heard of this from a teacher who is busy enough doing a good job without this new burden from the state.  I don't think it's part of Common Core --but state requirement.

What I believe Christians should care about in education: school choice via vouchers for all, not just the students from failing schools; the rights of home schoolers to some public school participation as tax payers; the whole truth in history ed about religion, racism, native Americans, opportunity for all (see D'Souza's recent film) and sex ed (no --latex does not make sex-perimentation and fornication inevitable and 'right' for teens) --common sense re: "common core," sex ed; school security, drug screening, science ed (don't claim proof  in theories without mention of evidence to the contrary.)

The state should care that every district teaches basic skills and  fair treatment of free enterprise, capitalism, democracy, western civ and even its predominant religion --Judeo-Christianity.  According to Education Research Analysts, a new World History text by a major publisher proposed to the Texas State Bd--whose decisions affect the whole nation's textbook choices-- has much pro-Islam and anti-Christian, anti-American propaganda in it.

What should "educated people" learn?? Liberals have a very different view on these things than do conservative Christians and we do not want a federal department ruling from the top down --especially if their views are liberal, anti American, anti-Christian and plainly immoral. Politics and voting are important --and will affect the culture and future for our children.  

Candidates Ray Young and Kathleen McGervey agree that the feds should not be determining local education policy.   PROFICIENCY TESTING, criticized by most everyone,  came about in states because of the neglect of the basics --the Three R's --the fact that kids were failing to learn to read, etc. all the way to h.s. graduation.  Testing students resulted in intervention --and helped to focus the teachers on the needs of the students --during an era when we were all about "values clarification" and "moral relativity in life skills"  --social engineering -- at the expense of  BASIC SKILLS for making a living and/or  going on to college.  Testing --and "teaching to the tests" --is not all bad if it focuses educators and students on learning basics (even core curricula.)   However, I agree with candidates who don't want to see  teachers judged by their students' test results --because even the best teachers in the failing schools can have really poor students who are "tuned out" to the objectives, possessing poor attitudes --and high truancy rate.

I think we could cut the federal budget effectively by eliminating the federal dep't of education, their Common Core and all. Common Core wouldn't be a bad idea, if we could trust there would be political balance. As it is, we can't even expect balance at a local level --with our liberal schools of eduction turning out liberal teachers and other citizens who desire to "fundamentally change America." Not that there aren't some changes needed these days --but what changes determined by whom?? Co-ed bathrooms for school children as in California? A mayor's demand for ministers' sermons as in Houston, TX? Girls on the boys' wrestling and football teams? Transgender females (males) unfairly competing with women? I don't think so!!!

Revival of common sense needed! And spiritual awakening. There IS a higher power! and His name is Jesus!  Separation of church and state does not mean leaving our faith-based convictions and morals --our respect and search for Truth about God, man and history -- at the voting booth door.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


World Magazine addressed the  issue of tattoos this week. [Any comments in brackets are mine.]

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY?   Leviticus 19:28 --"you shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead --or tattoo yourselves:  I am the Lord."

WHAT DID THE FAMOUS  PASTOR JOHN PIPER SAY?   . He said tattooing is not a sin, but "be wise and skip it."  He said that since the Leviticus passage is "explicitly anti-tattoo,"  "that should at least give us a few minutes' pause."    He said the permanent nature of tattoos with the painful and expensive cost of removal --may turn them into stumbling blocks later.  [In fact, even in California we hear recently of much demand to remove tattoos at great expense for better chances at jobs.]

WHAT DID PSYCHOLOGY PROF. LUKE TSE  AT CEDARVILLE U. SAY?  He researched the topic among Christian college students in 2008 and found that few consulted pastors or spiritual mentors before getting tattoos --and  "many" sinned in the process because they admitted they disobeyed parents who forbade the practice.  He found a few who minister in Christian punk rock bands who  fit in with their target ministry better, being tattooed.  He questioned whether such permanent skin markings were necessary  for evangelism to the tattooed.

The following is not from World Magazine.

WHAT DID THE  UNTATTOOED PHILOSOPHER ROB ROHRS SAY?    He reminds us that "we are not under the law --but the law is important." [Of course we eat shrimp and pork and we mix fabrics and many think tattoos may be in this category of Biblical laws.   Many also try to sanctify and excuse sexual sins  by the same argument these days.  However, tattoos are clearly not in the same category as sexual sins in their potential for harm to others.] 

   It used to be just military vets and prisoners who had tattoos.   Otherwise, it was a characteristic of pagans and not of believers.  If you are going to do it, BE SURE to use a reputable business (check with the BBB or perhaps Public Health Dep't.)  as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis  have been transmitted by tattoo needles in the past.  He says his older patients don't like how their tattoos look on their older skin and many are embarrassed about them, attributing their acquisition to youthful folly.  He also warns against multiple piercings on the ears --as the cartilage has gotten infected causing disfigurement common to prize fighters, known as "cauliflower ear,"  definitely not a mark of beauty. ]
[Leaving our bodies unmarked and unpierced as God made them, was characteristic of  O.T. Jews and has been characteristic of the more modernized (civilized?) cultures --distinguishing us from the pagans who made graven images and art canvasses of their skin.  From where do we get this desire to tattoo?  In the church?  No, from the world and its values of  fads, peer influence, from the world's  standards of beauty and "cool."    From the pagan, unbelieving cultures --from the drug and punk culture --from Hollywood --not from the Bible, the Christians, their families and churches.  As with so many things,  the worldly lead  the culture and the Christians follow.  Instead of the other way around.

I worked with a very poor family with a sexually abusive father.  They lived in most desperate circumstances.  The kids were into tattooing themselves (before it was a fad) with pens and cutting the ink into their skins with pocket knives--self-mutilation.  Part of the cutters' syndrome.  Of course we know of  pagan cultures of the past where the standard of beauty is a disc in the lip, rings stacked to elongate the neck, feet bound to make them small, crippling the girls in China.  I've heard that getting tattooed and pierced  is almost addictive to some people.  

said a starting price for a small tattoo could be $80.  That would cover 2 or  3 months of child support  through our ICCM ( Int'l Child Care  Ministries)  for  sex traffic prevention.  Or help the Winckles with their "country shares" to run their FM community center in Hungary.     I realize the same argument could be used to criticize Christians for eating out and buying clothes or owning anything nice--however, food and clothes, housing and cars,  are American necessities, whereas tattoos are not. 

However, I am NOT writing this to criticize tattooed Christians  and definitely NOT  saying  the non-tattooed are better Christians.  I know some wonderful Christians, whom I admire, who do have  some inobvious tattoos.

Some tattooed believers  say they use their tattoos for witness among the tattooed --and they get Christian-themed tattoos and believe they are  springboards for witness to others who also have tattoos.   If that's really the motivation, so be it.  May the Lord bless their ministries.  (Though I guess a tattoo on the inner thigh or the posterior would not be a witnessing tool?)   

But those who work with  church youth might want to refrain from  recommending  tattoos in teaching or by showing off their own as something good to other people's children --considering many parents hope their kids won't tattoo --at least for its potential to affect their future careers and the expense of both receiving and removing them. 

Yes, tattooing is superficial --generally not reflective of the heart or one's character--possibly not that important one way or the other --not affecting relationships.  However, many  do use tattoos to reflect noble sentiments --love for someone, e.g.--but we shouldn't feel somehow "incomplete"  as untattooed persons --or more attractive with tattoos.
On a similar issue, I remember when churches and establishment types objected to long hair on the guys --as started in the hippie and rock cultures in the 60's.     (I heard of some Illinois sheriffs out in the country where I taught, who arrested 2 young men -- for what, I don't remember --but they let them off with a penalty of cutting their hair!)   Our Christian profs led the way to longer hair in the church as it became the prevailing style for men's hair at the time. At first,  Jon's grandparents and parents thought the style was sinful,   but  we said to them that Jesus from Nazareth probably had long hair --and for Samson it was a virtue.  As far as I know, there really wasn't any sinful connotation in the Bible against long hair on men, but the church had it as a legalism in western culture --such that when the rockers and the hippies let their hair grow, they INTENDED  to be "anti-establishment"  for worldly reasons --to be "in your face"  to parents, bending the rules and being against the military draft and the Viet Nam war.  At first, the long  hair  on boys and men just symbolized rebellion. Then it became mainstream fashion--and it was never really a sin in itself. Of course, tattooing is a little different than long hair in its Biblical prohibition. But it is another example of how the worldly, often rebellious youth, Hollywood and pop cultures  have affected Christians --more than the Christians have affected them.

 I wrote this because it's topical--in this week's World.  And I believe we should discuss things we do as Christians--and give our youth and parents who raise them wise biblical counsel and well-rounded, informed direction about cultural trends --especially when the church is being challenged to conform to the WORLD'S values in the name of compassion, love and witness. 

Romans 12: 1--I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Can one think soberly and humbly, be a good Christian,  and still get tattoos?   Yes, but would I recommend it?  Not me --but I don't want to be guilty of thinking more highly of myself and my opinion than I ought.  It is a matter for biblical consideration, reflection, personal conviction and I think a discussion on what it means to be worldly and to be good stewards of  both money and the body.  To those who already have tattoos, I'd say, "Don't worry about it."  To those who don't, I'd say,  "Be spiritually and biblically thoughtful first of all."

"The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."--II Peter 3:9