Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bedrooms and Happiness --a Correlation for Political Concern

My response to a liberal Christian --on  bedroom issues of politics --which she believed should be irrelevant concern for the Church today:

Bedrooms have a great deal to do with happiness, actually.   Pre-marital fornication and Adultery are ruinous for the faithful who love --and  ruinous for their children --and expensive when  they cause divorce and the need for gov't subsidies.  Divorce and bed-hopping result in multiple households needing money and lacking the love and supervision of mom and dad as faithful role models in the home.

The increasing prevalence of  oral sex cancers is going to come as a shock for those who said "it's not sex"  --as in "I didn't have 'sex' with that woman."   Sexual promiscuity of sodomy practitioners from America  gave the nation AIDS and they still have 2/3 of the 50,000 known new cases annually in US.  though they are less than 4% of the population so far.  Expect that percentage to go up with heteros approving and sex-perimenting with the same behaviors as LGBT's --which young women in my day knew were repugnant.  

It may take awhile --but when our national economy collapses (many say this year)  --and the poor (and the drug addicted) rise up in fury and hit the streets and neighborhoods with break ins and looting because the freebies run out  to which they are "entitled" -- you may have to re-think your view that bedroom activity was irrelevant and merely divisive.  It's divisive alright --especially between the workers and the poor on entitlements  who are making babies without fidelity or marriage --without  good education and supervision of their  disrespectful kids --who make some teachers' and school peers' lives (and malls) a living H.  (Which is why the respectful and diligent kids and parents should have a voucher system to take their education money to other schools --including  private and religious schools.) 

You think that homosexual marriage has nothing to do with this --yes, it does.  It spreads its lies about God and man and God's plan for gender --to kids who now feel licensed by media and SEICUS (the professional sex educators)  to "sex-plore" their sexuality.  Being immature youth, they are NOT responsible to use the condoms --after all, if we get pregnant we can get an abortion.  But they ACT oblivious to the STD risk --no matter how educated they are on the topic.  TV and rappers give a false sense of security about results of promiscuity.  "Not me" --or "it can be fixed."
Parents are distracted by their own troubles and their careers  and their own messed up bed lives--leaving kids alone with peers after school --to their risk.  Some live in neighborhoods with lots of youth and no sober parents home.   The adults have  lost control and respect long ago --because they come from the same kind of youthful sex-perimenting  with  unwed teen pregnancy themselves.  This problem is epidemic. and inter-generational.   (Remember 84% of Chicago black youth being single parented  and mostly gov't dependent--and thus vulnerable to all the dysfunction of gang life --many illegally-owned guns and  deaths and headed for jail.)  White youth are now up to almost 1/3 single parented.
Believe me, our sex life matters.

As for the rest of your post --what a party  believes and says it will work for in a political platform CAN be morally superior.   Dems think they are morally superior about the environment and compassion. which they want expressed through money borrowed from China --who owns us now.  I think the GOP HAS been morally superior about  very important matters of immigrating legally, faith-based compassion and social aid and the right of religious groups to compete for public aid same as secular groups --because they ARE more efficacious in improving people's lives, REALLY helping the poor, and  getting over addictions, etc.  The GOP's stance on porn, marriage and abortion IS superior morally and put there BY and FOR voters like me --whether or not there are some hypocritical politicians on the Right who don't sincerely care about anything but lower taxes and smaller gov't. and getting elected for their overly generous lifetime pensions and perks and connections for  personal wealth-building  --advantages to politicians of the Left and the Right.  (Feinstein's husband is reportedly making BILLIONS handling the sale of the closed post offices.  Why so much?  Why isn't that put back into federal debt pay off?)  Of course he will also fund democratic campaigns with his windfall.

Conservative religious Christian people truly are not as prone to egregious bad behavior as others.  They surround themselves with christian radio, tv, Bible study, prayer, accountability to church discipline, sermons and fellowship, and our churches just aren't hotbeds of lust and carnal activity.  Even at their wedding dances, you don't see people dancing with anyone but their own spouses or kids.   I've never seen married people fliirting with others like on tv  --except at medical receptions and school board convention socials  where the bar is open.  

I've been around a lot of churches and church people all my life --and they are truly more moral than the general public --nonsmokers, non-drinkers, faithful husbands and wives, salt of the earth in their neighborhoods, church communities and school communities.   I've never known a philandering pastor, though I've heard of them in some denominations.   My husband has been a devout compassionate Christian MD  who works with and on women all the time --and has proven himself trustworthy --though handsome and desirable by anyone's description.  He fears God --even more than me!     He earnestly wants to be remembered as God's man --so that Christ won't say to Him in eternity "Depart from me --I never knew you."  He wants to set a good example for his kids and theirs.  And he does.   With my understanding of the weaknesses of men, I was not automatically a trusting wife --he turned heads when we walked into that hospital for a tour of his residency hospital with his plain pregnant wife beside him.  I felt inferior (was) but he never let me feel that way  --because of Christ in Him.

I'd like all people to be so blessed in their marriages --and I KNOW what makes for those blessings --faith in the living Christ and involvement in a Biblically faithful Christian church.    That's not a Pharisaical statement of Christians being saved by their works and goodness --no, it's CHRIST's perfection and sacrifice which atones for our sins --and we respond by trying to be "More like the Master."  (a song --More like the master I would ever be --more of his love and more humility....")   We don't attain "perfect love"  but we strive for it.  And I love any homosexuals whom I know --but loving does not mean approving their relationships or agenda --perpetuating the lie about God and His plan for gender.  They can truly love and be faithful to a partner --they can live outwardly respectable lives on par with heteros --but they are still missing the boat of God's Design for Gender --and encouraging others to do so by their examples.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Alcorn Boy Who Wanted to be Leelah

To One of the Facebook Memorial pages: 

You have no business telling this grieving family that they have to bury their son using a girl's name --which I understand to be on the agenda of these memorial and vigil events. The consequences of the LGBT ideation, ideology, idolatry of self over God and others are sad ones. Depression comes with the decision to be what we are not --and act as we should not. Every effort should be made by parents, society, and church to prevent this sad mental dissatisfaction with one's gender identity and assignment. We should be more vigilant to protect the kids from those who want them to become sexually active early --either gender. We don't need sex educators telling them the only risks to early sex occur if you don't use condoms. There is no condom for one's self-esteem, gender self-image, or sex addiction.

We've caved to temptation and evil-doing in every way lately. Our permissive PC culture has decided that If people want to be stoned on marijuana, we should just legalize it. If thugs want to break the law, we call them "gentle giants." If presidents want to have sex with interns, we'll make them our party heroes. If people want to have experimental marriage and shack up, that's OK. If people break the law to get into our country, we'll give them benefits. If they want to cheat at the voting booth, we'll look the other way. If they want to make babies with multiple partners, we should pay for them and their children --because goodness knows, no one can afford more than one household. If people want to be the opposite gender, we should provide their mutilation surgery, sterilization of their healthy procreative bodies, and their lifetime of hormones to maintain the deception. If people want to have anal and oral sex with persons of their own gender, we should call it marriage instead of sodomy. We are probably in the last days --when evil is called good and good, evil, according to the Bible.

Former Lesbian, now Christian married to a man and happy to be so, Rosaria Butterfield, says, "We are all born that way." i.e. born with a sin nature --all temptable by many sins.

.The devil had his way with this young man--sin always brings us down. Satan wants the death of humanity. He loves abortion, LGBT thinking, depression and suicide. Sin is sin--and sin matters. His death was a tragedy --and he was not a girl --even though he wanted to be. Where did he get the idea it wasn't sufficient to be a male --or that HE made a better female? from family--or bullying peers. from culture's propaganda --or from Satan himself?

God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible