Monday, April 15, 2013

BATES MOTEL --SO FAR-- Compelling mysteries!

Is anyone watching the BATES MOTEL series?
The movie of a young man's descent into insanity doesn't appeal to me --or so I thought, but they showed all 4 episodes thus far on Sat. night and I thought --"well, I'll just watch a little," and Jon and I were drawn in by compelling characters, actors, directing. It's quite a compelling drama! Fifth episode is tonight. I'm hoping this has a different ending than the later Hitchcock movies. I want artistic license to be redemptive! with triumph of good over evil! I like happy endings! Never was one for soap operas!

It appears that there are not any GOOD persons in the show except Norman's 2 girlfriends and Norman himself. Even his brother who has come home for lack of other options --and taken a turn for the better toward Norman and is befriending/protecting him (at last)-- told him to "go be a normal teen --go get laid at 17 with a pretty teen girl!" And the worldly audience probably found themselves agreeing that that's just what Norman needed! as he went off to visit the girlfriend --who invited him at night --a girl whose beloved father was mysteriously murdered by fire in his warehouse. Next we'll have a teen love triangle with the other girl who has cystic fibrosis --who also has a crush on him. Then maybe there'll be a pregnancy or an abortion--and goodness knows what from such lousy brotherly advice.

The story is contemporized --with teens texting on their phones and a sex-trafficking mystery involving Asian girls and a journal of drawings about their plight found by Norman under the carpets --after they removed the carpets for blood --because his likable mother murdered her rapist, a gross fellow who formerly owned the property and lost it in foreclosure. Norman caught him in the act, bonked him on the head, they handcuffed him to a table leg --and his mother went into a rage and stabbed the guy to death. We suspect mother caused an accidental death to her husband, too, Norman's father, for insurance money. That's another mystery. The estranged son, Norman's brother --was born to the mother when she was 17 to a man who left her --and that son never respected her (calls her Norma) --so she favored Norman. Her facial expressions are terrific --with a mix of kindly motherly affection for Norman and vulnerability to the disrespectful son. She seems neither crazy nor particularly inappropriate with her sons --so far.

The older brother gets a job, starts helping out at home. His job is guarding a big secret marijuana field --near which there is a cabin in the woods --featured in the Asian girl's drawings in her journal.

The police suspected Norma in the disappearance of her rapist -- she and Norman dumped him in the lake --and carpet fibers found on his recovered hand from his body matched the motel's carpet which they removed because of blood residue as the police arrived. They had stored him in a bathtub of one of the motel rooms --after murdering him in the kitchen. She chose not to report his rape of her and her understandable rage leading to his murder --it wasn't self-defense since they had him handcuffed and helpless. He had once claimed the police were his fishing buddies when she threatened to call the police on him for his threatening ways --so she figured the police would discount the rape, and she figured no one would want to visit a motel where there had been a murder. She already found out that a freeway was being put in on the other side of town which would hurt her business.

Another twist --the sheriffy's deputy has become Norman's mother's lover --as he found the dead man's belt under Norman's bed and promised to keep it and not tell on them. Norman had kept the belt as a memento of the event --and wonders why and what's wrong with him for doing so. Norman's mother apparently told him to get the belt back --so he goes to the deputy's house --and he finds, not the belt, but an Asian girl in the basement --apparently a sex slave. He tells his mother --and she looks in the basement when she is with the deputy at his place and he falls asleep --and there doesn't appear to be a girl there anymore.

So what's going on? Norman had a trance and black-out in the classroom thinking about the drawings in the journal. There is a scene in which the mother tells him to reclaim the dead man's belt from the deputy's house because he could use it as blackmail to get whatever he wanted from her --to make HER his sex slave. Yet, the deputy claims to love the mother --took Norman fishing --says he will protect them.

Everyone knows the dead man was a brute and had it in for his mother. Nevertheless, when they find the dead-man's fish-severed hand with watch and carpet fibers in the lake, they arrest Norman's mother. That's where the story takes up tonight.

Mystery: Norman's mother says she did NOT tell him to get that belt from the deputy's house, tells him he has been having delusions like this all his life, tells him there IS no Asian girl in the deputy's basement because she went down and looked. But the deputy could have moved her --because when deputy got home he found his vicious dog locked up in his bedroom --(by norman) and basement window was left open, too, from which Norman fled. So the deputy may have known someone had been in the house --and thus moved the girl. Or is Norman imagining the girl from the journal drawings? There is something fishy going on here --his CF girlfriend found Chinese writing under a bathroom sink in the motel --the figures spelled "Beautiful." But why would you write that word under a sink? Perhaps it is her name! And she was leaving evidence of her presence in that room.

Wow! Lot's of mystery --and no one to trust!
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Open Letter to Bob Ferguson, Wash. State AG --on Persecution of Florist

Dear Mr. Ferguson: (Attorney General of Washington state)

We are told that people of religious conscience on the gay marriage issue have nothing to fear from the government if gay marriage is legalized. Thanks for proving this untrue before the Supreme Court rules on the issue. I hope they take note.

There is a lot of research that shows that the children who lack a father fill our jails, do poorly in school, and follow the footsteps of their parents, unable to remain married and sustain happy homes. Three researchers found that children raised by homosexuals are 35% more likely to fail a grade.

Functional homes with both mother and father intact produce the most children able to marry and parent normally --civilizing and educating the next generation --providing an economic safety net and a mental health center and good school for life for their children and grand-children. The homes which lack fathers tend to need a lot of gov't aid --and tend to produce similar, fatherless, poverty-status homes.

What your office has done is shameful --to tell private business people that homosexuals are the same as minority races --and thus those who fail to provide services for their weddings --or housing for their unions --are in violation of the civil rights of homosexuals.

There have always been limits on our sexual proclivities: illegal prostitution; illegal obscenity as porn; age restrictions; consent restrictions (no legal rape) ; restrictions on bigamy and polygamy; and restrictions on bestiality and incest --and re: GENDER!

Everyone has the same right --to marry --and marriage is the union of a man and wife --according to historical definition and nature, our physical design as procreative people. The age and fertility status (inability to procreate) does not prevent an adult couple from being role models of the natural order. Married heterosexual people do role- model the natural order as male with female. All else is problematic for our young people influenced by adults as role models; they are impressionable and not ready to make mature decisions about intimacy and procreation. Youth who start to sex-plore their gender roles, end up vulnerable to STD's, depression, and all the downsides of serial broken relationships. Older gays tend to be lonely due to the emphasis on youth and beauty in their community. They do commit 1/3 of the molestations between adults and youth --which is way more than their percentage of the population.

Our national encouragement should be to wait for marriage before having sex. Some people still do that, you know, believe it or not. And all people have a right to heterosexual marriage --there is no discrimination against people --just against immoral sexual inclinations, lust, and choices. We need to protect our children from the lie that is "homosexual happiness." Gays aren't typically gay. They are angry because they want their anal and oral sex to be respected. They tend to hate those who disagree with them --rather than receiving hatred from the religious. The argument now is to say that straights do it, too. I haven't found in my medical practice that ANY women are succumbing to anal sex --or that oral sex is an oft-practiced event for heterosexual couples. There are some real health concerns with sodomy. According to recent study of obituaries in gay-friendly San Francisco, only 20+% of homosexuals attain old age --compared to over 70% of heterosexuals.

If the Christians are right - if Jesus Christ did rise from the dead, we should consider His definition of marriage --man leaves parents and cleaves to his wife. St. Paul called homosexuality "exchanging the truth about God for a lie, " and "worship of creature more than Creator."

Don't ask this florist to violate her conscience, be it religious or moral concerns or both --by participating in gay weddings. Which is better, to serve God or man or money? Don't make this small business pay for refusing to help solemnize sodomy.

Jonathan E. Rohrs, MD
Family Medicine
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

NOM on Barronelle Stutzman's Persecution by Wash. State' AG

Dear Jonathan,
...the news this week [is]t hat Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson is using taxpayer funding to bring a lawsuit against a small Washington state florist named Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene's Flowers and Gifts. Stutzman's crime? Refusing to sell flowers for a gay wedding.

For this 'thought crime' against gay marriage, her whole livelihood is now put at the stake.

It was only a few months ago, before the November elections, when gay marriage advocates were sanctimoniously getting on television and reassuring voters that our claims of the religious persecution that comes hand in hand with redefining marriage were unfounded. Made up. Untrue. They knew at the time they were not telling the truth. Because now, just a few months later, the ACLU and a State Attorney General are the ones at the forefront of making sure that Christians who disagree with gay marriage pay a price for acting on their convictions.

Failure to tell the truth—call it a lie—arises from the fundamental lie: same-sex unions are not marriages because they cannot ever, under any circumstances, do the fundamental, key, and irreplaceable work that marriages do: bringing together under one home, in one family, the two great halves of humanity, male and female—to create homes in which children are known and loved by their own mother and father.
Not every marriage succeeds in creating the full range of goods that marriage aims at. But when marriages succeed in doing so, it's because they combine elements and circumstances that no same-sex couple can.

Suppressing the truth is what same-sex marriage advocates have to do to "win" the debate (temporarily, anyway).

How Truth is Suppressed

That's why, when a distinguished social scientist does an ordinary act like publishing his research in a major peer-reviewed journal—all pandemonium must break loose to discredit him. Not just disagree with him. Not just contextualize or re-contextualize his data—that would be normal scientific debate. But to smear him as a non-scientist and to ignore his work.

That's the crucible University of Texas Prof. Mark Regnerus has been going through and still is going through.

C-FAM's Austin Ruse recently pointed this out in his piece on Regnerus:
"Science Study Still Spooking Gay Advocates."

Ruse points to Dr. Susan Yoshihara, research director of C-FAM, who used the Regnerus study before the legislature in Rhode Island. So-called "fact-checkers" claimed her testimony was false:

Politifact, a self-styled watchdog of political truth, branded Yoshihara's claim as false. Yoshihara, however, says the Politifact piece itself backed up her claim when they quoted a "prudent scholar" who said the issue is not settled in the scientific literature, which was Yoshihara's claim in the first place.

Ruse also cites the recent claim by former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, who said that "The study was pretty well demolished by peers."

But for me the worst was a claim in the LA Times that the Supreme Court was just silly to entertain the idea children do best with a mom and dad. Justice Scalia had made the assertion that "there's considerable disagreement" about whether "raising a child in a single-sex family is harmful or not," an assertion no doubt based in part on Regnerus's research.

"Those comments startled child development experts as well as advocates of gay marriage, because there is considerable research showing children of gay parents do not have more problems than others," the LA Times went on to report with a straight face…. '"There is a fundamental, scholarly consensus that children raised by same-sex couples do just fine,' said Stanford sociologist Michael J. Rosenfeld."

Yet I know of—and I'm no sociologist—at least 5 studies published in peer-reviewed journals whose results contest the "no difference claim": Mark Regnerus (2012), Loren Marks (2102), Douglas Allen (2012), Daniel Potter (2012), and Theresa Sirota (2009).

Listen, social science is not a "hard science," and I don't need to know from merely scientific evidence what I know in my heart from my own experience and the experience of so many children raised in fragmented families: children long for and need their mother and their father. But simply as a statement about the scientific literature, the claim there is now a "consensus" is untrue. The claim can be made only by ignoring the reputable scientists whose works disagree with that claim.

Truth matters to us, but it's not clear it matters to gay marriage advocates.
If you doubt me, listen to the voice of the extraordinary British writer Brendan O'Neill—a one-time Marxist, a man of the Left, who has spoken out repeatedly against the use of elite power to shut down the debate over same-sex marriage across the pond:

I have been doing or writing about political stuff for 20 years, since I was 18 years old, during which time I have got behind some pretty unpopular campaigns and kicked against some stifling consensuses. But I have never encountered an issue like gay marriage, an issue in which the space for dissent has shrunk so rapidly, and in which the consensus is not only stifling but choking. This is the only issue for which he has been not only booed but threatened with death.

"Is it a good thing, evidence that we had a heated debate on a new civil right and the civil rights side won?" O'Neill asks. And then he answers his own question:
I don't think so. I don't think we can even call this a 'consensus', since that would imply the voluntaristic coming together of different elements in concord. It's better described as conformism, the slow but sure sacrifice of critical thinking and dissenting opinion under pressure to accept that which has been defined as a good by the upper echelons of society: gay marriage. Indeed, the gay-marriage campaign provides a case study in conformism, a searing insight into how soft authoritarianism and peer pressure are applied in the modern age to sideline and eventually do away with any view considered overly judgmental, outdated, discriminatory, 'phobic', or otherwise beyond the pale.

"Gay marriage," he writes, "brilliantly shows how political narratives are forged these days, and how people are made to accept them."

Narrative is the relevant word here. Not hard truths uncovered, but stories created to whose allegiance people are held by threats, by bribes, and by conformist pressures.

The editor of First Things, Rusty Reno, has a similar set of concerns for what all this means for our democratic society. "If government can reshape marriage, it can reshape everything," his article explains:
Tyranny isn't just a situation in which the government is telling you what to do at every moment. It's also a society in which government says that, if necessary, it can. In this respect gay marriage reflects a dramatic enlargement of government. If legislatures and courts can redefine marriage, what can't it intervene to reshape and re-purpose?

The tyranny of the conformists, backed by government's coercive power, were on display in Washington State when the ACLU decided independently to sue the same florist the Attorney General is pursuing.

But first they sent this poor woman a letter:
Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed's lawyers, working with the legal powerhouse at the ACLU of Washington, sent a letter today to Arlene's Flowers owner Baronelle Stutzman saying she has two options: (1) She can vow to never again discriminate in her services for gay people, write an apology letter to be published in the Tri-City Herald, and contribute $5,000 to a local LGBT youth center, or (2) she can get sued for violating the Washington State Civil Rights Act.
Conform to our falsehood. Pretend you believe things you do not. Or face the consequences. George Orwell, call your office.

But here's the good news in all this: It's going to get bad, we already know this. But in the end truth has a power that no narrative, no story can compete with.
Our job is to remain firmly fixed on the truth about marriage, to speak up for it with love in in our heart, and with the courage to never bow before the false gods, the untruths, the made-up stories offered to us in place of reality.

I am so honored to be fighting shoulder to shoulder with you for God's truth about marriage. Thank you for making this enormous megaphone possible.
I treasure your friendship, your prayers, your words of encouragements, your sacrifices of time and treasure on behalf of this great cause.
Bless you!

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Monday, April 8, 2013

With Sympathy for Rick Warren's Family

Our prayers are with Rick Warren's family.  I googled and found there are those on the left who are unsympathetic --because of Rick Warren's evangelical stand against homosexual marriage. They erroneously believe that the Christian stand against homosexual relations is a primary cause of suicide among homosexuals --and they muse that Rick's son was probably gay.  

 In fact, the activities in the gay life are such that self-loathing and depression can result --without any doctrinal causes.    Nevertheless, in this case, the LEFT is proving itself to be like the misguided Westboro Church showing up at military funerals to say that America's homosexuality is causing our military deaths.  That church's view lacks any Biblical support concerning individual soldiers who die in war.  And likewise,  it is just as  cruel a  point of view to speculate that Matthew Warren's suicide is for any other reason than depression.  

I was just ONCE what you would call "clinically depressed;"  and this was 8 years or so after a wonderfully affirming spiritual experience --so I didn't lack assurance of salvation per se.  I was almost Matthew Warren's age at 26.   I was pregnant for the first time and the chemicals of the condition knocked me for a loop for several months  so that I just never felt good.  Like  post-partum depression, it has no rational cause.  You can't explain why the world looks grey, cold, impersonal and bleak and you feel overcome with dark thoughts--I had no complaint.  I just was overwhelmed with despair --and it wasn't because I didn't want my baby --or that I felt unloved --or anything I could put my finger on.  Chronic tiredness and nausea was part of it and is part of pregnancy sometimes. (I'm still easily "so tired.")   I would force myself to go to my aunt's or an acquaintance's house --to just not be alone in that mental state. (When Jon was at school.)  

I am so glad that my condition didn't seem to affect my wonderful first baby.  And I never had the condition to that extent again.   I heard that my grandfather and an uncle had bouts of such depression when in THEIR 20's. 

Depression is often alleviated today with medicines affecting our brain chemistry. 

I know some people recommend strongly that young adults live on their own to  experience rent and bills, etc.    In Matthew's case, being single,  perhaps he should've lived with his parents.   Did he have a career?  It would be hard to be the son of such a successful man --in today's economic market --when careers are hard to establish --and jobs hard to find --and you are going nowhere financially and don't have a girlfriend.  None was mentioned.

Our single son lives at home --and he stays busy and cheerful --and is an immense help to us and his grandmothers --and his church. He is an extension of his father in the care of his home, wife, mother, property --so that his father doesn't have to worry about those things.  With 2 college degrees, he works for his father at something he says will never be a career for him.  I don't appreciate those who advise that living alone would be a panacea to mature a person and jump start him into relationships, marriage, and career direction for need of money.  I do think a girlfriend/ wife  can help to focus the future --but living alone after college and without a career is an expensive option fraught with many time-wasting, ungodly temptations these days.  And no panacea against depression either.   I think Matt Warren went home to an empty house/apartment.

 But I also want to believe He went home to a merciful Heavenly Father with His sins covered by the atoning blood of Christ --who would have great compassion for the desperation of the depressed son of his servants, Pastor & Mrs. Rick Warren. Depression leading to suicide  is not usually the sin of arrogance and rebellion --but of despair.  I believe Christ was there to pick him up as he descended into the abyss that is death.  I imagine he asked God's forgiveness as he went --and received it.

."God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Friday, February 22, 2013

About the Boy Scouts & Gays in their Ranks


BLOGGER: Hey, I don't like this comment. Please remove it.

Nice job treating a group of humans as trash.

Superb example of "Christ's Love for All".

The comment to which he objected --We were asked if our kids were gay, would we reject them? My answer at the time:
Barb  (January 30, 2013): I would grieve --love them, but grieve for the mess between their ears. For our failure to affirm their gender identity and moral and spiritual commitment to Christ. I would not attend their sham "weddings" or invite them to share a bedroom with partner under my roof. I would wonder what we could've done to prevent their confusion/sin --and their first association with other homosexuals such that they wanted those activities which are so frought with promiscuity and disease.  In medical research on HIV, 2  stranger-encounters (sex) per week were reported by average homosexual during height of AIDS crisis. The males suffer prostatitis, high rate of STD's, anal fissures and incontinence --potentially, eventually. Women are giving neck and head cancers from HPV to their oral sex partners of either sex. They won't give us grandchildren by any normal means. They won't know the joy of heterosexual love and parenting as God designed it to be. If they start into this, they become addicted --and may never repent of choosing this lifestyle instead of God's plan for their bodies, they may miss out on Heaven --without repentance. A time for parental grief all the way round.

My response to BLOGGER's private message to me at the top:

Thanks for bothering to write your feelings about my posts on the scouting issue. If you looked there, you would see a lot of my rationale on this gay issue.   [e.g. I don't believe in labeling boys or adolscents as gay nor excluding them from scouts, unless they are "out of the closet"  and think it's justifiable to have crushes on or pursue the other scouts or are known to be sexually active with other boys.  I would hope scouts would help them find a niche with heterosexual boys and men, such that they were affirmed by and  identified with normal guys --even in orientation.
  I don't know if you are homosexual --most objectors to what I write are. But I certainly won't remove it because it is an obligation to warn the uninitiated --and the homosexuals --of the physical and spiritual risks of settling for homosexual relations instead of growing up into God's design plan for man and woman.

We are made in the image of God as female for male. Our bodies are complementary. homosexuals know what each other likes sexually because they have the same bodies --but God didn't want us to short-circuit our potential there. Romans 1 is very clear --start with verse 18 --it is clear that homosexual proliferation today is part of the wickedness of these times --as in other times. A worship of creature more than Creator. Exchanging the truth about God for a lie --and receiving the recompense for their error in their bodies --such that God gives them up to lusting after their own sex. It almost suggests he gives up on them. But elsewhere in the NT it tells of former homosexuals and other converted sinners as part of Christ's church so there is hope in conversion.

How do you dignify the activities which are unsanitary, injurious, promiscuous usually, and simply not what our bodies are designed for? Even gay leaders like Andrew Sullivan admit that gay partners don't expect absolute fidelity like heteros do. God Himself is a jealous God --and wants no idolatry from us. He doesn't expect marriages to hold when one is unfaithful to the other. But homosexuals know that they are orgasm-focused (by early homosexual indulgence) and weak-willed as regards either fidelity to partners --or to God.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

"If we say we have no sin, the truth is not in us."

Satan is a deceiver and the Father of Lies --his native language is lying --Jesus said.


What if someone doesn't share your religious convictions? What moral basis do you have for your argument for people who do not share your faith?

If it's not a matter of religion, it is still a matter of role modeling to future generations about the purpose and design of gender. We know kids do better with both their original father and mother --not hindered by divorce and the deprivations common for single mothers and the kids when there is no man to share the load --or to role model masculinity to the boys. Someone needs to raise the children --and give us children. There is no societal need or call to the mutual pleasuring involved in homosexual relations.

As for religion--I was just telling some youngsters last night who brought up the tragedy of Syria --and wondered how anyone could do what they have done to babies and children. I told them about Pol Pot and his bayonets on the march of refugees from Cambodia --and Communists and Stalin killing 50 million --and the 6 million Jews and 5 million others murdered by Nazis --and the girl, in 8th grade, had just learned somewhere about the chemical showers in Nazi Germany.

I said atheism and Islam fuel horrendous atrocities --and America has an atrocity of its own in legal abortion. That it is the Judeo-Christian faith and the Bible that stand tallest and strongest against the cruelty and evil in the world. Saying "Thou shalt not murder." And "love your enemy" and "forgive 70 x7." It made America the best place, the most humane and generous place in the world to live.

And the weaker we are in our religious convictions, the more immoral we are, and the more hateful and violent we become. Watch homosexuals talk to Christians online --they HATE them and want to hound them out of the discussion and get them censored.

Some people hate gays--but I think it's more often the other way around. Christians don't want their children to consider that homosexuality is harmless and good --because it is neither. It is not the best. It short-circuits their potential to be happy as spouses and parents --and grandparents.  It is not cruel to deny them the legal status of "marriage" with their adverse role modeling and involvement with youth --putting gay sex ed into our public schools and requiring us to hire them in churches and admit them to religious schools as though they were a minority like RACE --ignoring the Bible.  We aren't working to deny them  their "weddings" or their lifestyles --e.g. in the Episcopalian  or other unbiblical churches --but legal recognition by such churches and gov't will doom this nation ultimately.

The people doing the most "breeding"  (rather than parenting) these days are men not making commitments to a wife and kids --and the result is the violence of a Chicago.  It is also the black youth who are the leading recipients of HIV/AIDS today --and their women are the 2nd most afflicted as new cases.   We need a restoration of the family to role-model normalcy to youth --and a reformation of tv --and thus, culture.  No more GLEE.   TV is the main culprit in changing culture for the the worse --such that young people are shameless in their shacking up with either sex.

Friday, January 25, 2013


 Rant of the Day: I was reading Time's man of the year issue on Obama and saw all the teams of dems who helped his re-election--and it occured to me that a big difference between the parties is the Liberals' belief that mankind is essentially GOOD and IMPROVING, evidenced because they elected Obama and are winning in their belief that it's good to approve and encourage EVERYBODY'S lifestyle as a civil right --including the transgenders, gays, polygamists, promiscuous, prostitutes, drug-users, porn-makers and addicts.  This is seen as non-judgmental and progressive--even "Christian."

Thinking that anything is a sin is "judgmental."

And yet, the Religious and the Religious Right, who follow the Judeo-Christian Bible, know that we are desperately wicked in our inclinations --we are a sinful people --and we need knowledge of "right" and "wrong" that we may know what needs to be repented and changed in our behaviors and thinking. "Judge not lest ye be so judged" does NOT mean "approve all behaviors, traditionally viewed as sins; say nothing against any behavior lest you be wrongfully judging."

About the only thing most of us agree on, both right and left, would be that saving the planet is good (but how? and R we responsible for weather and disaster by our SINS, in the hands of an angry God, or by our carbon footprint? or are variations just normal for Earth-life?) 

We also agree that stopping gun violence is good but don't agree on how this should be done. We agree that helping the poor and elderly and ill is good.  Pedophilia, sex slavery, murder, theft, rape, etc. are still viewed as wrong. Yet, we don't seem to be getting fewer of these behaviors..and we have way too many poor because of their lifestyle choices and the legacy of THEIR parents.

We don't seem equally bothered about cheating/adultery on the Left as on the Right because the biggest, unbowed, unrepentant presidential cheater of all (as far as we know) is still the darling of the Left --Bill Clinton. It's considered mean, hateful and disrespectful that I would even mention him in this negative context. I'm not stoning him --I'm just suggesting that Jesus be the hero for forgiving --and not the adulterers celebrated in spite of their selfish, unrepented acts.

The Left won't agree that  abortion kills over a million people a year in a violent, painful procedure.  They won't agree that Hollywood and TV are causing cultural erosion and should be reigned in before all the kids are debauched; that porn is a world-wide blight instead of a first amendment "right," that TV shows glorifying shallowness and nasty dog-eat-dog behavior (as in The Bachelor/bachelorette/survivor shows) , pregnant teens, overweight children with unmarried hillbilly parents (poor Honey Boo Boo), pre- and extra-marital sex, shacking up,  foul language, nudity, polygamists, homosexual relations, transgendering, and brassieres should be discouraged by lack of sponsors.

Even Dr. Phil gets it wrong sometimes --encouraging "slutty dress" the other day as benign. Unwittingly setting up mothers and daughters against each other on the importance of dress and the message which dress really does convey. He called those who were wanting young women to dress respectfully and honorably "judges" of others. As mothers, do we not think there is a message conveyed by certain ways of dressing?? a message to men, in particular? a message that we ought not want to send? Should a good culture not TEACH its young right from wrong and encourage and celebrate the Right --instead of the wrong?

Democrats as Progressives? Not really! It's regression we observe in American culture today --led by the LEFT.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The letter below is what I sent to the Obamas from my husband and me. I guess he did what I asked concerning taxes on the rich --starting at $400,000 (or was it $450,000?) instead of $250,000 which would have meant increasing taxes on  millions of  job-creating, small-business-people making less the uber rich--and yet well-off - like the bourgeoise (the middle class and business class) of Russia when Communists took over and pitted the proletariat (blue collar worker) against the bourgeoise, taking over their businesses, houses and lands for the state.)

November 9, 2012
President & First Lady of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President and Mrs. Obama:

We --and the Romney-supporters (half the country) really do want to like you with your nice smile, great charisma and lovely family. We want to be glad that you were re-elected. You can help us do that. We don’t want to think you have communistic sympathies or a colonialist view of the U.S. nor plans to disarm our country with promises to Putin.

You did say in your speech a few moments ago that the top 2 per cent of the nation make $250,000 or more and should be taxed more. Those include mostly the lower end of that income, the small business owners and various professionals --who live like “middle-class” --rather than the super-rich of the top 1/2 per cent like yourself and the ultimate uber rich like Romney and other million dollar -plus a year people. Those making high 5 figures, and 6 figures up to $250,000 are Marx's bourgeois --the middle class educated conservatives whom Communists destroyed. According to 2009 and Tax Payers Union, it was $344,000 that the top 1 per cent make. There aren’t very many uber-rich who make millions like Romney, Hollywood celebs, uni coaches and presidents and CEO's of big corporations --not enough of them to slow the deficit if you keep adding more people to the poverty rolls, approving pork and new billion dollar spending packages and sending tons of money to other nations' corrupt governments.

Please surprise the half of the country that supported Romney. We are scared to death of your agenda --what we perceive it to be--and the radical influences in your past. Please prove us wrong. Show that you can cut programs for which we should not borrow from China. We know --that means lost public sector jobs --but if China is paying them, they have to go. If they are valuable employees in a department we don’t really need, they will find work elsewhere in a more prosperous private sector --i.e. more prosperous if you don't tax them down.

We suggest you not raise taxes EXCEPT SLIGHTLY on the uber rich -- the top 1/2 per cent. You still want them to be inclined to invest, hire, spend and give. Learn from business people who know how to succeed at business and know how taxes impact growth. The Government needs way too much revenue because of the horrible level of spending. Let Big Bird support Public Broadcasting. He can do it. They can sell muppets. As for Public Radio, put Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion on every day and we’ll send them a donation. PBS is not neutral enough politically that they should deserve tax-payer support. They speak in their measured, neutral, unemotional tones --leaning WAY to the left --as far left as Fox News speaks excitedly with no pretense of neutrality, to the right. But Fox raises their own money. So can NPR. (Note: “fair and balanced” doesn’t mean neutral. Gov’t stations should be neutral.)

Planned Parenthood shouldn't get public funding if pro-life Pregnancy Centers and clinics don't. The poor women will still get healthcare using their medicaid cards and the public health clinics.

You must move toward the center if you would meet the Republicans half way and end the supposed gridlock. Your determination should be NO NEW SPENDING --and the elimination of all non-essential spending and departments that don’t directly impact the needy or the elderly or the ill. Send the education of the nation back to the locals. Shut down the federal department of education. Send the school breakfast program to the churches. Promote volunteer tutoring by the elderly in every public school. Note that Christian and parochial and home schools educate best on way less money.

And for goodness sakes, PLEASE deliver to the nation’s youth Santorum’s message from your bully pulpit. The 3things to do to avoid poverty: “Finish high school; get a job; get married before having children--( and stay married if possible. Stay faithful. ) If you do even the first 3 things on this list, 98% of you will be above poverty line; 77% will be above average in income.”

There really is a correlation between family stability and morality and the strength of communities and nations. You are for gay marriage, but ought not be, because children deserve a mother and father when possible. Gay marriage deprives them of one or the other by its very nature. Nor should gays share quarters with straights (or with each other) in military. It’s like putting men and women together in showers and barracks--completely distracting to the mission of military preparedness. Homosexuality does spread --from the experienced to the inexperienced, and like drugs, becomes addictive. No evidence yet that we are born homosexual. U. of Texas published a 2012 study that said the adult children of homosexual parent are among the most miserable and dysfunctional of all young adults.

Please be better than conservatives expect. Seriously try to understand the logic and reason behind conservatism and their criticism of your party and policies. Communism hasn’t been appreciated anywhere where it is tried. Socialism leads to the fiscal cliff --sliding like Greece--and you’ve got us on the edge. Surprise us --and do not push us over. Don’t tax us highly now or you will kill business and jobs. People are thinking of moving out of country for fear you will rob them of their pensions --either through confiscation of high taxes or bad economy, inflation, devaluing of the dollar, etc.

We are afraid of having our lives shortened by your Canada-style health care program. Let someone tweak that program! We don't want the long waits and rationing of Canadian healthcare! Canadians come HERE for procedures they can't get in a timely manner in Canada. Start with TORT REFORM. Doctors and insurance companies settle out of court for 100,000 rather than go to trial and risk jury’s compassion for miserable patients suing for a million dollars. Doctors rightly fear that the jury will consider only the patient’s misery, thinking it will cost no one if the insurance company pays the patient without proving malpractice. In fact, the costs of such suits and mal-practice insurance are a big cost in healthcare.

As for national security and disarming Americans, we hope you are just the fun-loving, congenial and kindly public servant, Barack Obama from Hawaii --and not a Stalin or Hitler in the making who was mentored by Communists and other radicals, as some suspect.

Seek good successful businessmen’s advice and not just socialists’ advice. They have never made any nation solvent. Put Romney on your cabinet! Because he does like to solve financial problems. Wow! That would be a uniting act. Listen to Ryan, too. We are in a mess. Let them try to help!

We shall pray for you daily--that you really ARE a Christian as you told Rick Warren --or will become one and that you will seek God’s guidance on all matters before you --not Marx’s advice, nor Alinsky’s, nor Ayers, nor Davis’s. Only Jesus rose from the grave. He is the only one worthy to save us for Eternity. Atheists can’t give you wise guidance like the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can. Your stands on abortion and homosexuality --and lukewarm relationship with Israel, are all 3 in contradiction to His Word and His Spirit and need to be reconsidered if the nation would be blessed. Separation of church and state doesn't mean God is not real --and has no say in the country's values which shape national culture and character.

Forgive us for any misjudgment of your character and intentions, and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Sincerely --wanting to admire you--
wanting your term to be successful
in the eyes of God and informed Americans,

Dr. & Mrs._______________

Thoughts: Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Psalm 33:12

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:2

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14

Generosity is to be voluntary, from the heart, not confiscated by dictators
to maintain power via the enviou

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible