Friday, January 25, 2013


 Rant of the Day: I was reading Time's man of the year issue on Obama and saw all the teams of dems who helped his re-election--and it occured to me that a big difference between the parties is the Liberals' belief that mankind is essentially GOOD and IMPROVING, evidenced because they elected Obama and are winning in their belief that it's good to approve and encourage EVERYBODY'S lifestyle as a civil right --including the transgenders, gays, polygamists, promiscuous, prostitutes, drug-users, porn-makers and addicts.  This is seen as non-judgmental and progressive--even "Christian."

Thinking that anything is a sin is "judgmental."

And yet, the Religious and the Religious Right, who follow the Judeo-Christian Bible, know that we are desperately wicked in our inclinations --we are a sinful people --and we need knowledge of "right" and "wrong" that we may know what needs to be repented and changed in our behaviors and thinking. "Judge not lest ye be so judged" does NOT mean "approve all behaviors, traditionally viewed as sins; say nothing against any behavior lest you be wrongfully judging."

About the only thing most of us agree on, both right and left, would be that saving the planet is good (but how? and R we responsible for weather and disaster by our SINS, in the hands of an angry God, or by our carbon footprint? or are variations just normal for Earth-life?) 

We also agree that stopping gun violence is good but don't agree on how this should be done. We agree that helping the poor and elderly and ill is good.  Pedophilia, sex slavery, murder, theft, rape, etc. are still viewed as wrong. Yet, we don't seem to be getting fewer of these behaviors..and we have way too many poor because of their lifestyle choices and the legacy of THEIR parents.

We don't seem equally bothered about cheating/adultery on the Left as on the Right because the biggest, unbowed, unrepentant presidential cheater of all (as far as we know) is still the darling of the Left --Bill Clinton. It's considered mean, hateful and disrespectful that I would even mention him in this negative context. I'm not stoning him --I'm just suggesting that Jesus be the hero for forgiving --and not the adulterers celebrated in spite of their selfish, unrepented acts.

The Left won't agree that  abortion kills over a million people a year in a violent, painful procedure.  They won't agree that Hollywood and TV are causing cultural erosion and should be reigned in before all the kids are debauched; that porn is a world-wide blight instead of a first amendment "right," that TV shows glorifying shallowness and nasty dog-eat-dog behavior (as in The Bachelor/bachelorette/survivor shows) , pregnant teens, overweight children with unmarried hillbilly parents (poor Honey Boo Boo), pre- and extra-marital sex, shacking up,  foul language, nudity, polygamists, homosexual relations, transgendering, and brassieres should be discouraged by lack of sponsors.

Even Dr. Phil gets it wrong sometimes --encouraging "slutty dress" the other day as benign. Unwittingly setting up mothers and daughters against each other on the importance of dress and the message which dress really does convey. He called those who were wanting young women to dress respectfully and honorably "judges" of others. As mothers, do we not think there is a message conveyed by certain ways of dressing?? a message to men, in particular? a message that we ought not want to send? Should a good culture not TEACH its young right from wrong and encourage and celebrate the Right --instead of the wrong?

Democrats as Progressives? Not really! It's regression we observe in American culture today --led by the LEFT.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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