Tuesday, November 13, 2012


UPS announced today that they won't sponsor Boy Scouts of America because of their discrimination against homosexuals as members and scoutmasters.
Parents and Grandparents: Do you really think it will be ok to have the gay scoutmaster in the tent with your good looking 17 year old son? Would you have a man in a tent with the girls? 
The Boy Scouts would never bully or identify a boy as homosexual and keep him out because of his non-macho appearance, mannerisms, or interests --but only if he self-identified as homosexual.  If he identifies as homosexual, that justifies, in his mind,  his crushes on,  and pursuits of,  other boys in the organization. 
We need to regard the biological realities of libido (sex drive), orientation, opportunity, attraction and temptation. Young people can have gender identity confusion and orientation flexibility because of early sexual experiences --not to mention the potential for STD's.  
Corporate America needs to find a new cause celebre --how about Santorum's Big 3: tell the youth the truth:  If you 
Graduate h.s.
Get a job
Wait until marriage for sex and babies,
 98% of you will not be on gov't payroll and 77% of you will make an above average income. 
Now there's a good ad campaign!
Meanwhile,  write to:

Mr. D. Scott Davis,
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
1- 404-828-7123 (Eastern Time)

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter to Liberal Christian - Part 2 (who pays the income tax?)

  How do you determine the fair share of taxes?    Right now --take 100 people paying a total of $100 in income tax.  The top man pays $37.   The next 4 join him, paying $22 or 4.50 each.   That brings the total paid by the top 5 people  to  $59.   So the top 5 percent pay 59% of all the federal income tax.   Now the next 5 guys pay  $11 or over $2 a piece on average.   That means the top 10  people  (10 per cent) are paying $70 or 70 per cent of all the tax.   Now the next 15 guys pay $17 between them, an average of a little over $1 a piece --so that's 25 guys (25%)  paying $87 or 87% of all the federal income tax.   Now the next 25 guys pay $11 or an average of $.44  a piece.  And 98% of the tax has been covered by  the top 50 guys.  The bottom 50% pay $2.25 total out of the $100.  That's  4 !/2 cents a piece on average --and most of these pay nothing --and get an Earned Income Tax Credit if they work.

So I think it behooves the bottom 50% to be more grateful than resentful to the top 1%, 5% and 50% who pay ALL the federal tax for them --and live off of it.   The shame is that we spent the senior citizens S.S. instead of saving and investing it profitably --and thus we use Social security payments for various pork projects and the new obamacare.

So is it fair, that the richest 1 per cent pay 37 percent of all  the federal income tax?  All we heard  from democrats was how the top 1% weren’t paying their fair share.  Because “they didn’t build that.”  Obama goes on to explain that the GOV’T made it possible for the rich to be rich  (true for him) –but who made it possible for the gov’t to have money to do anything???  The taxpayers –NOT THE GOV’T. !    In fact, the gov’t is the entity at fault for letting their programs and people run amok.  They have failed to support waiting for marriage –as being a religious notion.  They have encouraged, via sex ed,  homosexuality.  And Obama’s adm. encourages gay marriage by not defending federal DOMA.  And they said it was just fine for homosexuals to share barracks and bathrooms with people to whom they are sexually attracted in the military.   They won’t restrain tv at all  or liberal sex ed which teaches our kids that “everybody does it” and “responsibility is a condom” and  “gay sex is fine.”  Right now, it’s the Obama adm. that has told schools to leave morals out of the sex ed program or lose funding.  (But really, who  needs funding to teach sex ed?  You need moral teachers and parents and churches to do that –and the message is FREE.)

I think Christians can debate these issues  without being insulting –but I find that the LEFT-thinkers don’t know how to do this without being insulting –making it personal.  Remember –like when you said I probably never worked, never had to do anything because I married wealth.   I think I explained to you then that I married a poor boy and never knew wealth –until after we’d been married with children a few years.   And if anyone deserves financial comfort, my husband does.  I might not, but he does. And I’m “entitled” to his living because we are a unit with separate roles –the Bible says so.   He’s the hardest working guy you’ll ever meet –and loves to give when he can.  But would he work as hard as he does if he were told he could make just as much money doing something much easier that didn’t require him to work so hard ?  Do you believe that everyone in healthcare should make the same money as the MD who took 11 to 15 years post high school of hard study and work and testing?  And still has to  study difficult stuff and be tested every 7 years or so for recertification.    In Canada, the doctor makes so much for so many hours, according to the gov’t.   And he quits after that.  Thus, the rationing and delays in services.   Here, if the dr. works his fanny off, he can do better than if he just puts in 40 hours.   You can say that doctors should do what they do just to help people –and because they love their work –but you know that people aren’t all that NICE to work for –and that it’s no fun to be threatened with lawsuits –and have people complain if your office runs late or if their illness doesn’t get better.   A doctor is a servant –and so far,  he is well paid as a compensation for the misery and difficulty  of becoming one and remaining one.  Few men want to sit with a 3 foot stack of charts and tests to survey every weekend all the way until Sunday midnight. Few want to be tested every 7 years like doctors --to maintain their ability to work.  It is great stress on my husband to prepare and take those tests.  And few want malpractice lawyers chasing them in order to make  THEIR  living by out-of-court settlements for nuisance suits that would cost more in risk and time for the doctor to fight.

There are many poor people –even on gov’t payroll –who vote Republican –for the moral principles, the religious freedom and religious moral values and the belief in free enterprise being a rising tide that floats the most boats.    The unis are teaching our kids  --and the party teaches the public -- that the Republicans are all the rich people who care nothing about the poor –who won’t help the poor.   Now, THAT’S a mis judgment.  And it was the over-arching lie of the Democratic campaign.  The 47% tape didn’t help—but  Mitt  was right about it.  He wouldn’t get the votes of those who paid no taxes –in most cases.  He actually did –because a lot of elderly (who paid into the system and may still pay taxes)  and poor DID vote for him –but the masses of people on gov’t checks  other than social security–those people weren’t going to vote for Romney –so he was challenging donors to give to him because he would work to keep taxes down, in spite of those who live   off  the labors of the taxpayers, not paying taxes themselves.  He probably was appealing to those who resent working for their incomes while others live off of their work.   It’s not right, to the extent that it has gone in this country.  We have way too many men shirking work because they don’t want to pay child support.  This is NOT an indictment of the truly poor who WANT to work and can’t find work or those who can NOT work for whatever reasons. It’s less an indictment of the single mothers than it is of the men who never married them and didn’t want to pay support so wouldn’t take a real job that could be garnished.

Some children riding on  a church bus with me  don’t read politics –but they watch tv commercials.  They insisted to me on the bus, after gloating about the Obama victory, that Mitt Romney would’ve taken away all food stamps and welfare.   I said, “No, he wouldn’t have.  He just wants more people to have good jobs so they won’t have to be on welfare and food stamps.”    They were sure I was wrong.   They saw the commercials.   The public had the mentality of 12 year olds and believed the lie that Romney wanted to kick everybody off entitlement programs.  I know a mother and son who voted for Obama because they are on entitlements and thought Romney would take them away.    They hated voting for gay marriage and abortion, but it was more important to vote for their checks –even though their checks weren’t being threatened.    I want her  son to find a good job.  I want MY son to find a good job.  It’s not going to happen with this president increasing business costs through Obamacare, I’m afraid.

But I’ll be delighted if the next four years are great –and you can then say in 2016  “I told you so!”    I do not want this president to fail.  But I do think Christians need to wake up –over the things he’s done so far –including his forcing the Catholic institutions and religious colleges to provide birth control and abortifacients –even for unmarried college students who aren’t supposed to be having sex, according to our Christian beliefs.  It’s unbelievable the way Sandra Fluke got to speak at the convention about women’s health care –meaning  Catholic Georgetown U. should provide birth control for their students.   It seems absolutely CRAZY to me that fornicating students expect their colleges’ health insurance to put them on the pill!!  WHAT ARE WE and the DEMOCRATS THINKING???     Obama also restored monies to overseas agencies to promote and provide abortions –rescinding the Mexico City policy which prevented us spending money to encourage or facilitate abortion overseas.  WE ARE BORROWING FROM CHINA TO ENCOURAGE ABORTION?  Let them do that –they are the ones who believe in it to the extreme.

Another example of an immoral culture –I saw an engagement announcement of 2 young people –which said they were living together at such and such a place –enjoying life with their dog –or something like that.  We didn’t use to announce that we were shacking up and unmarried –as though it were OK.  But that’s the change that Hollywood has wrought –and the church hasn’t prevailed against this culture-corruption being taught  by  the media –and public ed’s value-neutral sex ed.  There is no longer any shame for our immorality.  I would tell my kids that there would be NO wedding money if they moved in before the wedding. 

As a Christian, you need to ponder the fact that it is not the conservatives who are shutting down the Christian groups on college campuses –or removing them from the list of acceptable student associations; they didn’t try to forbid  manger scenes, Ten Commandment plaques,  and prayer and Christmas music to  on public school campuses and public places.   The liberals do that. The conservatives  oppose abortion generally (though most would allow in the law the choice for rape, incest, life of mother);  they define marriage the way the Bible does –by God’s creation of male and female for parenting.  They know that greed isn’t good for the rich when they are selfish—nor for the poor when they are eaten up with envy, and desire to have wealth redistributed to them without earning it as though they are entitled to the fruits of others’ labor.  These people will hit the streets in rage if inflation eats up their checks –and the checks no longer come in the mail –if  we are economically like Greece –no more money and no more borrowing power.  Then what happens?  Riots in the streets – crime as at Occupy Wall St.--like the Watts riots which you are probably too young to remember? And the looting –and the irrational, hyper-emotional, conduct of ignorant people whose schools were lousy because the barely parented entitlement kids acted like fools all their lives in the classroom  (or truant at home)–and Obama will declare martial law –and  if he IS a communist, he’ll tell me  that my house is no longer mine but the state’s. And we shall all be redistributed!    We don’t think it could happen here, but those nations where it happened in my lifetime didn’t expect what they got either.  I hope Barack is too lazy and self-indulgent to share any of his father’s dreams against the  “imperialist west” –or in favor of communism like his spiritual father, Communist poet-pornographer Frank Marshall Davis.    If we do go over the fiscal cliff with him, it will be a scary ride!   

Peace, my liberal friend.      And tell me again where my thinking isn’t right –but don’t tell me I just don’t understand the plight of the poor.  I do.  That’s why I’m there for some people.  But I also know we wouldn’t have so many poor people if more of us  did live by  Biblical standards of sexual morality –and if we could turn around our youth culture with the Gospel –before it’s too late to save this nation as the beacon of light it used to be to the world –despite its flaws.

The LEFT, is just the wrong direction.  We need to go RIGHT.   

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Letter to a Liberal Christian - Part 1

You  think the Democratic party is the best.   And you are not alone among evangelicals who  think that.   However, it is perplexing to understand how Christians could support  the left.  Extreme left is Communist –depriving people of their freedoms, including religious freedom,  and the fruits of their labors –destroying individual initiative and motivation to create by destroying the right to private ownership and the initiative to increase one’s productivity and earnings.  Everything belongs to the State in a communistic nation.  No freedom.  Atheistic.  Constant surveillance by the KGB.  Redistribution of wealth occurred in Russia and in Cuba.  In my lifetime.   China’s thing was to stop all the birthing—and now some of their leaders realized they have way more boys than girls –and they still forcibly sterilize and abort their women –and put Christians in jail –in China.  North Korea is communistic and cruel to all.

 shows that in the 60’s  --when I was in high school -- conservatives had the same fears we have today that our liberal direction  is diabolical, weakening us, leading to socialism (mild communism) which leads to financial ruin.   The 60’s were the beginning of the hippie “free love” era :  “make love, not war” –and a rise in drug use encouraged even by liberal profs.     An issue back then was union abuse –the way they were thuggish in their strikes and protected truant and undiligent workers, shoddy products, bad teachers  and always voted for democrats.  

 My husband got a bad impression of all the auto workers wanting him to give them endless sick excuses  and to even get them on disability when they really weren’t  verifiably sick.  His uncle was a union boss and often met with mafia types.   I early on, growing up,  got the idea that the Democratic party was the greater evil of the 2 parties.     I grew up reading politics in Time and Life magazines –would read the letters to the editor, etc.  IT was great education to strain to understand grown-up writing. 

My parents, (lower middle class) taught me that people should take care of themselves, study in school to get ahead and be responsible for their own kin—and not expect the gov’t to do it for them by taking from those who work to give to those who don’t.   Of course, we all  DO believe in charity and gov’t aid  for those who cannot work, or cannot find work.  But when a family gets $600 a month or so on a food card, they do not want to give that up!  When they also get $700 at least per month for being “depressed,” as single mothers,  and have a health card –they don’t want to give that up for a job that pays  them no more than what their gov’t is giving them to not work.   Of course, entry-level jobs pay less than gov’t would for a single mom and 4 kids –so it seems  she is better off to stay on welfare until she gets them grown—(and I want them to have those checks and cards) but what happens?  Her kids do the same thing –and here come more babies into the house.  And so we go back to Uncle Sam and ask for more money.     We have too many people in this situation –and morals are the reason!   And gov’t enables.    It is the breakdown of marriage –and the complete lack of marriage today –that causes a lot of our poverty.  It’s not the rich being too tight-fisted.   It’s not the fault of husbands who are happy if their wives stay home.   In fact, more husbands today WANT their wives to work  outside the home and think they are lazy if they don’t.  Many men in black culture think it’s the wife’s duty to be the breadwinner with Uncle Sam –they just spread their seed and drop in from house to house and think the women should give THEM money.  I know people.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Saturday, November 10, 2012

General Petraeus's Confession --WHY was it public?

It seems there is something fishy about the timing of General Petraeus's confession. Did O's people MAKE him confess and resign, in hopes he wouldn't have to testify? Did they threaten him with worse problems regarding prosecution and pension, etc., if he didn't step down before Benghazi hits the fan? Was either P or O hoping to distract from any errors of theirs re: Benghazi? Why is it ok for Clinton to skirt around but not a general? Clinton was Commander in chief, after all! Not that adultery isn't serious betrayal and risky for CIA as well as presidents, making them both vulnerable to blackmail-based decisions. But why is it a step-down offense for a general but not for the Commander in Chief? Why wouldn't the general just protect his wife as well as himself from the shame --and just quietly make up with his wife if he could --or quietly resign. Why the public confession? He seems genuinely contrite, but methinks somebody got to him --and it has to do with Benghazi. I think O's people wanted him to resign and want to imply eventually that any error in Benghazi was P's fault due to his distractions in the moral arena. Maybe someone put a million in an off shore bank account for P. Yes, I'm just speculating --but I smell a rat here! The public disclosure makes no sense.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Friday, November 9, 2012


November 9, 2012

President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We --and the Romney-supporters (half the country) really do want to like you with your nice smile and great charisma and lovely family.  We want to be glad that you were re-elected.  You can help us do that.  We don’t want to think you have communistic sympathies or a colonialist view of the U.S.  nor  plans to disarm our country with promises to Putin.    

You did say in your speech a few moments ago that the top 2? per cent of the nation make $250,000 or more and should be taxed more. Those include mostly small business owners and various professionals --rather than the super-rich  of the top 1/2 per cent.  These are Marx's  bourgeois --the middle class conservatives whom Communists destroyed.    According to 2009 and Tax Payers Union,  it was $344,000 that the top 1 per cent make.     There aren’t very many uber-rich who make millions like Romney, Hollywood celebs, uni coaches and presidents and CEO's of big corporations --not enough to slow the deficit if you keep approving pork and  new billion dollar spending packages and sending tons of money to other nations' corrupt governments. 

Please surprise the half of the country that supported Romney.  We are scared to death of your agenda --what we perceive it to be--and the radical influences in your past.   Please prove us wrong.  Show that you can cut programs for which we should not borrow from China.  We know --that means lost public sector jobs --but if China is paying them, they have to go.   If they are valuable employees in a department we don’t really need, they will find work elsewhere in a more prosperous private sector --i.e. more prosperous if you don't tax them down.

We suggest you not raise taxes EXCEPT SLIGHTLY on the uber  rich -- the top 1/2 per cent.  You still want them to be inclined to invest, hire, spend and give.  Learn from business people who know how to succeed at business and know how taxes impact growth.  The Government needs way too much revenue because of the horrible level of spending.  Let Big Bird support Public Broadcasting.  He can do it.  They can sell muppets.  As for Public Radio, put Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion on every day and we’ll send them a donation.  PBS  is not neutral enough politically that they should deserve tax-payer support.  They speak in their measured, neutral, unemotional tones --leaning WAY to the left --as far left as Fox News speaks excitedly with no pretense of neutrality, to the right.  But Fox raises their own money.  So can NPR.  (note:  “fair and balanced”  doesn’t mean neutral.)

Planned Parenthood shouldn't get public funding if  pro-life Pregnancy Centers and clinics don't.  The poor women will still get healthcare using their medicaid cards and the public health clinics.

You must move toward the center if you would meet the Republicans half way and end the supposed gridlock.   Your determination should be NO NEW SPENDING --and the elimination of all non-essential spending and departments that don’t directly impact the needy or the elderly or the ill.    Send the education of the nation back to the locals. Shut down the federal department of education.   Send the school breakfast program to the churches.   Promote volunteer tutoring by the elderly in every public school. Note that Christian and parochial and home schools educate best on way less money. 

And for goodness sakes, PLEASE deliver to the nation’s youth Santorum’s message from your bully pulpit. The 3 things to do to avoid poverty:  “Finish high school; get a job; get married before having children--( and stay married if possible.  Stay faithful. ) If you do even the first 3 things on this list, 98% of you will be above poverty line; 77% will be above average in income.”

There really is a correlation between family stability and morality and the strength of communities and nations.  You are for gay marriage, but ought not be, because children deserve a mother and father when possible.  Gay marriage deprives them of one or the other by its very nature.   Nor should gays share quarters with straights (or with each other) in military.  It’s like putting men and women together in showers and barracks--completely distracting to the mission of military preparedness.  Homosexuality does spread --from the experienced to the inexperienced, and like drugs, becomes addictive.

Please be better than conservatives expect.   Seriously see the logic and reason behind conservatism and their criticism of your party and policies.    Communism hasn’t been appreciated anywhere where it is tried. Socialism leads to the fiscal cliff  --sliding like Greece--and you’ve got us on the edge.  Surprise us --and do not push us over.  Don’t tax us highly now or you will kill business and jobs.  People are thinking of moving out of country for fear you will rob them of their pensions --either through confiscation of high taxes or bad economy, inflation, devaluing of the dollar, etc.  We are afraid of having our lives shortened by your Canada-style health care program.  Let someone tweak that program!  We don't want the long waits and rationing of Canadian healthcare! Canadians come HERE for procedures they can't get in a timely manner in Canada.

As for national security and disarming Americans, we hope you are just Barack Obama from Hawaii --and not a Stalin in the making as some suspect.

Seek good successful businessmen’s advice and not just socialists’ advice.   They have never made any nation solvent.

Put Romney on your cabinet! Because he does like to solve  financial problems.   Wow!  That would be a uniting act.  Listen to Ryan, too.  We are in a mess.  Let them try to help! 

We shall pray for you daily--that you really ARE a Christian  as you told Rick Warren --or will become one and that you will seek God’s guidance on all matters before you --not Marx’s advice, nor Alinsky’s, nor Ayers, nor Davis’s.  Only Jesus rose from the grave.   He is the only one worthy to save us for Eternity.  Atheists can’t give you wise guidance like the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can.  Your stands on abortion and homosexuality --and lukewarm relationship with Israel,  are all 3 in contradiction to His Word and His Spirit and need to be reconsidered.   Separation of church and state doesn't mean God is not real --and has no say in the country's values which shape national culture and character. 

Forgive us for any misjudgment of your character and intentions, and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Sincerely --wanting to admire you,  
wanting your term to be successful in the eyes of  God and informed Americans,

Thoughts:  Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Psalm 33:12
 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  II Chronicles 7:14

Generosity is to be voluntary, from the heart, not confiscated by dictators for the envious.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

A Blog Argument about Obama's Victory and Implications re: Healthcare

David --some people can't stand contentious discussions--but you and I are not insulting each other--we just have differing ideas about this president --and both feel strongly. Otherwise, you are an admirable Christian chap --and I hope you think I am. In fact, I hope I am wrong about Obama -and that he pulls to the center instead of the left and will consider seriously how to get us out of our financial pickle without caving to communistic and socialistic strategies. I hope he'll stop disarming us and do better with foreign policy. I hope you can say to me in 2016: "There, now THAT wasn't so bad after all, was it?" And I will be thrilled if you can say that then. 

Meanwhile, Obamacare IS socialism--it IS power to Big Gov't over the people, power over the religious institutions on birth control and abortifacients, power over too many industries, over our incomes and business strategies. 

In healthcare, Gov't should work to curb malpractice lawsuits instead of individual initiative. Do you know that lawyers make huge money off of doctors by just initiating lawsuits? They don't have to win the suits. They don't want legislature to take away their cash cow, the doctors, with tort reform. All they need to do is bring a suit --then the docs settle out of court because it's more cost effective to do so! less risky and time consuming. They might sue for a million and get $100,000 just for suing and not proving anything. The risk is the pity the jury feels for a man with health problems --and they figure they aren't hurting anyone by giving the patient a million dollars from the insurer for his misery. They don't need to be convinced the patient was mal-treated; just that he is suffering. A doctor worries that if he fails to document that he gave advice to a pt., that the pt. can deny he was advised --and then the doc gets sued and can lose all his savings/pension if insurance fails. So the record-keeping is costly, painstaking, and designed to be "defensive medicine" --defending against lawyers and nuisance suits --and the gov't. Then the increased costs of malpractice insurance are passed to the docs --and to the patients --and the insurers and the gov't. Ohio had a cap on lawsuits thanks to a supreme court --but they just lost one of the judges (Cupp) who saw the sense of the legislatures cap on malpractice settlements. Where John Edwards had practiced malpractice law, his state lost its malpractice insurers and doctors for awhile because the costs were out of sight. He argued and won cases he should've lost. 

Government's OSHA fined an MD $20,000 in Perrsyburg --because his worker laid a sandwich on a counter in the office lab. That's unnecessary confiscation. $100 would make the same point --but OSHA inspectors (like the IRS) have to justify their own department's gov't salary with fines.

 In Canada, my husband says the docs are paid so much for so many hours of work --there is no compensation for working your butt off as he does. And so everyone has long waits to get anything done. He doesn't do it just for income--but to get the work done in a timely manner, to do Christian service to the ill --no man works harder or longer hours than he does --he got along on 4 hours of sleep most of his career --and he is compensated well enough as far as he's concerned. But work and continuing education and tests are constantly over his head. He sits with 2 foot high stacks of test results and charts every weekend, until midnight Sunday --at least. 

 Gov't had to start compensating family docs more --as only 2% of medical grads wanted to slave away for gov't pay and even the insurance pay for family practice. They were all going into the specialties --so legislature or whoever determines compensation through Medicaid and Medicare, upped the pay for family docs--which was good. 

My husband  is a hilarious giver too (biblical term) --likes being able to be generous. Because his family was rather poor growing up --lived with the grandmother in her house --and his mother finally got a teaching degree and that helped. His father had epilepsy which affected his ability to hold a job. Because of Jon's hard work, the gov't hasn't had to pay for our kids' education. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to work like he does --I couldn't do it --and though I read and write better than he, I have read the med school level texts and known I could never have comprehended the boring text books with their extreme complexity--it's not just about identifying disease and finding a remedy --that would be easy (except for the volume of diseases and remedies to memorize!) It's the deep deep scientific understanding that underlies medical education that is just beyond me. And the nerve to sew up some real messes in an ER --and to pull a stake out of a guy's leg! Even if I worked at it as he did, I don't think I could've ever passed the national boards in the end! nor have his stamina. He undergoes extreme stress for testing and always has. Such initiative and drive are rare, I believe --it didn't come easily to him as probably to some others in his field --though it's not easy for any doctor. His grandfather prayed daily that Jon would have a "gift for diagnosis," and I really think he does. 

About our concerns for the future --we have a pension plan that is taxed when we draw it out. We have not stashed away nearly as much as we could've --we spend and give and enjoy both --without living lavishly and eating bon bons in the mediterranean! which would be fun, I think --but we don't want Obama to tax us to death in retirement. It costs $6000 a month for a nursing home now! And Medicare won't pay until we are broke. So if one of us has a stroke and Obamacare won't give us surgery--into the home we go --and there goes our pension and any estate we would want to have to help our grandchildren. We'd like to be able to have both cash and care --and who wouldn't. But these are belt-tightening years for all --and we all should take responsibility for ourselves --without failing to be compassionate to the needy and suffering.

 But it is just wrong and divisive to foment class warfare as obama did to get votes -- to encourage the "have lesses" to begrudge the "have mores" the fruits of their labor the way this president does. He convinced the poor that if the "rich" "pay just a little bit more" it would solve our deficit crisis. Well, it won't. There aren't enough rich people to make it happen by taxing them his "little bit more." Or even a lot more. As it is, the top 1 per cent of income earners pay 37% of all income tax; the top 5% pay 59% of the tax and the top 10 percent pay over 70 per cent of the tax. the top 25% pay 87% and the top half pay 98 percent of the tax. The bottom half making less than 32,300 per year pay 2 1/4 % of all income tax (and probably qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits --getting money back that they didn't put in.)

 We have to stimulate the economy with incentives --free enterprise --job creation for profit. E.G. when Jon took the risk of hiring a P.A., it improved everybody's pay in the office because it brought in more patients. He has more responsibility to supervise his PA 's work --but he also can get away and still keep the office open. He took three 4-day vacations this summer with kids from the church bus ministry, taking them tubing, etc. Spent 4 days at the lake with grandchildren, 2 or 3 at my brother's, and 4 days in Michigan with his Mom, 91, and Rob taking her to Macinac --he could do that because he hired Joel as PA. It was REALLY hectic the years he delivered babies --and he only quit that in the year when the malpractice rates for ob-gyn shot through the roof.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible