Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter to a Liberal Christian - Part 1

You  think the Democratic party is the best.   And you are not alone among evangelicals who  think that.   However, it is perplexing to understand how Christians could support  the left.  Extreme left is Communist –depriving people of their freedoms, including religious freedom,  and the fruits of their labors –destroying individual initiative and motivation to create by destroying the right to private ownership and the initiative to increase one’s productivity and earnings.  Everything belongs to the State in a communistic nation.  No freedom.  Atheistic.  Constant surveillance by the KGB.  Redistribution of wealth occurred in Russia and in Cuba.  In my lifetime.   China’s thing was to stop all the birthing—and now some of their leaders realized they have way more boys than girls –and they still forcibly sterilize and abort their women –and put Christians in jail –in China.  North Korea is communistic and cruel to all.

 shows that in the 60’s  --when I was in high school -- conservatives had the same fears we have today that our liberal direction  is diabolical, weakening us, leading to socialism (mild communism) which leads to financial ruin.   The 60’s were the beginning of the hippie “free love” era :  “make love, not war” –and a rise in drug use encouraged even by liberal profs.     An issue back then was union abuse –the way they were thuggish in their strikes and protected truant and undiligent workers, shoddy products, bad teachers  and always voted for democrats.  

 My husband got a bad impression of all the auto workers wanting him to give them endless sick excuses  and to even get them on disability when they really weren’t  verifiably sick.  His uncle was a union boss and often met with mafia types.   I early on, growing up,  got the idea that the Democratic party was the greater evil of the 2 parties.     I grew up reading politics in Time and Life magazines –would read the letters to the editor, etc.  IT was great education to strain to understand grown-up writing. 

My parents, (lower middle class) taught me that people should take care of themselves, study in school to get ahead and be responsible for their own kin—and not expect the gov’t to do it for them by taking from those who work to give to those who don’t.   Of course, we all  DO believe in charity and gov’t aid  for those who cannot work, or cannot find work.  But when a family gets $600 a month or so on a food card, they do not want to give that up!  When they also get $700 at least per month for being “depressed,” as single mothers,  and have a health card –they don’t want to give that up for a job that pays  them no more than what their gov’t is giving them to not work.   Of course, entry-level jobs pay less than gov’t would for a single mom and 4 kids –so it seems  she is better off to stay on welfare until she gets them grown—(and I want them to have those checks and cards) but what happens?  Her kids do the same thing –and here come more babies into the house.  And so we go back to Uncle Sam and ask for more money.     We have too many people in this situation –and morals are the reason!   And gov’t enables.    It is the breakdown of marriage –and the complete lack of marriage today –that causes a lot of our poverty.  It’s not the rich being too tight-fisted.   It’s not the fault of husbands who are happy if their wives stay home.   In fact, more husbands today WANT their wives to work  outside the home and think they are lazy if they don’t.  Many men in black culture think it’s the wife’s duty to be the breadwinner with Uncle Sam –they just spread their seed and drop in from house to house and think the women should give THEM money.  I know people.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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