Friday, July 15, 2011

We Should Learn from Fiddler on the Roof --and Father Swans!

A Blogger: I would advise no young man to get married. If the milk is free, why buy the cow? Especially if she’ll destroy your life anytime she pleases.

The big problem in our Am. culture today IS that the milk is too often free. And that has led to our general marital misery –poor marital choices of people who don’t have a lot in common –and beauty fades –and sex and intimacy can only improve in a good marriage. We need Yenta the match-maker and the commitment that comes from faith, tradition, and community. We need to revive our faith communities and live by Tevye’s “good book!” seeing marriage as the foundation of family and community–which it is.

I just watched again the film based on the Broadway musical, Fiddler on the Roof –look at the “papas” and the “mamas” in the story –all having their sense of duty and their “place in the community.” Even the beggar had “his place.” They all know who they are and what they are supposed to do. Golde and Tevye don’t have a good marriage by Christian standards (fruits of the Spirit/Golden Rule standards) but there is no question they know their roles and responsibilities and have no intentions of straying or divorcing.

Not so anymore. We are exploring gender transition and rejecting our traditional gender roles –which are so important to the well-being of children. We don’t wait for marriage to have sex –but sleep with multiple partners –and then wonder why the bonding glue which sex and parenting are to marriage don’t stick anymore!!! Free milk –sex without marriage –ruins the Perma-bond-ability of so many. We are like tape that has lost its adhesion capability. We’re living like animals –i.e. the worst examples in nature instead of the best.

There are good examples in nature –like the Daddy swan who chased me and my little girl guests on our seadoo –He protects his family–puffs up his wings and starts to move menacingly and purposefully toward my seadoo –and then if I start to speed away–he goes faster and faster and rises up out of the water and takes flight with beak aimed to bomb! I didn’t know swans could fly like that. Gave the little girls a thrill and a lesson to remember for a long time –that is, the importance of finding a man with such commitment to his family–and courage to fend off outside evils.

Of course, I don’t mean a man should be hostile –ready to do battle with an encroaching Seadoo driver!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frick & Frack, Dumb & Dumber, 3x over, Made up the Casey Anthony Jury

How could a jury buy Jose Baez's alternative theory of an accidental drowning as cause for reasonable doubt about Casey Anthony's guilt??? Just because the prosecution had some hypotheses about chloroform, one hair, duct tape, and a smelly car which they couldn't prove forensically in the manner in which tv audiences are now accustomed, thanks to tv dramas, didn't mean the circumstantial evidence should not have removed all doubt that Casey killed her daughter.

The accidental drowning scenario was used to generate doubt that a murder had been committed --but there was no evidence for an accidental drowning. Only a theory. There WAS evidence that Casey's daughter was brutally murdered with duct tape --even though the defense disputed that evidence unconvincingly -- trying to suggest the child's grandfather did the taping because it was in his garage?? or what? I didn't hear all those details.... Duct tape is ubiquitous --hard to prove where it came from, I should think.

The REAL evidence is that a child disappeared and was last seen with her mother --that the mother went partying and never reported her child missing --that she lied to her parents and police about the whereabouts of the daughter and a host of other things, including false allegations of others. The REAL evidence included that the child was subsequently found dead near the home in a wooded swamp with the duct tape as a likely weapon.

If Casey's behavior during her daughter's disappearance doesn't prove Casey Anthony killed her daughter, what would? a confession, maybe? An eye witness? Remember the case of Laci and Scott Peterson? I don't think the evidence was any less conclusive in this case than in that one. People's behaviors --like blatant, unnecessary lies --unnecessary for the innocent -- surrounding murder are evidence just as good as DNA (especially if it's true now as in a Law and Order story that DNA can be tampered with and faked.)

I wondered if too many jurors and the delighted defense team approved abortion and had been parties to abortion --believing in the right of a mother to rid herself of an inconvenient child.

I wasn't eager to see Casey's mouth and nose covered with duct tape --but it would be justice. Saving Casey from the death penalty should never have been Jose Baez's primary motivation as it so clearly was, judging from his comments. He actually said he had "mixed feelings" after the judgment. Duh! I'd have mixed feelings, too, if I knew I had just helped someone get away with murder.

I wish defense attorneys were all committed to JUSTICE instead of winning. Committed to getting MERCY for their clients, not committed to twisting a dumb jury into believing a scenario for which there was no evidence --compared to the prosecution's case --which should've been a slam-dunk.

Too bad for the prosecution, that their main prosecutor acted overly confident --and disdainful of the competition. Too bad for them that the jury was part of the new generation of Americans who can't tell truth from fiction, who also call good evil, and evil, good.


On the same day, Oprah tells of parents who only had to serve one year in jail for keeping their little 7 year old daughter in a cage in a dark basement –and for kicking their sons outdoors in the winter without adequate clothes. The son went to the police, and the horror ended for these children –after 2 previous visits to the home by authorities who didn’t find anything wrong.

Then, ALSO on the same day, Oprah introduces a couple who deliberately raised their child in a gender neutral home –such that their 7-year-old boy thinks he’s a girl –and the mother explained to him that some girls have anatomy like their fathers and some like their mothers. Of all the stupidity and evil in the world –to let this boy grow up thinking he is a girl if he wants to be. Next, we’ll all be asked to pay for the mutilation of his perfectly healthy little body when he’s a teen --via gov’t or insurance healthcare. They were pleased to announce that there are many families like theirs, raising children to trans-gender by giving them NO help with gender identity –NO guidance on how to be a boy or a girl consistent with their bodies. Poor kids!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible