Friday, November 28, 2008



Joy, Joy, Joy!
will be presented at 7:00 PM on December 19 and 21 at the Holland Free Methodist Church at 6605 Angola Road in Holland, Ohio, north of the Spring Meadows Mall.

The cantata celebrates three kinds of Christmas joy: the joy of the season, the joy of the story, and the joy of the Savior. This is a Deborah Craig-Claar and David T. Clydesdale production (as were our previous favorites, Four Tickets to Christmas and Repeat the Sounding Joy.

Soloists include Patty Bersinger, Andrea Conklin, Jenni King, Bob Sutton, and members of the Perez and Rohrs families. Bob Dematteo will be playing the role of Isaiah the prophet. Rebecca Hand and Corbin Ortiz will portray Mary and Joseph. HFM’s 4th - 9th grade students will be the dancing angels and shepherds. The children are also featured delightfully in two numbers with the adult choir. Wise men will be Dave Simpson, Tom Wood, and Steve Bersinger. Shepherds include Joe Zitzman and others.

Stephanie Hulbert is the director, assisted by Christine Rohrs. Sue Conklin again will be costumer and Tom Hughes will be the sound tech.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Due to guilty conscience and the possibility of a civil suit leading to discovery and a possible criminal suit for menancing and harrassment, Mudrake or Man with the Muckrake, Liberal Democrat of Politics in Mudville, Limedrop of Toledo Talk has at least temporarily dismantled his blog and made his profile unavailable --as predicted.

Kateb's attorneys explained that we especially have a case re: menacing when someone's clear intention is to make someone feel unsafe in her own home. That was clearly his intention when he posted my house photo, map to my home and my full name and address --while calling me a racist online (libel) and trying to stir up the feelings of others against me. It's that implied threat in "I know where you live and I'm telling all the people where a bigot/racist lives!"

Of course, I was happy to finally say I knew where he lived, too! --with a promise that he did not have anything worse to fear with me knowing HIS address than church lit, etc. --which he sorely needs. I was jesting. I have not posted his name and address though I have them. I know him --i.e. I've seen him, probably spoke to him in a parent-teacher conference, always knew who he was when he wrote his liberal diatribes to the Blade. I wrote him privately (Mudrake's blog email) and told him I had no desire to spend money on an attorney --but he keeps posting under our names --and this must stop.

I hope he doesn't let me know the address of his new blog --as he did previously by commenting on mine.

I am not good for him--I clearly drive him insane, to extreme levels of obsessive vitriol. However, even if I stay away from his dishonest, libelous, hateful blog, and he from my more honest, pleasant-natured blog, he will still have his problem --an obsessive hatred for conservative, Bible-believing Christians --mainly because of their desire to maintain the former status quo on abortion and marriage. And he will be stuck in his agnosticism.

I hope this means he has learned his lesson. Don't mess with the Christian ladies! The intentional impersonations using our screen names can ruin another's blog and blog reputation-- and Blogger should not allow it when the evidence is so clear as in this case. They know who he is and they should ban him from blogging as Toledo Talk did if he continues to impersonate other bloggers, misappropriating their screen names.

The irony is his hypocrisy --complaining about deletions --when he does it all the time. And his complaints that right-wingers are so hateful and intolerant --when that characterizes him much more than it does us. We don't try to keep him from sharing his views; it is Mudrake who can't tolerate difference of opinion. He calls us dangerous to constitutional liberties--while threatening that we should be locked up and followed by the FBI---and certainly be denied our right to free speech and freedom of religion as regards influence on public policy.

Laughable is the call by many democrats, including him, for a better attitude in D.C. --now that they are in power, they want us to be more civil, tolerant and loving than they ever were when they couldn't have their way.

Another irony --he was quoted in the blade as no longer writing Blade letters because he had been harrassed by the same fellow who harrassed Dr. Hussain, the Blade columnist. This is an exact example of St. Paul's "Judge not, lest ye be judged, for you do the very same things." He complains of a harrasser for his written views --and then does it himself. Maybe the blade would like such a story!

Hopefully, he will disappear from our scene before he gets notice of a suit. It appears that may be the case.

I'm really sorry it came to this--I would have rather had a friendly relationship --while disagreeing with him and explaining how evangelicals REALLY think--but his hatred of the Bible,Christians and the GOP interfered with honest discussion. He brought no objectivity to the table and no possibility of friendship --just his father's prejudices.

It's been a disappointing blog experience, to say the least.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GITMO Prosthetic Patient Released to Cause More Trouble

As usual, Ann Coulter wrote a zinger here --about a Taliban terrorist whom we patched up at great tax payers' expense --and released to kidnap 2 Chinese workers in Pakistan--such that all the Chinese who were building a much needed Pakistani bridge --left without finishing the project.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Thoughts on GOP Loss

McCain was old and familiar--Obama was young and black and a novelty --white guilt did help him win --McCain did not articulate conservative values clearly and well --GOP tried to move left in rhetoric in order to distance from Bush and advocate changes people wanted (namely in gas prices, economy, Iraq and D.C. dysfunction) saying little about other issues important to the base. They should have defended our middle east policies --and explained GOP to the mushy middle.

We of the base were excited about Palin, knowing she had the right values --but she couldn't save McCain --and the liberal branch of media crucified her with their dishonesty. I see now that the whole Africa debate thing was a hoax against her?? And I understand that the wardrobe for her to choose from was brought to their hotel? I'd choose everything they put in front of me, too, if it looked good and fit --if someone else said it was all windowdressing at campaign expense. She probably didn't even look at price tags. They were surely in a hurry all the time --and buying for 6 people or so?

Another goof --the whole "spreading the wealth" thing --the democrat base likes that phrase. and the GOP didn't make their case for what was wrong with socialism, i.e. "spreading the wealth." Socialism means "spreading the poverty" in actuality. It kills incentive and opportunity. We didn't make that case as well as we could've. We let black mamas think that Obama was going to pay for their cars, gas and mortgages. (See video at Uncommon Squalor --link on my blogroll.)

So that's why we lost --and not because a majority doesn't agree with GOP on most everything --when it's explained well. After all, we are the party of objective common sense. But when you have people getting their info from Democrats blinded by their prejudices and hate, democrats in news media and mostly from entertainers, they have no idea for what they voted. One lady telephoning for the dems was sure that Obama was against abortion. And he's the most pro-abortion legislator of all time --even voting against BAIPA (Born alive infant protection act)--it takes a real heartless person to vote against that.

I see Obama is listening to the right wing and he may get it, after all --on the economic issues. Says he may delay any tax increases. He's paying attention to history; he's listening to both sides --good for him. He wants to succeed --that's better than being blinded by any agenda and futile socialist dogma.

As for those rapacious corp. execs whom we're bailing out, I bet they are all social liberals --as they've all given money to gay pride parades, and most to the democrats.

The Democratic party has a serious integrity issue --now we hear how Bill Clinton received 700,000 for speaking fees from one of those auto companies. CEO must be a democrat to ask Bill to speak --at that price. Since when was Clinton worth that much in any job? much less one speech. That was a charity to pay him like that! Why???

Good for Congress for quizzing the CEOs about their private jets. Now, how about Pelosi's big jet? Remember how she couldn't stand to have to fuel up half-way? They had to give her a plane as big as the president's so she could fly non-stop to California. BIG gas guzzling, air polluting jets! flown by the speaker of the housse.

I think she can fly commercial first class with the common folks. Being a democrat, she should find that idea appealing.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Monday, November 24, 2008

The New Fascism --Tell us what you REALLY think, Mudrake!

Perhaps we ought to duplicate the prisoner stockades from WWII and find and transport these anti-democracy zealots to these holding pens until the FBI interrogates, fingerprints, photographs them and assign a guardian to monitor their activities.

There it is --the evidence of Mudrake's "luv" and tolerance. He's talking here about people he thinks are like me --"theocrats" in this case.

Don't tempt me, Mudly. I may post this above with your name on it--and your address. I think it would behoove you to change your style now that I know who you are. Though you have nothing to fear from Christians knowing who you are and where YOU live. We'll just show up to Christmas carol --or send you church announcements --or literature --or come to call and counsel. NOthing to fear!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Two Californians Speak on Prop 8

Thanks to the Bayly blog linked by Matthew at Mudrake's for this interesting article.

Two famous people speak about homosexuality here. On behalf of Rick Warren, I believe the church has no other option than to approach the issue as he does in this snippet from a tv show. If he were to speak longer on the subject, I'm sure he would agree that the other speaker is accurate in God's opinion of this lifestyle.

The church is not to preach hatred and foment violence toward groups; the punishment will come from God in His timing. Meanwhile, we are to preach the love of God, His moral standards, and invite all to respond to God's grace. At the same time, the church needs to stand firm on the Creator's intention for our sexuality--and the meaning of marriage, as Warren did.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Friday, November 21, 2008


The last performances of this famous Arthur Miller play are at 8:00 PM Saturday and 2:00 pm Sunday at the Toledo Repertoire Theater on Tenth St. in downtown Toledo. There is a guarded parking lot. This is really excellent community theater, and very educational.

This play about the Salem withcraft trials is a powerful story. Whenever I heard about Salem and "witch-hunts," I assumed that the religious people were going to come off looking really bad, killing people who were irreligious, "odd" or slightly "occultic."

In fact, it is the genuine Christian people who are martyred for their faith because they will not lie and say they are witches. They are accused by teen girls who pretend to be influenced by these so-called witches. The young girls wanted to avoid punishment for their occultic activities of dancing nude in the woods around a pot of some bubbling brew (not in the play), and trying to conjure up the spirits of the dead with the help of the minister's voodoo-savvy slave from Barbados. The minister's daughter and niece are involved. The minister catches them and one of the girl's quickly inspires mass hysteria among her friends --and they all pretend to be possessed because of the good women in the town whom they name as witches. (or maybe they really WERE possessed because of their own occultic activity! A couple of them did seem to faint or be in a deep sleep and their body temp would cool. Why would that be? We assume there is a motivation to play-act and carry on their mystical experience from the woods --and also protect themselves from charges of witchcraft by blaming others.

The leader of the girls "called out" the wife of a farmer as a witch (the farmer, John Proctor, is the lead character, played well by Heath Huber) She does this because she had a brief affair with the farmer and wants him for herself.

IN the end, the Christians will not lie to save their skins by saying they have served the devil. Death is their sentence.

The judge is the devil personified and played extremely well by a Mr. Byrd. Ultimately, the ministers in the story come around and regret that the teens were believed and responsible for death warrants for so many people. They and the judge want the prisoners to admit their alliances with the devil so they can reverse the death sentences and be justified in the minds of the public --but the Christians will not confess to the lie.

It is sinful girls involved in witchy activities who accuse the good women of the town; it is hypocrites in power who are willing to believe the teens; it is genuine Christians who die, falsely accused.

John Proctor is a man wracked by guilt for his short-lived adultery --and his wife comes to realize that she hadn't believed in his love for her because she was a plain woman, by her self-evaluation. It's sad that her revelation had not come sooner. They come to a place of mutual forgiveness and John Proctor feels worthy of martyrdom in the end.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


For those who don't remember --George Bush had been a bi-partisan success as the governor of Texas and he went to D.C. wanting to "change the tone of Washington." He reached out as Obama is doing now. Democrats would have us believe Obama is the first one to reach across party lines. I'm glad he's doing it --but if the GOP responds to him as the Democrats did to Bush, he will also fail. The difference is that the GOP really are nicer people than democrats --and they will work with him better than the democrats did with Bush. But he will get resistance on the social issues --and we will be called the divisive ones --even though we are not the party seeking radical, ungodly social change.

But the Democrats couldn't stand too much unity--because it would make Bush and his policies popular. They had to resist with all their might and call Bush the divisive one. Not true, boys and girls. Know your history. All the hate rhetoric of the last 8 years has been Democrats' ridicule, disrespect,and mockery of George Bush. The comedians did him in --as that's where the mushy middle, the masses, and the college students get their news briefs.

Bush failed at changing the tone in D.C. because the democrats just wanted to get Bush out of there. They are like Mudrake. He doesn't want to make peace or get along. I do; he doesn't. He would just as soon silence all opposition, rather than debate it. But that may be an ability problem. When you don't have good reasons for your positions, you just get mad, insult, and delete your opponents. (I can be ornery, I confess!)

The following is by Ann Coulter and it is an excellent factual reminder, easy to read, not too long --of Bush's history as a uniter, not a divider. You may be astounded at all the good he attempted with the Democrats.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Michelle Malkin wrote the following --see the whole article at:

Before Election Day, national media handwringers forged a wildly popular narrative: The right was, in the words of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, gripped by "insane rage." Outbreaks of incivility (some real, but mostly imagined) were proof positive of the extremist takeover of the Republican Party. The cluck-cluckers and tut-tutters shook with fear.

But when the GOP took a beating on Nov. 4, no mass protests ensued; no nationwide boycotts erupted. Conservatives took their lumps and began the peaceful post-defeat process of self-flagellation, self-analysis and self-autopsy.

In fact, in the wake of campaign 2008 there's only one angry mob gripped by "insane rage": left-wing same-sex marriage activists incensed at their defeat in California. Voters there approved Proposition 8, a traditional marriage initiative, by 52 percent to 48 percent.

Instead of introspection and self-criticism, however, the sore losers who opposed Prop. 8 responded with threats, fists and blacklists.

Now, read the rest of the article to see what these sore losers have done and threatened to do.

As I've always said, "The RIGHT is RIGHT. The Left champions Wrong." The evidence is abundant. The Right values fetal life over adult selfishness. The Right values sacrifice for the sake of others. The Right values religious faith and family and doesn't want public policy to weaken either. The Right values personal initiative and personal responsibility over gov't dependence and sloth. The Right values justice of all kinds --balanced with mercy. The Right values a wholesome culture where children don't learn about sodomy nor get taken to gay weddings by their teachers. The Right doesn't call unrestrained porn and libel rights of free speech.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Newt Gingerich on Homosexual Agenda and the Orthodox Religions

THE 3RD COMMENT ON THIS BLOG TOPIC IS NOT BY ME --SOMEONE SINISTER HAS CREATED A NEW BARB TO IMPERSONATE ME WITH WILDLY DISTORTED VIEWS. NOW WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING, DO YOU SUPPOSE??? E.G. I never said Newt was a Christian --but the new Barb wants him to be president and thinks he will fix everything in the country--just what some people think of Obama. I hope they are right about Obama.

I heard Newt say this on Fox the other day (thanks, Mudrake, for a copy):

Look, I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it. I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion. And I think if you believe in historic Christianity, you have to confront the fact. And, frankly -- for that matter, if you believe in the historic version of Islam or the historic version of Judaism, you have to confront the reality that these secular extremists are determined to impose on you acceptance of a series of values that are antithetical, they're the opposite, of what you're taught in Sunday school.

I believe he spoke truth. They are going to emulate the public demonstrations of civil rights and pro-life movements and see if they can't get sympathy for sodomy. But they will be more militant, like the paradoxically violent peace demonstrators. It's been wild enough to see their conduct in their Gay Pride Parades.

The civil rights and pro-life demonstrators have typically chosen pacifism as their method --seeking approval and sympathy for their causes. (The violent fringe of pro-life movement did justify shooting abortionists as murderers, which "vigilante justice" didn't win friends for their cause.) Champions of evil tend to use violence or at least the brat behavior we saw in the Lansing church and the recent California demonstrations.

We are asked to overlook the reality of homosexual behaviors and see homosexuality as inborn, like race. If it is inborn, it is a genetic flaw, like other conditions which we would normally and rightfully try to cure--UNLIKE race.

Tom Foley told recently how he didn't feel terribly perverse/wrong for writing seductive emails to 17 year old male pages in D.C. After all, they were almost 18 and didn't object. He does tell that he got into homosexuality via a priest who molested him for some length of time. He verifies all my statements on that condition --that some are seduced/molested into it --and that homosexual adults prey on adolescents --our kids.

We need to protect children and youth from such influence. Instead we have embarked on a publicity campaign, propaganda, to convince youth that some of them are "born gay," and that being gay is as fine as being straight --nevermind the high rate of promiscuity, STD's and the public health hazard that homosexuality has proven to be in the USA.

I believe the condition is preventable, and that's where our education, parenting, and policy efforts should focus --on helping kids be normal. No bashing allowed. Affirmation of their normalness would help kids with self-image issues. Diversity is a positive emphasis when it says our body type (muscular or not), our interests in the arts or sports, our non-stereotypical features --do not predict abnormal sexual orientation. Boys are boys to become husbands and fathers; girls are girls with the potential to be wives and mothers. That's what our sexual differences are for. End of story in the sex ed class.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

THANK YOU, LORD! for safety on the highways (It's good to have babies!) (revised post)

Chrissy called this morning. She had slid a long way in her car -- though going only 30 mph on her way to her teaching job at school. She tried to just steer without braking, but it got worse, so she put the brakes on and then fishtailed wildly, landing in a corn field on the opposite side of the road, going the opposite direction. She said she felt numb in her hands and feet and ears at first and wondered what that meant. Wondered if it was shock. Her father said a neck x-ray might be good. The numbness didn't stay with her --so far. She called while still on her way to school. There was only one Jeep anywhere in sight --and it resumed driving when it saw she was back on the road. So, thankfully, no cars to hit.

She said she called out to the Lord, "Jesus, help me, help me, Jesus!"

I'm so glad she knows Him by faith to call upon Him.

Maybe she needs better tires. She slid into a car a year or two ago on those country roads.

Thank you, Father, for protecting and sparing our girl. We can imagine and share the sorrow and feel the devastation of any who lose their children, through accidents or war.

How can anyone abort these precious ones, missing the joy of knowing their own children? They have no idea what they've missed, whom they've terminated.

When Chrissy was coming, we wondered if we could possibly love no.2 as much as we loved Baby No. 1. When no. 1 was coming, I was in disbelief as I hadn't been around pregnant people much and couldn't imagine it for myself. I wasn't opposed to it; I just couldn't imagine it. I felt I had a condition, more than a baby. It wasn't something I was dying to have happen to me!

Way too many young people today are thinking that way--that other people's children look like a pain to raise--and a lot of work --and who would want to raise those howling, whiney kids? and who would elect pregnancy? But they have no idea what it will be like for them. It's amazing what parenting does to stretch the heart and soul (never mind our bodies!) We shouldn't recommend abortion to anybody --nor even allow it --1.6 million American babies per year--the biggest holocaust in the world.

When those babies came to our house, we knew in a new way what it was to be a family. We were now parents together, bonded forever through these children. It enriched our marriage and enlarged our hearts and our social world. We will have 11 people (at least --maybe more if my brother would come up and bring my mother-she usually celebrates with his in-laws) at the dinner table for Thanksgiving --8 are there because we married, had kids, and they married. Our own social niche and support network --interesting, enjoyable people who enjoy getting together.

I'm sorry for those whose marriages fail. God hates divorce and the damage it wreaks upon the abandoned ones. Family is both strong and fragile --it takes a commitment to Christ to help cement the bonds --and the ability to forgive and practice Golden Rule living in the home. Jesus shows the way--the light to the home. And He is the comforter to those with broken pieces, the mender of the heart, who can take sadness and replace it with joy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

I LOVE HUCKABEE! Probably a Good Parent

The ex-governor of Arkansas, ex-presidential candidate (unknown and underfunded), was on Hannity and Colmes recently. He is just so consistently gentlemanly and good-natured, so eloquent and quick-thinking on his feet --and packs a lot of wisdom into few words. E.G., he explained to Colmes how abortion and fetal experimentation really are about the value of human life --in such a way that you'd feel foolish, boorish and dense to disagree.

He reminded us how strong marriages headed by a mother and father are the backbone of society. He pointed out how so much government expense is due to family breakdown, the never-married and the divorced. He talked about the huge expenses to gov't of just removing graffiti and providing jail beds --products of juvenile delinquency and family dysfunction. We could add (and he may have mentioned) poverty, drug addiction, unwed teen sex activity with diseases, unwed pregnancies and abortions.

We know that prisoners most often are products of single-parent and divorced homes. We know that children fare best with both their mother and father to raise them in the same household --especially when those parents prioritize getting along for the sake of the children.
He said that's why we ought not be tampering with a definition of marriage that has no possibility of making children and that permanently removes a parent of one sex or the other from the child's life.

We also need parents who are WISE at parenting, and if they don't learn it from their own parents, they need help. Dr. Dobson at Focus on the Family has done the most to teach parents how permissiveness produces bratty kids, who are forever a problem to themselves and others. He can be heard daily on WPOSFM Christian radio, 102.3FM. His books are available in Christian and other bookstores and online.

You see what may be evidence of poor parenting here in the blogsphere, when some bloggers indulge in vulgarity and insults without conscience or self-monitoring. Hopefully, that's the mildest result of being poorly parented to the point of having defective character. Granted, some people rebel against good parents to be prodigals --but hopefully they return to the teachings of their parents in old age. When I see someone getting worse with age in their disposition or lifestyle choices and beliefs, instead of better and stronger in faith, it makes me sad.

John 3:16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[f] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son.[g] 19This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."[h]

Forgiveness and love will be the first-fruits of such faith. Obedience to God's Word and agreeing with Him about sin and righteousness are also evidences. We must come with the humility and trust like a child's. Jesus said so.

What a beautiful blue and white sunny day here in Toledo --with our first significant snowfall.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Monday, November 17, 2008


The soaring gas prices really hurt many people and businesses --at the same time we discovered we "needed" bail-outs for Wall Street, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac --and the stock market fell.

Yet, Iraq's conditions were improving, which the Democrats didn't want.

Enter Barack and his calm promises of change --while the gas prices climbed higher and higher.

And now he's elected and gas is under $2 a gallon!

Well, thank you, Barrack! Good job already!

Change we needed, that's for sure.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Bush kept a lot of babies safe by being pro-life, by not encouraging the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) legislators --they knew he would veto FOCA. If the GOP had not dropped the ball, by not pointing out how radically pro-abortion Obama was, we might have ended the abortion holocaust with a GOP president in the next term. Bush gave us two good judges on the court. We needed one more, but Obama will give us activist judges who legislate from the bench like the judges in California. He described the liberal judges on the court to Rick Warren as the ones he admired.

The Bible says a lot about "unjust judges." We'll be getting more.

Though Obama SAID out of one side of his mouth that he wasn't for gay marriage or abortion, he told his party that he will not support DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage as between one man and one woman) --and said he WILL sign FOCA right away--Freedom of choice Act, striking down all state and other restrictions on abortion. I hope I'm wrong!

The Christians who supported Obama or 3rd party candidates made a disastrous mistake.

Too many listened to the devil's lies (he is a liar and the father of lies) --still being put forth by the likes of bloggers Engineer and Mudrake --the lie that the GOP lost because they didn't move far enough left. No, they listened to that lie and didn't go all out to find out and tell the public what Obama's stands really were --considering that HE LIED and people believed him. He IS for abortion and gay marriage to a radical degree --as he demonstrated when he opposed 4 times the "born alive infant protection act" to favor the "mother's choice" to have a dead child.

Would he dare to oppose DOMA before a 2nd term? considering that 30 out of 30 states have voted for DOMA in their constitutions? I think he will wait --unless his Congress stupidly pushes it in his first term.

He lied about his association with Ayres --saying something like, "he didn't give me a fund-raiser to kick off my campaign," in his debate (meaning Ayres didn't kick off his Presidential campaign; it was an earlier one. It was a deliberate deception, and McCain should've followed up on it.) Ayres is typical of our university faculties --ex hippie radical terrorist demonstrator --who is unrepentant about his youthful misbehavior. Obama knew this and knew him well.

And now he says we need a new national security force in the states. Why? More money and personnel for police and national guard, fine. But that's not what he said. Who would head his new force? No one coming up through the usual military ranks. The Commander in Chief in our country does not rule the military promotions --that's done from within the military. But who would run this new national security force? Someone hand-picked by Obama??? Why do we need this instead of just beefing up what we have? We have the Homeland Security Division which was to coordinate the various home security branches and efforts which were already in existance.

Why did the democrats sit there and blindly applaud this July, '08, suggestion for a new national army larger than the other 3 put together? Shades of history repeating itself? Hitler had his own private army --in case the national army would turn against him. They rounded up, not only the Jews, but any Hitler critics, and took them away.

Both political parties had stealth candidates --seeming to move to the center in their ideology with their rhetoric --avoiding the hot button issues and waffling on them.

When the LEFT moves to the center, they are both deceptive and more acceptable. When the RIGHT moves to the center, they lose their reason for existance.

They'll wake up. Too bad it will be too late for many unborn children and for the culture's decency when we have more men kissing each other and playing affectionate games with their hands like a man and wife sitting on their bed --as I glimpsed last night on network TV. Ycchh. SO AGAINST NATURE! Perversion was role-modeled as normal for the majority of young people who are allowed to see any TV they wish --who even have TVs in their rooms.

For the fatherless kids, they may not see how ridiculous gay coupling is because they haven't seen normal relationships --or perhaps the normal couples they knew were dysfunctional. We have a generaion of youth coming up (the few that are being born) who will not know that sex with your own sex is verboten and unnatural --who will not know that it is sinful, if the church is muzzled by Obama's support for a liberal "hate crimes bill," which will eventually attempt to curtail free speech and hiring discrimination by churches. The Constitution will be dead at that point--as it is already dying when we don't recognize the "right to life." Unconstitutional denial of religious liberty is next with respect to the gay agenda.

Gay hostilities are definitely directed at churches, as seen since the election. On the Huckabee program on Fox News last night, we heard that an elderly couple was beat up by demonstrators because they had a poster or bumper sticker or something supporting Proposition 8. Another was knocked down and their head was injured. We saw on national news how the gay demonstrators knocked a cross out of an old woman's hands and trampled on it --as she tried to counter-demonstrate in favor of traditional marriage and the church's stance. We heard about the gay demonstration in a Lansing church. Is this the future of the gay movement? In response to this childish and dangerous behavior, will the gov't see the radicalness of gays?? NO, they will muzzle the church.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


You know, fellow bloggers, Jesus lived just 20-plus short centuries ago! I suspect there has been at least one man, somewhere in the world, born on the first day of each of these centuries who lived for 100 years. There would be only 20 such men in history--demonstrating that the 1st century isn't really that long ago!

Does it seem unreasonable that such sensational events of the first century-- Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection--could be accurately recorded and preserved during the lifetimes of just 20 such men--through 20 centuries of meticulous record-keepers in the church?

The first Christians were inspired first by the MIRACLES more than the teachings. The MIRACLES gave credence to the teachings of the MIRACLE WORKER. Especially His resurrection.

When you meet a resurrected miracle-worker, you are sure He is from God --especially when He lived a perfect life and tells you He and the Father are one. Especially when He gives you something like a Damascus Road experience and you just know, in your soul, that "He touched me! And now I am no longer the same!" Like St. Paul. Like Chuck Colson. Like George W. Bush whose closest observers say the Christianity is genuine. He said, "Jesus Christ changed my heart." When Christ's Holy Spirit bears witness with YOUR Spirit, you just know.

I think the problem with the church today is that too many lack "an experience." They are trying to follow Christ in the flesh --and they need to ask for The Holy Spirit and be willing to experience Him in fullness. Jesus said, "If an earthly father knows how to give good gifts to his children, how much more will your heavenly father be willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask."

Are we willing to be changed? Do we want this power in our lives? If it means we will forgive and love? that HE will be on the throne of our lives --instead of us? The thing is, when God gives the experience, the love is almost automatic --it floods the soul --like "springs of living water." The Psalmist David said, "Restore to me, O God, the joy of my salvation."

"Amazing grace; how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see."

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Three Groups of People In the News This Week

1000 Somalian Muslims packed a stadium to watch a 13 year old rape victim be stoned to death by a couple dozen Muslim Militia members, last Monday. I noticed that Dr Hussain, my neighbor, recently wrote in the Blade that any anti-Islamic sentiment was shameful. He was disappointed that McCain said to the woman who thought Obama was Arab, "No, he's not Arab, not a Muslim" therefore, the implication was, "don't worry." I saw the flaw in McCain's response, too. He was supposed to say, "There is nothing wrong with being ARabic, Ma'am, or Muslim, but Obama is neither."

History: In addition to 9/11 and Palestinians dancing in the streets afterward, we have heard the Iranian president threaten death to Israel. We saw how Palestianians lobbed bombs over the new border after Israelis vacated Gaza in Palestine's favor. We witnessed the horrific beheadings by Islamic extremists and Al Quaeda as they shouted their praises to Allah. And now we have this nice little story about Somalian Muslims, not to mention what they are doing in Darfur. We hear of the chronic civil wars to the death among Middle-eastern Muslims, Shia and Sunni. There are the Taliban, the Iranian extremists, the Wahabi school grads who feed Al Quaeda(Saudi Arabia), the Wahabi school racist curricula even in Wash. D.C. school for Muslims --and we're supposed to understand that this religion doesn't really spawn all these crazy, blood-thirsty groups! True Islam is peace-loving. Really???!!! Then why are SO MANY DEVOUT worshippers so violent in the name of Allah??

We had our Ku Klux Klan, our ignorant bigots who never read the Christian Bible, but any such groups can't point to Jesus and find any justification for hatred and murder. I understand that the Muslims can cite Mohammad's instructions to be violent, to be deceitful, to befriend someone before you stab him in the back.

I'd recommend that people read the Caner brothers' books. They were raised to be Muslims and converted to Christianity. They tell it like it is. Both are American professors now.

Now another group of 1000 people met together in prayer support, called together by the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS! in a southern suburb of Nashville, to defend a school with a small band of praying parents accused by one parent of wrongfully praying in a public school. These accused parents joined the lawsuit when the ACLU sued the school. The Alliance Defense Fund defended the parents and the school and won on all 5 points.

The ACLU wanted the school to: 1. stop the National Day of Prayer observance before school on school property one day in the spring; 2. stop the See You at the Pole prayer observance in the fall; 3. stop any mention of gratitude to God when teaching about Thanksgiving; 4. remove all sacred music from Christmas concerts in schools, and 5. stop the monthly prayer meeting of The Praying Parents, who prayed for school requests in the school cafeteria, not in front of students --but quietly in a corner during class time. This school and the County Commissioners supported the parents; the ADF defended them and beat the ACLU on every count. It's all about Religious Freedom --free exercise of one's faith on public property without being coercive or denying religious liberty to others.

The 3rd group in the news this week: homosexuals stormed a Lansing church a few hours from here--lesbians started kissing in the pulpit--they tried to hang a banner --they were obscene, disruptive, yelling "Jesus was gay."

The pastor concluded the service, after the police intervened, with a prayer that these disrupters would come to know the peace of God.

I think there is good and evil in the world and the news stories illustrate clearly the contrast between the two.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


On MSNBC, Olbermann made a plea for fairness to gays last night, saying they had the right to all that marriage provides. Mudrageous has printed the whole thing on my previous post, as a comment. There isn't anything there except an appeal to maudlin sentimentality and compassion that kills. For no matter what recognition the state gives, the wages of sin is STILL death! Homosexual approval will help to march these people straight to Hell when they die --if they don't see the light before then and come to the realization that it is the devil's lie that they had to be gay. They had choice in the beginning. God can still deliver them.

Keith quotes Darrow quoting a Persian poet --a very appropriate quote --about the poet preferring the Book of Love to having his name in the Book Above.

The Bible clearly says that the Book Above IS the Book of Love and the Book that counts --for Eternity. It is God's love for us that writes our name in the book above --the Lamb's Book of Life. Jesus sacrificed His life by God's will --that we may be in that book by believing in Him. There is no greater love than His for us.

He is calling homosexuals to wholeness --to truth --to his purpose for their bodies --not this sham half-life and imitation marriage that produces nothing but death --eternal death if they miss "the book above" --temporal death by the risks inherent in the lifestyle.

Satan is the great deceiver and he uses people like Keith Olbermann --obviously --because there is no alternative Book of Love --except The Book Above.

Well, I should say that the Bible is The Book of Love --but not the same one in which our names are written. That is a record of the REdeemed for Eternity --kept by the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

There is a maudlin sentimentality and compassion that is disingenous and misplaced when we think homosexuals really want and really need to have their couplings sanctified by "marriage." It won't help them be less lonely --or help them feel more normal and legitimate. Sin brings guilt and estrangement from God and nothing they can do ceremonially will fix it --until they repent and see that they have exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped the creature instead of Creator.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Have we all heard about the executive orders obama says he will sign first: rescinding a law against public funding of abortions in family planning services abroad. Why should we fund these??? in our present economic state? Why should we try to tell other nations that they should allow abortion through our family planning programs --when most of them don't believe in abortion. Talk about imposing our values on other religious groups!

And I heard he's going to rescind the off-shore drilling order of Bush's --making us perpetually vulnerable to possibility of middle east cutting off our oil --say if al quaeda takes over Saudi Arabia --this is dangerous for us to be dependent on a hostile region for our oil --when we could get our own! Sure we want to develop other sources, but Obama let us believe he would reconsider off-shore drilling--and now I understand he plans to stop it.

Thirdly, he's going to sign permission to do experimentation on "excess frozen fetuses," --on "the snowflakes" --who could be implanted and adopted. We know that adult stem cell research and umbilical cord stem cell research have yielded good results. Why do we have to tamper with tiny lives --who have all the potential to be unique human beings as they are implanted in a woman and start to grow. We don't need to kill human life for our experiments.

Bonhoeffer said you can tell the character of a society by how it treats its children. Yes indeed. And the character of a president, too.

Obama will invigorate the religious right, all the pro-lifers and traditional values folks. They became complacent with a pro-life president --and listened to the critics. never again! Actually, they were just pre-occupied, having many worthwhile things to do at job, home and church --and trusting Bush to do the best he could to resist abortion on demand and fetal experimentation.

We're going to see that he was a good president with lofty and noble goals --he saved babies. And he really saved Iraq from Sadam and AFghanistan from Taliban.

Now, watch Obama undo the good --causing many more to die by abortion and pulling out our troops.

He has also said he would close GITMO. And what is he going to do with the Taliban and others imprisoned there? Send them to jail in AFghanistan to have their heads cut off? Turn them loose in the U.S.? Send them home, free to regroup in AFghanistan?

I don't get left-wing thinking at all. No common sense! No compassion for fetuses or for people in 3rd world conditions whom we've helped so much. No sense about fuel --and what we would do if we were attacked again and didn't have enough gas to support our military because the middle east cut off our supply.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Thursday, November 6, 2008


What did McCain do to energize the so-called "base" of the party? He nominated Sarah Palin, a pro-life, Christian, conservative woman --committed to reform in her state. And she had the IT factor --enormous charisma. Her whole family has it!

Many said he did this to attract the Hillary voters. I knew she wouldn't get many of them, because Hillary voters are pro-choice on abortion --and Sarah obviously is not. I think he really knew that he was nominating an evangelical who would energize evangelicals. And she did that.

If you listen to Ann Coulter, you do get another impression of what it is to be conservative. She's a bit more hard-line --and some of that is good. But there is a bit of difference in how she perceives the term "conservative" and how I believe Pastor Rick Warren would perceive it--or even Bush. E.g. I think there is a hard-edged kind of conservativism --that would APPEAR, or be INTERPRETED to be uncompassionate to illegals, the poor and unconcerned about the environment.

We need to get out the message of what environmental remedies may do to the poor in the short run that are worse than global warming.

WE of the evangelical right do believe in "spreading the wealth" through opportunity, public education, voluntarily sharing what we have, and social gov't AND charity programs to help the truly needy, the disabled, ill and elderly. But we also believe that self-reliance is a virtue to promote in the culture rather than dependency on others to do what we can do for ourselves. Why should we reward those who've been indolent, goofed off in school, chosen drugs and promiscuity? We do need to help their children --but we ought not make it of no consequence, perpetuating irresponsibility when one elects to ruin his own life. We need a little TOUGH LOVE in the gov't --and yet, we can't let people starve or live in squalid 3rd world conditions.

The church needs to reach out to all--as the Gospel of Christ is the best force for good in a culture. It draws people into Community --weekly --and this, at its best, is a family --for people whose families may have disappointed them or died off. This family challenges us to life rightly, to love, forgive, and give.

Like the hard-right, Warren (and Coulter) would be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. But Warren is also emphasizing compassion for those with AIDS (as Bush did) and I bet he isn't a hard liner against amnesty for illegals from Mexico-- which Ann is.

I don't agree with affirmative action as forced official policy --but I understand the value of diversity in our schools, churches and our workplaces and think we should voluntarily seek to be diverse racially --and seek peace with other religious groups --not through doctrinal compromise, but through intentional peace-making while maintaining our differences in beliefs and convictions. We don't have to believe we are both on the path to Heaven in order to be kind.

I was in the doctor's office yesterday for a test and another lady and I were quite chatty and friendly on the elevator. And then I asked if her candidate won; she said, he did. And I smilingly said, "Mine did not." And then she started to look at me warily and give me the social chill. Clammed up. REAL PEACE DOES INVOLVE CARING FOR PEOPLE DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCES IN VIEWS. HEAR ME, MUDLY!? THAT'S WHY I AM WILLING TO BREAK BREAD AND DRINK COFFEE WITH DEMOCRATS. PEACE MUST NOT REQUIRE AGREEMENT, BUT TOLERANCE.

Tolerance is not APPROVAL of all things or agreement. Homosexuals want us to approve sodomy by granting marriage to those relationships. Even liberal California voted against such approval. Sodomy is against nature and gives us no children. It starts with a first thought and/or action and it SHOULD be shunned at the first thought --just like adultery, pedophilia, rape, and incest should be barred from one's brain at the first thought.

Gay marriage teaches our children that gay is ok, that they may consider it for themselves, that they may mull thoughts of sodomy around in their heads, and experiment to find out what they prefer. We have enough sexually confused and dysfunctional people without encouraging them and stimulating the mind toward immorality by official endorsement. We have a long list of pragmatic and secular reasons (in addition to religious) why sodomy is unhealthy and counter-productive to our national well-being--and not a matter of equal rights at all. AFter all, they have the same rights to marry persons of the opposite sex. There is no RIGHT to do wrong and same-sex sodomy is simply wrong --and this view is the traditional one, not new. So don't anyone say the Christians are trying to CHANGE a nation to suit themselves in their stand on sodomy. It's the homosexuals who are trying to change the nation--and succeeding.

WE MUST WORK FOR A DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE IN THE CONSTITUTION --AS OUR YOUNG PEOPLE, EVEN YOUNG EVANGELICALS, ARE STARTING TO BELIEVE THAT IT'S NOT "NICE" TO OPPOSE HOMOSEXUALITY. They are being brainwashed by TV and liberals in all our schools and online. The NEA (our teachers) actually have in their list of political goals the approval of homosexuality and women's right to choice (abortion.) There is this fear that if we disapprove the lifestyle, homosexuals will stay away from God and Church. We have disapproved adultery, and still adulterers will come into church when they really want forgiveness and a relationship with the Lord. We can't pretend to approve homosexuality to get them into a church that will teach them homosexuality is a sin. And woe to the church that doesn't teach them the truth.

To revive the GOP, we need leadership from the religious conservatives like Rick Warren. We need a clear agenda that we are FOR the environment but for people, first --that we are FOR compassionate works, including faith-based institutions getting federal monies wherever secular institutions are doing so with inferior results (prisons, schools, rehab clinics, mental health centers, and work among the poor, the ill and the homeless.)

We must promote awareness of America's Christian heritage and its positive effect on our culture, civil rights beliefs, abolition of slavery, and on our prosperity --with the protestant work ethic and the value of self-reliance, individual initiative, and freedom without licentiousness, freedom with personal responsibility.

We must demand equal monies for religious schools --like the GI Bill used to be. We need choice in education. Yes, I fear the Islamic Wahabi schools that might rise up. I would say any school receiving vouchers should promote kindness and peace --and prove that they are doing so. They don't have to water down doctrinal differences, but there should be no suggestion of paradise for suicide bombers --support for any kind of murder--or their schools can be closed. I believe in the public school for promoting diversity and peace among people of differences --BUT some of our schools have become agents of the LEFT--or just ineffectual because of dysfunctional homes in the district. So we rightly ask for our tax monies back, to be used for schools of our choice.

In conclusion, if the GOP sticks to the values of its religious, pro-life, pro-family, conservative base --the Ronald Reagan Republicans and Reagan Democrats, the party will revive. But we must shed any impression that we are hard-line against the illegals, against the poor (deserving or otherwise). We need to toot our own horns about the good done in Iraq, the accomplishments of GW Bush --instead of all this misinfo about how everything bad was his fault.

We need united campaign leadership who understands and appreciates the religious right-- who knows how to combat the negative press --who knows how to inspire people about the superior party's superior beliefs and values.

The McCain-Palin speeches seemed to stay away from our core values --to stick to lowering taxes, being mavericks, reforming, bringing change. Give me the old Ron Reagan speeches anyday--where he said things that resonated with people of faith. I noticed that was missing from all 4 candidates this year at their conventions--as they tried to appeal to the "middle" --those people without clear direction for themselves. We've been listening to our critics --as Ann Coulter said --and trying to appease them. Not a good idea at all.

Locally, we need an outstanding candidate to oppose Marcy --say, a black conservative Christian? Or just some young dynamic candidate with charisma who mounts a huge campaign and gets tons of young workers. I'll telephone!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Ann Coulter: "The Reign of Lame Falls Mainly on McCain"

"By Jove, she's got it!"

Ann Coulter always has an amusing take on the political scene. In the following article,
she tells how much like a Democrat John McCain really was. She notes that GOP leaders (and columnists like Mudly, I might add) think the only hope for the party is to be LESS conservative, more Centrist. Ann doesn't go into the religious right concerns here --except to note that McCain had publically scorned religious right ministers in the past. As you know, she wrote a book about democrats being "Godless." And there is way too much truth in that re: their social policies and general vitriol in political combat. Go here to see examples over and over again.

We knew we probably didn't have a born again evangelical in McCain. In fact, Obama said more about having accepted Christ as His personal Savior. I hope this is genuine --it gives me the audacity of hope!

She mentions that McCain was really more of a green candidate at heart, believing in global warming, and for amnesty for the Hispanic illegals, along with Senator Kennedy.

I think all GOP voters want a healthy planet --we just don't agree on the analysis of global warming and I understand the Democrats' recommended remedies could really make poor people more poor. Saving the planet in the long run --or saving people in the short run--becomes a difficult choice. I vote for the people in the short run--and let God take care of the long and eternal run.

As for amnesty for Mexicans, I, like Kennedy and McCain, can't see us busing millions of illegal grandparents to Mexico and getting any human rights awards --with whole families hanging out the bus windows looking like they are headed for Dachau. I can't imagine such a scenario working out well for the GOP --or anyone else, for that matter. My suggestion would be to really tighten the borders, send more businesses to Mexico so people have jobs there, and enforce immigration from this point on. Don't let people linger here for years and years and THEN try to move them out. Many have established themselves and are contributing here.

The Church rightly redoubles its Hispanic ministries in the States. The objections to various minority groups in the USA would be remedied by old fashioned Christian teaching and conversion to Christ. We need to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus so that the groups who tend toward poverty and crime can find liberation through education, equal opportunity, and godly living. The differences between racial groups in America is not inherent to race or nationality--but to culture and religious faith and values. There is a superior way of life --and it is rooted in the teachings of our Judeo-Christian Bible.

She criticizes Huckabee for backing McCain --and so she would criticize me, too. But I like a point made by a blogger named Kevin:

But what does Paul say? Does he recommend that we live under a hostile government or a peaceful one?

1Tim 2:1-4

I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

If we are to pray for a peaceful place to live, shouldn't we vote for it too? And we pray with hope, so maybe we should vote for a candidate who has a hope.

He wasn't speaking of Obama's "hope" here but against voting for 3rd party candidates who haven't a hope of winning--just because McCain wasn't perceived as ideologically pure enough for a Christian's vote --or the ultra-conservative vote.

Meanwhile, let us hope that Obama will be influenced in the conduct of his office by Jesus Christ, whom he calls His Savior.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


VOTE MCCAIN TO PROTECT THE PRO-LIFE GAINS OF THE LAST 35 YEARS WHICH WILL ALL BE NULLIFIED when Obama signs the Pelosi-revived FOCA, as promised by him. Obama voted to let babies die if they survive abortion. He voted this way 4 times, despite hearing testimony of gruesome infant deaths and survivors of abortion who were glad to live, damaged as they were. If FOCA passes, partial birth abortion would again be legal; BAIPA will be rescinded, parental consent laws would be nullified; there would be no sympathy for the excess frozen embryos, "snowflakes," who would be used for fetal experiments --instead of adopted and implanted in a womb, resulting in a child's life. Those "snowflakes" gathered at the White House recently --about 9 years old, some of them. One of them quoted Horton Hears a Who: "A person's a person no matter how small."

VOTE MCCAIN to prevent the takeover of public school sex ed by SEICUS and PLanned Parenthood sex philosophies --which have told kids to "have sex when you are ready--just use a condom." These groups don't believe morality is even possible for our youth --therefore they don't try hard to promote it. These groups want homosexuality promoted to young children --through books that do this. We know this from California education --and from a law Obama supported in Illinois --and various programs being sold to schools. Liberals have worked for moral relativity and values neutrality in our schools since the 60's at least --and they are working to advance acceptance of and experimentation with homosexuality among youth.

VOTE MCCAIN TO PREVENT THE CLASS WARFARE AND POSSIBLE VIOLENCE fomented by the left and Obama when they speak of the "greedy rich." Obama has the support of both the Socialists of the world and the Islamic world --and all those who are poor who think the answer is violent take-over of the have-mores by the have-lesses. He spoke in Berlin about tearing down a wall between rich nations and poor nations. (Ironically, what actually does that, is American business overseas! which he says is bad for America. So he is talking out of both sides of his mouth on that one.)


VOTE MCCAIN whose buddies were not radical change advocates, against American free enterprise and capitalism--promoting socialism and communism --and violent revolution.

VOTE MCCAIN for a strong military and the intelligence tools we need to track terrorists before they hit us again.

VOTE MCCAIN to keep our military in the middle east until those countries are strong enough to maintain the peace that we have gained for Iraq. Obama does support helping afghanistan against Taliban --but has never voted right on Iraq --not even for the surge which has accomplished much. Iraq does not want Yankee to go home --just YET! Eventually, yes.

VOTE MCCAIN for the continued right to bear arms as private citizens.

VOTE MCcAIN for conservative judges who don't make law from the bench. With Obama's ACLU-member judges, the Supreme Court will legalize gay marriage, require hiring of transvestites and homosexuals in ANY kind of job --possibly penalizing churches and religious schools who refuse. They will designate gays and transvestites, transgenders, etc. as the same as racial minorities and handicapped --which means that all institutions that would discriminate in hiring or admissions would lose their tax exemption and possibly be subject to prosecution --even just for speaking against these lifestyles. Students attending such institutions might not get federal grants, etc.

VOTE MCCAIN for free airways for broadcasting --instead of the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which would want even religious stations and talk radio, paid for by citizens and advertisements, to give equal time to opposing views. That infringes on our freedom to buy airtime only for causes we wish to support. Let the liberals support their own channels. Problem is, (sorry Don) but I don't think liberals have as much interesting to say!




ACLU judges will vote for everything that the ACLU now promotes --"under God" out of the pledge, no religious mottos for states like Ohio's "In God we Trust." No such mottos on the coins any more. No opening prayers for any publically funded/sponsored events --like school banquets, ballgames, etc. They might remove all remnants of the faith of our fathers from art in D.C. --like Stalin would have done. Try to erase all evidence of religious heritage and faith-as in Soviet Russia. In schools, some already teach Thanksgiving holiday as a feast --not a feast of thanks to God for the harvest. War memorials on public property that were put up featuring crosses will be removed. Crosses in military chapels and Bibles on a teacher's desk, Christian anything anywhere will be squelched --like nativity scenes at the court house. Our tradition of free exercise of religion even on public property will be interpreted as violation of the separation principle. Already, a court said a man can't pray "in Jesus name" at meetings where others pray the way they want to. ACLU wanted Frankenmuth to remove crosses from bridges --even though that town is all about Christmas and has a German religious heritage that they have historically maintained. They have made cities change their historically significant town seals and mottos though they were antique remnants --evidence-- of the history of their religious roots. ACLU-types of school administrators have punished little kids for religious art, prayers at lunch, religious speeches and projects --until some religious legal group would defend the child against the school. These cases never end. The ACLU is USUALLY on the wrong side of them. One state tried to deny a state scholarship which a student earned because he was going to use it at a seminary or Bible college.

In a truly free country, we should have vouchers for the education of our choice --but we will never get it with Obama judges and democrat congress as they are too tied with the NEA. Also, liberal educators want to control the education of all our youth, so they can indoctrinate them in their pro-gay, pro-socialist, pro-abortion, value-free, pro-condom sex ed --ideologies.

One example of that is the teaching about NEEDS --having kids think about what their needs are is out of a pro-socialist primer. If they have needs, should not someone provide those needs --and is that someone the state???

Right now, even with Bush as president, I can't get Anthony Wayne Schools to accept my usual free gift of IGNITE magazines (Campus Life, Youth for Christ) to their library --so anti-religion are some school administrators. In this case, the librarian doesn't want them. I had donated for years --about $50 worth of magazines --they are a bargain --and good for all kids --and finally inquired and found out that the librarian wasn't putting them out. I suspect her to be a woman of Mudrakian philosophy, sour on all things Christian. I wonder if they have Playboy? or the Sports ILLUSTRATED swimsuit edition.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Monday, November 3, 2008

BLOGGER TRUCE OFFERED --it will be rejected

Listen, Micrabused, Muckdweller and Uptheflag:

I'm willing to CALL A TRUCE --and agree to blog without any ad hominem attacks --just staying on the issues and articulating views and perceptions --seeking to understand each other and explain myself and some like me --explaining our respective beliefs and fears.

Contrary to what you said, you are NOT called "unAmerican" by me for "expressing your views" --unless you really ARE expressing unamerican views --like when you and Mudrake suggest the religious right should not be heard. MR really seems to not want them to have free speech when it comes to public policy. He can speak from his agnostic and secularist view for public policies; but I can't speak from my religious views.

Actually, all views can be said to be American except one that DENIES freedom of speech --and that is happening to Christians already and has been a battle waged by the ACLU for at least 3 decades. Most recently, a black man signed up to open the town council meetings with prayer --as the members took turns --but he was challenged by the ACLU that he could not pray "in Jesus name." A three-judge panel agreed with the ACLU --prohibiting this fellow's Constitutional right of free speech and freedom of religious expression. Now THAT is UNAMERICAN! This case is headed to the Supreme Court. NOte that prayer was not disallowed in this case, just prayer "in Jesus' name." That's discrimination!

Also, one of the military academies has a tradition of chaplain-led prayer before lunch--by chaplains of different faiths --and the ACLU is challenging that --wanting to end a tradition that lends dignity to the lunch hour. They just want our military officers to chow down without any gratitude --never mind that all the people could pray their own way or ignore the prayer by thinking pleasant thoughts instead.

I've been seeing here that people who don't support Obama are called racists. I am not a racist. I love my 10 black CLC'ers and I think they are somewhat fond of me. I don't find them a bit inferior to my 8 white students in any way. The more I get to know my black students, the more optimism I have about their futures --same as for the non-black students. They are bright and beautiful kids and seem to grow more reverent about Christ, prayer and the Bible. I'm sure you would call it racist stereotyping, but I also think my black students are pretty good singers as a group.
If I were racist I would not have the non-condescending love for them that I do have. Typically, you'll come back and say I AM condescending --but I am not. You commit libel when you say that about me.

You've not heard ME carry on about Barack's middle name. I just hope he doesn't share all the views of the anti-Capitalist, anti-free enterprise, revolution-oriented liberal friends who seem to say in their speeches and writings, "America's system and western values are bad," which men received Obama's friendship and praises through the year --as in a dinner for Khalidi attended by both Ayres and Obama --and Obama's book review for Ayers. And I understand that Farrakhan did refer to Obama as a "messiah" at some recent high holy day for black (or all) Muslims.

You will either agree with these praises of and by Obama, or say these things aren't true, but the evidences are out there.

Nothing will please me more than to find out Obama is more middle of the road, and more appreciative of america, and the traditional aspects of its civil rights and foreign policy views and more tolerant of Israel, more peace loving and less radical than HIS Chicago neighbors have shown themselves to be.

but I know he's far left on abortion and i cannot support that--his votes against BAIPA 4 times. and his promise to sign FOCA, nullifying all the pro-life gains of the past 3 decades.

About persecuting the Christians, Microdot, I DO get persecuted verbally by you and Mudly. Instead of staying on topic, you delete, call me ignorant, mentally ill,etc. Mudrake definitely gets so mad his cyber-eyeballs bulge --I fear for his health!

Yes, as the blogger Microdot alleged, we of the GOP have already begun to question Obama's legitimacy because the stories are out there --about his birth certificate being suspicious, about his illegal overseas campaign donations, about the massive ACORN fraud in voter registrations--that will take so long to unsnarl that we can't possibly figure it out before January to see if any of the voters are fraudulent. We hear of an African half- brother in poverty with whom he doesn't share his wealth (but maybe he tries to help him and we just haven't heard about it --I really don't expect him to bring a half-brother to the U.S. to live with him --or be supported by him --until Barack's a millionaire himself --or to rescue his illegal alien aunt from poverty --or to take the whole family to see Grandma ("a typical white woman" he called her) before she dies --or to stay with her more than an hour during campaign season --or to spread the campaign wealth with McCain. But he is in a glass house throwing stones when it comes to his criticisms of the rich and their alleged tax cuts --saying they should "spread the wealth," implying he is so compassion-minded and generous in his ideals.

You said that no matter what he does, we will question his legitimacy. Actually, what he does and whom he appoints to courts will be more important than anything else to my opinion of him as president.

I fear that Barack wants a NEW American economic system --a more socialistic one --because those are the views he has expressed --as in his speech to Berlin -about tearing walls down between rich nations and poor. What does he mean?? it sounds nice on the surface, but what did Marxist leaders say and promise? Marx's idea was "the dictatorship of the proletariat" --and violent overthrow has too often been the method of the atheistic left for accomplishing all this "social and economic change" to help the poor.

I'm all for helping the poor --no one did more of it than Bush, continuing the entitlement programs --and EITC and sending out the stimulus checks. Yet, he did try to get Medicare in line and made a lot of seniors pay more for meds, I believe. Something has to be done.

Any belt-tightening in the area of entitlements will be resisted by all. Our best bet to maintain entitlements is to REALLY encourage economic expansion, energy independence, incentives for companies to stay (not punishments for leaving and dissolving.) If we don't want more companies to bankrupt, we need to help industry and business thrive --and THEN give incentives to them to provide benefits for their workers. Let's get up and running first before we try to create utopia by taxation and new entitlements. It's impossible now, for the American union wage earner to compete with the world's products. I offer no solution for that problem. However, we do need ethics at every level of production --curbing excessive corporate benefits at the expense of labor --and curbing any bad attitudes (and thuggery) of union workers --like the auto workers when their products were found to be more shoddy than Japan's --at greater cost.

It IS class warfare akin to Bolshevik rhetoric to talk about "tax cuts for the rich" as something unfair and evil --when the rich are already carrying the nation tremendously on their backs and providing all the jobs.

Change such as Obama talks about sounds like revolution--of the type that denies free choice, kills incentive to get ahead, blames the rich for the needs of the poor.

We don't need a world leader who stirs up violent passions of the masses against the job-creators and the wealthy of the world. We do need to help the masses who are suffering under Hussain, Al Quaeda or Taliban, however --and those who declare death to us or their neighbors who are our allies.

That you see Obama as better than I do, that's obvious--and so be it.
We'll find out, I guess.

But my concerns about him are not as follows: I don't think he's Muslim; I don't think he's a Communist; but I do suspect he is not favorable to our capitalist, free enterprise, western systems. I think he's a BIg Brother and Big Gov't. man --and I do think he's very liberal in all ways --and very inexperienced in any practical WORK or administration.

BUT --IF HE WINS --he will have my prayers and hopes for the best --not vitriol and hatred. I just hope he doesn't give us all reason to regret electing him. I hope America doesn't let him change our liberties --or socially liberalize our culture --such that we cease to be a wholesome and good nation as described by de Toqueville who said "America is great because she is good." He correctly identified "the secret of our greatness" as our "churches, with pulpits aflame with righteousness."

Protestant Christianity in America was unique among religions --for preaching in the language of the people --for minimizing the value of ritual while maximizing the need for holiness in our lives --ever challenging us --such that, together with people in England, we outlawed slavery in the 1800's --though slavery was entrenched all over the world throughout world history as a given feature of national economies. It was just taken for granted. It was the Christian reformers who fought to abolish this evil---just as they fight today to abolish abortion and experimentation on unique, tiny people --our babies in their earliest stage of development.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Palin has been accused by liberal bloggers of saying Obama "pals around with terrorists" (plural) --and this is called an error because Ayres is only ONE terrorist, and besides, he's a "reformed terrorist" and now a "respected educator"--according to Obama and the Media.

Palin's use of the plural is actually justified with or without including Prof. Khalidi, as both Prof. and Mrs. Ayres were terrorists and are still revolutionaries in their ideology. Ayres, in this century, said he wished he had bombed more than he did as a Weatherman (terrorist group when Obama was 8.) Ayres is proud and blatantly unrepentent about his past --so we can be sure that Obama knew his current ideology is the same as it always was.

So, it is true; Obama HAS palled around with ex-terrorists, pro-terrorists, and revolutionaries. We don't hear of any other connections he has had. Farrakhan (who favored a separate black Muslim state), Ayres, Obama and the Syrian, Tony Reszco --all live in the same neighborhood and have political/ideological/financial ties. Ayres DID give Obama a fund-raiser, though Obama denied it in debate with McCain --proving he can parse his words like a Bill Clinton. Farrakhan publically, recently, praised Obama as a "messiah" on some high holy day in Islam --or his version of it. (National Review) Obama gave Ayres a glowing book review on his revolutionary book against the U.S. prison system. Rezco, a criminal who cheated Ill. gov't. , lives next door to Obama and helped Obama get a house for less than market value. And Obama reportedly praised Khalidi at a farewell dinner (and ate with him often) and Khalidi is a PLO defender/spokesperson. (PLO, my young friends, is Yassir Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization --a terrorist group that ruled in Palestine against Israel until HAMAS got control.) In fact Reszco, Khalida, and Farrakhan all have Middle-eastern roots --as does Obama with his Muslim father and Muslim step-father. Granted, he was raised by protestant white folks after some years in Islamic Indonesia with his mother, where she got divorced from Obama's Indonesian step-father.

Then there's Rev. Wright --he listened to him for 20 years without hearing any of his proven racist, "God D America" rhetoric. Obama must be one of those guys who sleeps in church, I guess.

While we may all sit on boards with people we don't agree with--and we all may have been to lunch with people we don't agree with --OBAMA has been very palsy-walsy with this high-powered trio of Middle-eastern guys who lack sympathy for Israel --who think America is deeply flawed and needs THEIR kind of REVOLUTION --whatever that is. Plus Ayres and Dohrn, who raised the son of fellow radicals who are in jail for murder --who named their own son after a Black Panther (also terrorists) who got killed in a battle that killed a policeman.

Obama wasn't named the most liberal senator in the Senate (by his voting record) for nothing.

Furthermore, Obama has favored terrorism in the womb consistently. Woman's choice pre-empts baby's life, even when that baby survives abortion. He listened to the horror stories by the nurses about babies left in hospital closets to die, and still voted 4 times against BAIPA to protect the survivors of abortion, stating that the mother's choice to have her baby dead is preeminent. He says a first priority for him will be to sign FOCA right away if elected (the proposed Freedom of Choice Act revived by liberal Pelosi) --which will nullify all state restrictions against abortion achieved during pro-life administrations--including the ban on partial birth abortions, parental consent laws, limitations on abortion funding and fetal experimentation, and more.

We are electing a radical with radical friends, a wolf in sheep's clothing. He seems to see himself AND HIS KIND OF CHANGE as a panacea; the ignorant celebrity-loving masses agree with him. Perhaps being president will humble him. I hope so, before he ruins the U.S. with crazy court judges, like the one Clinton appointed who said we should release into the U.S., 20 Chinese, Islamic-trained terrorists who trained in Afghanistan. So far the Justice Dep't has appealed and these Asian terrorists are not yet released, because it IS against US policy to do this. But some judges either don't know the law or don't care.

Releasing terrorists into the US is almost as stupid as sending them back to Afghanistan to sign up again with the Taliban resurgence there. I hope, if GITMO closes, that we at least send the prisoners to Afghan courts and prisons--which, you know, will be more inhumane than GITMO ever was. But it would be even MORE inhumane (and stupid) to release Taliban soldiers back into Afghanistan to do again that for which we put them in prison at GITMO --for being "enemy combatants." And worse yet to release them into the U.S. Which has either been proposed or accomplished in the case of some of the Taliban combatants. I'm sure I read that some have been released into the U.S.

Our courts are getting to be veritable cuckoos' nests!

And one more reason for NO'BAMA! He thinks Communism is the same as sharing--saying we would call him a communist for sharing his toys in Kindergarten. No, I would call that sharing. Communism is confiscating the wealth of others such that everyone is poor. Free enterprise and capitalism are the greatest ways to spread around the wealth --which is why the US's poor are richer than most anywhere else in the world. Gov't is to equalize opportunity as much as we can, but not results.

I'm also tired of hearing that Bush gave the biggest tax cuts to the rich. Did they really get bigger cuts? Or is it just that their cuts amounted to more money because they always pay the most taxes??? In any case, when he cut the taxes, the economy surged, and unemployment dropped. Our troubles started up again economically in great part because of the crisis of confidence about Wall Street --and that was not a GOP fiasco --and the high gas prices --caused by consumption? --and our lack of US oil sources (the Democrats' fault) and the natural disasters and 9/11 --which was followed by war and increased security and intelligence --which has kept us safe.

One might logically blame 9/11 and wars that followed on Clinton's failure to take Osama when one nation offered to hand him over to us.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible