Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GITMO Prosthetic Patient Released to Cause More Trouble

As usual, Ann Coulter wrote a zinger here --about a Taliban terrorist whom we patched up at great tax payers' expense --and released to kidnap 2 Chinese workers in Pakistan--such that all the Chinese who were building a much needed Pakistani bridge --left without finishing the project.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Barb said...

I forgot to mention that at Church last evening we had a wonderful Thanksgiving play that the children performed.

They all looked so cute in their costumes---especially the Indians. As we have no Indians in the congregation we dressed up the Af. Am. children and put a feather headband and they looked just like Indians.

Songs of God's love for America sent chills down my spine and tears down my cheeks.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Barb said...

Dear readers, the first Barb comment here was not mine.

You don't give up, do you, Limedrop? Mudly. Don't tempt me!!! This is libelous in its implications of racism at our church. I have your address, too! I suppose you want me to post it so you will be free from all liability for harrassment if I do the same thing to you that you have done to me. Then it's a blog war with two guilty parties instead of one --in case Kateb talks me into joining a civil case--which I don't intend to do. Don't push me. There is a place for justice. How important is your privacy?

We actually have Indians FROM India in our congregation --and no Afr. Americans on Sunday --just Wednesdays. We're working on that.

My children used to dress as Indians and pilgrims for a joint community service in Holland (because my aunt had given us her kids handmedowns and those were included) --but our previous pastor stopped our participation in the ministerial ass'n --he just didn't think it important I guess. Maybe felt pressed for time. Our present pastor belongs and does fellowship with the other pastors but I don't know if they still have a joint service on Thanksgiving Eve. All the choirs used to sing (also for a Good Friday service--but just protestants) --and for us musicians it seemed a bit like a competition--i.e. we all wanted to sing at least as well as the others --and it was sometimes hard to get the choir attendance. Wed. before Thanksgiving is a busy time of shopping and preparing food and homes for the families gathering the next day.

I suppose some felt as Mudrake's father --that those other "christians" weren't real christians--they might smoke and drink and live like the devil 6 days a week --as we tended to think of liberal denominations and Catholics (this IS me writing!) --so what was the value of getting together, some might wonder. (Yes, protestants had their prejudices, just like your dad did, and you do, Mudly.)

I saw value in it --a community's believers (whether nominal Christians or not) coming together in Thanksgiving to God. I thought it was good for my children and surely pleased God that we give Thanks --and lay aside differences in lifestyles and convictions to greet one another at the reception afterwards.

Barb said...

BTW --I have saved chunks of your blog and all comments here --the vile and vulgar and blasphemous and libelous, the photo of my house, the repetitions of my name and address --through the years. Just waiting for your name.

I have a fault in that I forgive so easily that I have trouble sustaining a grudge and demanding justice. But at least you and I both know now WHO YOU ARE! That would make a wise man change his behavior.

Barb said...

In fact, the New Testament tells us to make up with our adversary before he takes us to the judge. Seems applicable here.

kateb said...

Barb - contact me tomorrow. We need to file. Right away.Civilly first. We can use that info from discovery in the criminal complaint.

It's better if we file together. And you have more years than I, with the lime ad nauseum stuff.

Keep everything, I've copied all of this.

kateb said...

Leave it all up and save the page everytime you see him do it. It's an exhibit at this point in time.

He won't stop - we have no other option and of course, the lawyers can't wait - we have to sue.

Then bring criminal charges. The judicial system is very slow with criminal stalking and menacing unless there's a civil judgment. Which is a cake walk.

I'll file and cover the expenses. Start documenting IP addresses.