Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ann Coulter: "The Reign of Lame Falls Mainly on McCain"

"By Jove, she's got it!"

Ann Coulter always has an amusing take on the political scene. In the following article,
she tells how much like a Democrat John McCain really was. She notes that GOP leaders (and columnists like Mudly, I might add) think the only hope for the party is to be LESS conservative, more Centrist. Ann doesn't go into the religious right concerns here --except to note that McCain had publically scorned religious right ministers in the past. As you know, she wrote a book about democrats being "Godless." And there is way too much truth in that re: their social policies and general vitriol in political combat. Go here to see examples over and over again.

We knew we probably didn't have a born again evangelical in McCain. In fact, Obama said more about having accepted Christ as His personal Savior. I hope this is genuine --it gives me the audacity of hope!

She mentions that McCain was really more of a green candidate at heart, believing in global warming, and for amnesty for the Hispanic illegals, along with Senator Kennedy.

I think all GOP voters want a healthy planet --we just don't agree on the analysis of global warming and I understand the Democrats' recommended remedies could really make poor people more poor. Saving the planet in the long run --or saving people in the short run--becomes a difficult choice. I vote for the people in the short run--and let God take care of the long and eternal run.

As for amnesty for Mexicans, I, like Kennedy and McCain, can't see us busing millions of illegal grandparents to Mexico and getting any human rights awards --with whole families hanging out the bus windows looking like they are headed for Dachau. I can't imagine such a scenario working out well for the GOP --or anyone else, for that matter. My suggestion would be to really tighten the borders, send more businesses to Mexico so people have jobs there, and enforce immigration from this point on. Don't let people linger here for years and years and THEN try to move them out. Many have established themselves and are contributing here.

The Church rightly redoubles its Hispanic ministries in the States. The objections to various minority groups in the USA would be remedied by old fashioned Christian teaching and conversion to Christ. We need to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus so that the groups who tend toward poverty and crime can find liberation through education, equal opportunity, and godly living. The differences between racial groups in America is not inherent to race or nationality--but to culture and religious faith and values. There is a superior way of life --and it is rooted in the teachings of our Judeo-Christian Bible.

She criticizes Huckabee for backing McCain --and so she would criticize me, too. But I like a point made by a blogger named Kevin:

But what does Paul say? Does he recommend that we live under a hostile government or a peaceful one?

1Tim 2:1-4

I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

If we are to pray for a peaceful place to live, shouldn't we vote for it too? And we pray with hope, so maybe we should vote for a candidate who has a hope.

He wasn't speaking of Obama's "hope" here but against voting for 3rd party candidates who haven't a hope of winning--just because McCain wasn't perceived as ideologically pure enough for a Christian's vote --or the ultra-conservative vote.

Meanwhile, let us hope that Obama will be influenced in the conduct of his office by Jesus Christ, whom he calls His Savior.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


kateb said...

I, personally, find Ann Coulter to be such a personally obnoxious and abusive personality that I can't suffer to read what she writes.

I hardly think that Jesus would subscribe.

Jeanette said...

I agree with kateb on her feelings of Ann Coulter. She says wild things to get attention and is therefore not a good spokesperson for the conservative cause. When Fox kept putting her on before the election I thought "she's just going to ruin us more."


My vote was against Obama and not for McCain. If Palin had not been on the ticket I would have left the president box empty.

I rationalized it was the better of two evils, setting aside my belief the better of two evils is still evil. I won't make that mistake again.

The primary system has to be changed so Iowa and New Hampshire don't determine our nominee, as they are liberal republicans.

The primaries need to be set up so all candidates can compete in real republican areas and not let the northeast liberals dictate who our candidate will be. That should be the first step in the rebuilding process. How many states had no voice because the race was already decided by these two pissant states?

The next thing the party needs to do is make sure they recruit good candidates from the bottom up.

If Obama is still popular in two years then use a sacrificial lamb for president as we don't want to destroy someone with promise.

If he's not popular then go for the jugular as he did in this election. Put the best and brightest person in the position to challenge this man we know so little about.

Then again, all things happen for good to those who love Christ and are called to His purpose.

God has a plan in this. We don't understand it, but He does, and His will and government have more respect from me than any US president.

Barb said...

I have no knowledge that McCain was evil. just maybe not an evangelical Christian or in agreement with them on all things --though he was consistent about abortion voting and I don't think he ever endorsed gay marriage. Those are the good vs. evil issues. The rest is arguable, economy, taxation, environment, etc. Ann is just saying he was more democrat on issues than the mainstream REpublican --and thus had lukewarm support from many.

E.G. immigration. But I agree with him that we cannot just round the illegals up on buses and send them home. We need to stop the influx of Mexicans and deal mercifully with the ones who came here in search of a bettter life and ignored our laws to do it. Make them do some community service!

I do fear that we get the criminal mindset in immigrants here , when people violate our immigration laws from the start. No respect for the rule of law--right off the bat.

The church needs to do a lot of evangelistic work --a lot of VBS and KIDS' and youth ministries --family ministries. Plain ol' evangelism --with all people groups --as Jesus loves "red and yellow, black and white...."

IF there is irreverence for God, there will follow irreverence for His laws and then ALL laws.

It behooves us to pray that Catholic Church will be able to influence its own people, the Hispanics, so they live lives of service and honesty and make a positive contribution to the US--keeping their youth out of jail and drug traffic. If they can jsut keep their clergy morally straight.... what damage has been done by so many pedophile priests.

Barb said...

Jeanette, I see you and I upset Mudly again --without trying. He is a mysogenist --no women write on his blog. He deleted us. Tsk tsk! And you were trying to be so sincerely congratulatory about obama. And I wasn't trying to rain on his parade as I recall. Poor guy!

kateb said...

Barb you do have that effect on misogynists. :-) I didn't read what Jeanette wrote - I'd rather have my toenails pulled out than visit that site and waste my time.

But I did vote FOR McCain- one of the primary reasons is that if we get a tax increase right now it would have catastrophic results. And I think that's likely what will happen unless the administration does a good job of communicating the current economic environment to the new administration. But Carter did it and we had a recession and we survived it. God does have a plan - thanks for the reminder.

If our government does a good job of communicating and conducting themselves in the interest of the American people, we don't have to fear this new President. And that's what I am praying for.

Also for his safety. There are a lot of nuts out there (which we can see by some of the posts on your blog Barb!!)

kateb said...

As a follow up - some of those nuts have very similar names. And follow each other in sentiment and timing.

Strange don't you think? We know from psychological studies that people with such afflictions are a very small percentage of the population - so it's strange your local Christian blog would draw them in such disproportionate percentages.

Just an observation.

Barb said...

Actually, I don't get too many liberals. Don and STeve are pleasant and Candyly (Steve's wife) is less mad at me, I hope, than she used to be. Though this gay subject is a really hot button for people who think sympathy for gays means giving in to their agenda.

Most of you are some kind of evangelicals, who come here.

Microdot and Mudrake hardly ever show up; I upset them so. Their recent appearances are untypical. Microd and Mudly are not the same person --but of the same spirit. But Microdot is VERY clever and can be very amusing (months ago) when he isn't "channeling the spirit of Mudrake."

Last night, Mudrake had apparently closed his blog to me --listing only people he wanted to see his blog and of course i was not included. This morning his blog is open to the public again. This goes on all the time --"delete Barb, moderate everybody, post disclaimers on his comment page against "fundamentalists" as "irrelevant," close the blog, delete everybody--and then back to normal, an open blog"

--and it's all because I dare to disagree with him when he is talking about things that interest me and when he writes about me and people who believe as I do without speaking the truth. and when he is being hypocritical --speaking love and tolerance while blasting Bible-believing Christians as "kool-aid drinkers" etc.

He says I hate gays--no way. But he has never denied hating fundamentalists when accused.

I do feel sorry for him because I can almost see the veins standing out on his neck and forehead and his eyes bulging in his angry face --as he hates me so much and posts maniacally against me and evangelicals. I do probably need to find out who he is for my own safety. If anything happens to me, my family will know where to look first.

I hope he gets over me before he dies --as Christ says we must forgive if we want to be forgiven. I could meet him and smile geninely and greet HIM warmly as an interesting (at least) member of the blog community. But he couldn't do that. I'm not fun for him but a pain in his rump. Whereas I find his blog a challenge because someone NEEDS to rebut his skewed views. He is so ridiculous in his hatred and rage that he makes me laugh sometimes. But not because he is ever funny. He never is.