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Michelle Malkin wrote the following --see the whole article at:

Before Election Day, national media handwringers forged a wildly popular narrative: The right was, in the words of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, gripped by "insane rage." Outbreaks of incivility (some real, but mostly imagined) were proof positive of the extremist takeover of the Republican Party. The cluck-cluckers and tut-tutters shook with fear.

But when the GOP took a beating on Nov. 4, no mass protests ensued; no nationwide boycotts erupted. Conservatives took their lumps and began the peaceful post-defeat process of self-flagellation, self-analysis and self-autopsy.

In fact, in the wake of campaign 2008 there's only one angry mob gripped by "insane rage": left-wing same-sex marriage activists incensed at their defeat in California. Voters there approved Proposition 8, a traditional marriage initiative, by 52 percent to 48 percent.

Instead of introspection and self-criticism, however, the sore losers who opposed Prop. 8 responded with threats, fists and blacklists.

Now, read the rest of the article to see what these sore losers have done and threatened to do.

As I've always said, "The RIGHT is RIGHT. The Left champions Wrong." The evidence is abundant. The Right values fetal life over adult selfishness. The Right values sacrifice for the sake of others. The Right values religious faith and family and doesn't want public policy to weaken either. The Right values personal initiative and personal responsibility over gov't dependence and sloth. The Right values justice of all kinds --balanced with mercy. The Right values a wholesome culture where children don't learn about sodomy nor get taken to gay weddings by their teachers. The Right doesn't call unrestrained porn and libel rights of free speech.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

I see it for what it is, Mudrake.

I see what it will do to our children to have a nation that promotes sodomy and gay marriage as normal. I know what's coming for our free speech as Christians-- whether or not gay marriage is legalized.

I'm a grandmother verbally fighting for the preservation of the family, for a decent culture where children don't even hear about homosexuality. But it's unavoidable if people have tv's or watch the news or read secular magazines. The issue is so big -


These two social issues were the main reasons why the democrats were so hot to get back into power. You and media despise the religious right for those two issues alone --and the war is just your fringe concern to rile up all the pro-life centrists and democrats.

Peculiar --but true. You talk about economic issues some and the different party's perspectives on that --but your main concern is the social issues of the Religious Right. And you try to demonize them by saying they don't care about the poor and the war victims. Your main hatred is expressed for fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians -- and homosexuality IS your biggest issue --even more than a woman's "right to choice" --even more than the war issue.

I do think God will let us go under if we allow gay marriage by law. It's not about separation of church and state or establishment of a state religion. It's about basic morality --and it happens to be of concern to our Creator--whether you believe it or not.

Your lack of faith in God's view of our nation if we approve gay marriage --as we have condoned abortion --is irrelevant. your lack of faith has not one thing to do with TRUTH or God's consequences to the nation that permits abominable behavior in their laws.

Barb said...

FYI --a kindergarten class in CA was taken to a gay wedding --without parental knowledge or consent. Some parents had the good sense to object afterward. You don't seem to have heard about it.

steve said...

History continues to lurch forward with each generation more progressive than the last. Sometimes the pendulum swings too far to the right, or too far to the left, but progress moves forward in bursts of enlightenment. The gays are going to get their rights. There's no doubt in my mind. Because each progressive generation is more tolerant than the previous and more willing to "live and let live". Progress will overtake the islmists, progress will overtake the racists, progress will overtake the homophobes. It's inevitable like saturn ascending in the east.

When will you set free your scarlet lettermen?

mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

So, Mudrake, your OCD is treated??? Who could tell....and thus, why bother!?

Well, Steve, sin is never progress. It's always "a reproach to a nation."

Christians ushered in the freedom of the slaves in England and the US. Christians will not be ushering in gay marriage. Because there is such a difference. And it is clearly spelled out as an abomination--something God hates. It's a misuse of His creation.

You don't seem to get, Steve, that gay rights is not about the right of 2 women or 2 men to have deep abiding affection for each other--to live together to combat loneliness and share expenses. Nothing wrong with that.

This is people wanting their unnatural sexual acts and appetites to be viewed as normal. They have crossed boundaries that never should be entertained, starting in the mind.

It's women wanting to participate in mutual masturbation and whatever other substitutes for normalcy they can dream up. Is this a need? Indeed not. Is this a right? NEVER WAS AND CANNOT BE.

It's men wanting to do things that are indecent, unsanitary, potentially injurious, potentially causing anal incontinence, promiscuous, high risk for disease.

These are things that men and women should never entertain in the mind --much less do with persons of the same sex.

It's sinful and vile, unnatural and produces no children. It's a substitute for God's design and intention for our bodies.

Not all change is progress, Steve.
Is porn prevalence on the internet progress? Were the Playboy clubs and the respectable business men frequenting them "progress?" Are gay bars and all the casual "hook-ups" "progress"? Would legal prostitution and drug use really be "progress?" Are 1.6 million abortions a year, "progress?" Is female sterility due to later marriage and controlling fertility for years "progress?" Is the need to use fertility clinics "progress?"

Is it progress when children think they can date or marry either a boy or a girl--just like choosing between Coke or Pepsi?

Is it progress when youth think they should "sex-periment" to find out which kind of sex they prefer?

When girls think their lesbian acts performed for boys will make them more popular?

You think, well "marriage" is monogamous; wouldn't that be progress? Not to the gay men who are already habituated to 2 stranger sexual encounters per week on average. It won't change anyone's lifestyle. It's just a caricature of normal marriage, a mockery, a cheap imitation.

The gays I feel sorriest for are those who think they are women --who think LIKE women--who are effeminate --who lacked affirmation and close relationship with their fathers --who over- identified with mothers --and maybe were warped by them.

And the victims of molestation --those drawn into addictive orgasmic activities by other boys and men, such that being "on the down low", casual sex for recreation, is an addiction --even if they are also attracted to women.

Homosexuality is a disorder --and it will not be corrected by imitating heterosexual marriage.

We need to work to prevent it --and offer help to those who want to quit it. Our educators and culture seem Hell-bent on promoting it and making kids aware of it as a possibility for themselves.

We need to quit the false preaching that gay marriage is good and right --and an equal right. It simply is not, never was, and never will be.

It will ruin this country when gay couples as married are out and proud and prevalent and in our faces. We have the history of Sodom and Gomorrah and refuse to learn from it.

here we are, going down the tubes economically and militarily if we don't make more children --and yet we want to encourage people in their preference to be gay and marry into childless partnerships?

Your sympathy and your view of progress are based on a lie --exchanging the truth about God for a lie.

mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

Mudly, I've never met Kateb, for your info, don't know her whole or real name. I don't know Don personally either --and certainly not SS.

So what if I had OCD? What kind of human being ARE you to hammer on a person's mental problem with such disdain for it???

I only suggest you have the syndrome since you know so much about it and seem obsessed with saying i have it.

steve said...

The point I'm making is, is that regardless of how your or I feel about Gay rights... Gay rights are coming like a pink locomotive. That's why I appreciate Jesus's words when he says "Judge not, lest ye be judged". Because ultimately God will be the one to judge homosexuals, or your and my response to our fellow human beings- who just happen to be a little different from us. That's why homosexuality is a non issue with me. I don't fear them, I don't think about them, If I met one and he was a nice guy or gal I might invite him/her over for hores d'vors and a beer.

Barb said...

I'd welcome them for coke and crackers, too. I can be kind --they can't if I don't approve what they do.

We do not have to legalize gay marriage. It's not right for a few judges to do this when 30 states have voted against it --recently. There is no right to gay marriage. It's perverted --and God has already judged it so.

You don't seem to get that God has already judged this lifestyle and destroyed cities for it --and for 20 centuries homosexuality was just one of the aspects blamed for the Fall of Rome.

We are simply not to lust for people of the same sex. Any more than for another man's wife or another woman's husband--or an under-age person. We have power over our thought life and are to exercise it in the right direction --starting with our first sexual awakening. shut the door to untoward thoughts.

Gay marriage is legitimizing something that is forbidden and perverse, sinful --and just plain unnatural and wrong --and against nature. it's not about being "a little bit different." It's about doing something one ought not.

I don't fear them either --I fear God and His judgment on nations that choose debauchery and licentiousness.

however, I can imagine them getting scary --thinking force will improve public opinion of their unions. I've seen and heard their rage.

kateb said...

Barb - you said "As I've always said, "The RIGHT is RIGHT. The Left champions Wrong."

As I see it, everything can be boiled down to the theological differences in the two sides. The Christian folks, who identify primarily with the Repulican party believe that all rights come from God. And that the People own the government.

The more liberal people, who identify often with the Democratic party believe that rights come from the government to the People.

It's a fundamental difference in beliefs.

Barb said...

Yes, it is a fundamental difference.

Christians who are democrats are an enigma to me --and there are some --especially in church colleges. They vote the party of the ACLU with their anti-Christian cases, the homosexual lobby, the abortion lobby. And what excuse? the compassionate entitlement programs and gree policy --and yet GOP is not "ungreen," going to take away those entitlement programs as we are all dependent on them --and the survival of the planet. We are actually the more compassionate party in terms of our charitable giving, acc'g to Stossel. Dems (on average) want someone else to give, not themselves.

Everybody's elderly parents are counting on Social Security and Medicare. And I don't want any of them to suffer deprivation of meds or cash because of correcting these unfunded systems --unfunded in part because we don't have enough kids to support them.

Dems approve abortion--and abortion is why we can't support our elderly any more. We are supporting them on borrowed money.

Dems encourage gov't dependency to our detriment.

Rob R said...

Your continual denial of your serious OCD problem amazes me.

Actually, I don't buy it that you're amazed at all, and it doesn't amaze me that you continually post these pointless stupid comments that do absolutely nothing for anyone liberal or conservative.

Mudrake, take a look at steve's posts AND GET A CLUE AS TO WHAT A REAL RESPONSE LOOKS LIKE.

Liberal does not have to mean incapable of engaging in a real conversation that actually deals with the content of what is said and Steve actually demonstrates this.

Rob R said...

That's why I appreciate Jesus's words when he says "Judge not, lest ye be judged".

Steve, if judge not means don't teach right from wrong, Don't distinguish between right behavior and wrong behavior, then the phrase "judge not" is self defeating.

Jesus did not say "judge not" not undermine every teaching of scripture including his own.

kateb said...

Rob - it's important to know the context that such comments have:

Matt 7:2-5 "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged [if we judge with an evil heart or dark intent, His judgment of us will reflect it; if we judge nobly and honestly, His judgment of us will reflect that, too], and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you [if we use extremes or exaggerations or other unfair means, our judgment will reflect it]. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye [point out his sins, "minor" in Jesus' example here] and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye [our own sins, even and especially those we will not admit, magnified by our selective blindness]? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' [tell him of his "minor" sins] when all the time there is a plank in your own eye [that there are greater or the same sins in our own lives which we do nothing about or think we are above]? You hypocrite* [pointing out the sins of others while by pretense we think of ourselves as above sin], first take the plank out of your own eye [sincerely ask the Lord for forgiveness and learn and live the Truth and Light by His Word], and then you will see clearly [be in a righteous position] to remove the speck from your brother's eye [to judge and to help him out of his bondage to sin].

Often times the 'judge not lest ye be judged' is used to try to shame Christians for discerning poor behavior, ethics, morals, and values.

It's a poor argument at best. Taken in context that is. Taking Biblical teachings out of context is not unusual for nonbelievers who don't know the text in whole and therefore don't know the spirit and intent.

Barb said...

Yes, it is common for people to wrongly think the "judge-not teachings" mean that no one can teach what is right and wrong --that's being "judgmental."

kateb said...

That's true. It sounds like one thing but if you look at it in it's entirety - it's something completely different.

It's like telling someone that you're going to give them a lemon drop and then they get a lime drop.

Weird how that happens.

Barb said...
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Anonymous said...
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kateb said...

Well Lime Drops - I guess you've kind of confirmed things, haven't you.

Impulse control is such an underrated character item.

kateb said...

Lime drops - are you an attorney?

kateb said...
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Barb said...
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Barb said...
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Barb said...

Deletions here are mostly by impersonators of me and Kate.

I'll just delete the ones that have new november profiles linked to our names, Kate.

If you wonder if it's me posting (I think you can tell) just click on the name and it will show a November profile. that's not me. It's Mudrake. I think he's the only one with the time and the obsession to be doing this --in effort to make us sorry that we noticed Microdot's plagiarism.

The writing sounds like mudrake --he thinks he knows how Christians talk --he cuts and pastes snippets out of my real writing. But anyone who knows me and my writing would know that 1. his style and writing skills are not the same as mine and his way of phrasing religious sentiments is self-righteous and off-mark --like he is.

Barb said...

I do think, kate, that Mudrake needs an intervention by his family and friends --or the police and mental health officials --as he is getting more desperate and obsessive by the day --and he may be dangerous.

If he is dangerous and his friends like Microdot and UTF happen to know who he really is --they should be considered accomplices if he ever puts his hatred into any action beyond blogging.

Barb said...

My family would complain to Blogger, also, for not addressing this lunatic and complaints about him.

kateb said...

I wouldn't have said anything - until this disgusting conduct on his part - but Dennis identity is no state secret.

I know alot of things I don't talk about - it'd be like gossiping but in this case you're right. He's ill and needs help. I don't know if he's dangerous or not. But I think the authorities need to look at what happened here. And the history behind it.

The word menacing comes to mind. But I'm going to put a call into my legal retainer tomorrow and find out.