Friday, November 21, 2008


For those who don't remember --George Bush had been a bi-partisan success as the governor of Texas and he went to D.C. wanting to "change the tone of Washington." He reached out as Obama is doing now. Democrats would have us believe Obama is the first one to reach across party lines. I'm glad he's doing it --but if the GOP responds to him as the Democrats did to Bush, he will also fail. The difference is that the GOP really are nicer people than democrats --and they will work with him better than the democrats did with Bush. But he will get resistance on the social issues --and we will be called the divisive ones --even though we are not the party seeking radical, ungodly social change.

But the Democrats couldn't stand too much unity--because it would make Bush and his policies popular. They had to resist with all their might and call Bush the divisive one. Not true, boys and girls. Know your history. All the hate rhetoric of the last 8 years has been Democrats' ridicule, disrespect,and mockery of George Bush. The comedians did him in --as that's where the mushy middle, the masses, and the college students get their news briefs.

Bush failed at changing the tone in D.C. because the democrats just wanted to get Bush out of there. They are like Mudrake. He doesn't want to make peace or get along. I do; he doesn't. He would just as soon silence all opposition, rather than debate it. But that may be an ability problem. When you don't have good reasons for your positions, you just get mad, insult, and delete your opponents. (I can be ornery, I confess!)

The following is by Ann Coulter and it is an excellent factual reminder, easy to read, not too long --of Bush's history as a uniter, not a divider. You may be astounded at all the good he attempted with the Democrats.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...

Bush reached across the aisle to one of the most liberal senators in office, Ted Kennedy. He let him write the legislation for the NCLB act, and what did he get for it? A kick in the teeth and a lot of grief from the republican base who didn't want to be bi-partisan.

Obama doesn't have to reach across the aisle, but if he wants to be re-elected he will and will take the advice of the republicans on a lot of issues.

Bush has been the most decent man in the office since Harry Truman. Harry Truman was also low in the polls when he left office but is now considered one of our best presidents.

President Bush has dyslexia and is mocked about the way he talks. He laughs at it himself. I haven't seen Obama to be able to laugh at himself and that may be his downfall. He'll be like Nixon.

Barb said...

It is amusing to see the calls for unity and peace now that the democrats are in power --they call the GOP to do what they refused to do for 8 years --be civil.