Monday, November 24, 2008

The New Fascism --Tell us what you REALLY think, Mudrake!

Perhaps we ought to duplicate the prisoner stockades from WWII and find and transport these anti-democracy zealots to these holding pens until the FBI interrogates, fingerprints, photographs them and assign a guardian to monitor their activities.

There it is --the evidence of Mudrake's "luv" and tolerance. He's talking here about people he thinks are like me --"theocrats" in this case.

Don't tempt me, Mudly. I may post this above with your name on it--and your address. I think it would behoove you to change your style now that I know who you are. Though you have nothing to fear from Christians knowing who you are and where YOU live. We'll just show up to Christmas carol --or send you church announcements --or literature --or come to call and counsel. NOthing to fear!

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


matthew said...

Ha, Christmas caroling at his house would be fun. I'd go with you.

He's deleting all my posts on his blog, now. He never used to do that so I'll blame you for putting him in a bad mood today.

Barb said...

He is sort of a Scrooge.

kateb said...

How would such a person as this be able to influence our children as a teacher?

This is the best example of personality tests for teachers prior to their going into the classroom.

Probably only one in a million would show up with a true personality defect of this magnitude. But this guy should NEVER have access to young minds.

I hope he is retired. Is it not frightening to think of a man sharing his desire for concentration camps for those who believe in things that he didn't approve - with school children?

Barb said...

I trust he had a split personality --one for blogging and one for teaching and his real life.

I don't recall him going around looking like a sourpuss.

matthew said...

Now's he's moderating all comments. No doubt he won't accept any from me.

By my calculations, if he won't take comments from me or you, he's censoring half his readers.

kateb said...

Well sure. He's moderating comments, hopefully he's talked to an attorney.

He needs to moderate his own comments.

I didn't get alot of info from the legal guy today - this is apparently a new level of abuse on the net.

Research is ongoing. This may be an unprecedented level of abuse.

Jeanette said...

He's changed his name of his blog and is now talking science. Did he teach science?

Makes you wonder how many kids he indoctrinated with his hate, but he seems to be the kind of guy who will not confront you directly, but behind a screen name and anonymity. Too bad we all know who he is now. LOL

Barb said...

It's not too bad! you two ladies each played your role in bringing truth to light. This past weekend was terrific for Blogosphere --revelation of Microdot's plagiarism and Mudrake's identity!

Now we will exercise self-control and demonstrate that we do better with knowledge than they do.

I'm sure you join me in sincerely wishing the boys happy holidays, eternal life through repentance and faith in Christ, health and happiness all their days --and many more years of better blogging! More openness to truth and light! More of this love and tolerance they believe Obama is bringing to the USA.

(I have my own style of gleeful harrassment, don't I? Just call it teasing or razzing-- I've been smiling all weekend!)

Barb said...

Rob says mudrake said he had an undergrad degree in chemistry? --he taught math to my daughter in 6th gr.

as I've said before, his countenance would not be Mudrakian --quite the opposite --a pleasant enough chap facially, as I recall.

But what he really thinks, and the zingers of insults he gave here and on his blog! he would never want the public to know that HE has dealt in such low insults and vulgarity and blasphemy and definite menacing harrassment. Mudrake can do it --but not this man.

I think it will be a much better blog for awhile, focusing on God's wonders of science. I expect him to re-emerge under a new blog and screen name eventually.

but maybe if we all really pray for him....seriously

kateb said...

Jeanette - never underestimate the discovery process. Now there's a remarkable thing.