Friday, November 28, 2008


Due to guilty conscience and the possibility of a civil suit leading to discovery and a possible criminal suit for menancing and harrassment, Mudrake or Man with the Muckrake, Liberal Democrat of Politics in Mudville, Limedrop of Toledo Talk has at least temporarily dismantled his blog and made his profile unavailable --as predicted.

Kateb's attorneys explained that we especially have a case re: menacing when someone's clear intention is to make someone feel unsafe in her own home. That was clearly his intention when he posted my house photo, map to my home and my full name and address --while calling me a racist online (libel) and trying to stir up the feelings of others against me. It's that implied threat in "I know where you live and I'm telling all the people where a bigot/racist lives!"

Of course, I was happy to finally say I knew where he lived, too! --with a promise that he did not have anything worse to fear with me knowing HIS address than church lit, etc. --which he sorely needs. I was jesting. I have not posted his name and address though I have them. I know him --i.e. I've seen him, probably spoke to him in a parent-teacher conference, always knew who he was when he wrote his liberal diatribes to the Blade. I wrote him privately (Mudrake's blog email) and told him I had no desire to spend money on an attorney --but he keeps posting under our names --and this must stop.

I hope he doesn't let me know the address of his new blog --as he did previously by commenting on mine.

I am not good for him--I clearly drive him insane, to extreme levels of obsessive vitriol. However, even if I stay away from his dishonest, libelous, hateful blog, and he from my more honest, pleasant-natured blog, he will still have his problem --an obsessive hatred for conservative, Bible-believing Christians --mainly because of their desire to maintain the former status quo on abortion and marriage. And he will be stuck in his agnosticism.

I hope this means he has learned his lesson. Don't mess with the Christian ladies! The intentional impersonations using our screen names can ruin another's blog and blog reputation-- and Blogger should not allow it when the evidence is so clear as in this case. They know who he is and they should ban him from blogging as Toledo Talk did if he continues to impersonate other bloggers, misappropriating their screen names.

The irony is his hypocrisy --complaining about deletions --when he does it all the time. And his complaints that right-wingers are so hateful and intolerant --when that characterizes him much more than it does us. We don't try to keep him from sharing his views; it is Mudrake who can't tolerate difference of opinion. He calls us dangerous to constitutional liberties--while threatening that we should be locked up and followed by the FBI---and certainly be denied our right to free speech and freedom of religion as regards influence on public policy.

Laughable is the call by many democrats, including him, for a better attitude in D.C. --now that they are in power, they want us to be more civil, tolerant and loving than they ever were when they couldn't have their way.

Another irony --he was quoted in the blade as no longer writing Blade letters because he had been harrassed by the same fellow who harrassed Dr. Hussain, the Blade columnist. This is an exact example of St. Paul's "Judge not, lest ye be judged, for you do the very same things." He complains of a harrasser for his written views --and then does it himself. Maybe the blade would like such a story!

Hopefully, he will disappear from our scene before he gets notice of a suit. It appears that may be the case.

I'm really sorry it came to this--I would have rather had a friendly relationship --while disagreeing with him and explaining how evangelicals REALLY think--but his hatred of the Bible,Christians and the GOP interfered with honest discussion. He brought no objectivity to the table and no possibility of friendship --just his father's prejudices.

It's been a disappointing blog experience, to say the least.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


kateb said...

I hope it's over. Since what we've done is to make constructive notice that should cease and desist his activity.

All he has to do is quit at this point. If he'll be able to do so is another question.

I did look at his blog recently and I am quite surprised at the contributors that he's getting involved in this ridiculous harassment.

Barb said...

I wrote you at Facebook.

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed. We did our feast today --had a wonderful time with family and food.

Just read a Mirror article by a 4th generation ex-GM employee who has gone on --she gave concrete examples of the 5 hour work day for which the union guys got 8 hours of pay. She said they need to be forced into Chapter 11 reorganization. She told how the good guys in the union had to pay the union to defend the bad guys.

there were ridiculous rules through the union -- terrific abuses of any good work ethic.

No one can justify the skimming at the top either, but unions skimmed, too, by not doing a full day's work --by taking advantage of their companies --often being paid for work they did not do.

Jeanette said...

He's a real gem. I have a screen capture of when he published my name, address and phone number on May 21. It's the only one I have but it is proof if you need more.

kateb said...

Hang onto it Jeanette. It shouldn't go far enough that we need to start gathering more evidence - but it's all up to him at this point in time.

One of the few cheap things left around here. Filing a civil suit.

Barb said...

It's tempting to put his yearbook photo on line --no names.

Don't worry, Mudly, I'd only do that if you severely provoked me.

You be nice --and we'll be nice.

johnnypeepers said...

"Don't mess with the Christian ladies!"

My sentiments exactly Barb. Bless you for having the courage and strength to counter the hate, lies, and religious intolerance in the blogosphere. Through the efforts of you, and many other united Christian Soldiers, universal love and brotherhood will prevail.

Be sweet and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

kateb said...

{{{peering out of the foxhole to see if johnnypeepers is for real or another landmine}}}}

If you're for real Johnny - thanks for a nice comment :-)

Barb said...

Dillsnap is a mystery blogger --see his blog and you'll be confused as he seems to be.

I appreciate his nice comments --but not all his blog articles would seem to be written with Christian purpose.
He uses a lot of creative license, to say the least.

He has always been polite to me, however. And you all know how I value civility!

Barb said...

Merry Christmas to you, Johnny!

Christian Apologist said...

I must say Barb that your comments towards this one blogger are beginning to disturb me. Why do you even talk about him? As Jesus said if a people or person will not listen to the truth shake the dust from your feet and move on the the next town. Instead you are provoking this sinner and causing him to sin further and further. Do not go to his blogs. If he posts on your blog ignore and/or delete him. That is all it takes. after a while of being ignored he will go away.
Jesus commanded us to fight our enemies with love. You on the other hand are fighting your enemy with enmity. This is not the correct way to go about it.

Your friend in Christ,


Barb said...

You mean Johnnypeepers, Aaron? or the muckraker?

O, yes, this blog topic is on the muckraker.

Remember how Jesus talked to Pharisees?

I was just reading an Imprimis publication of a speech given at Hillsdale College about Iran, which said that americans tend not to believe in evil --that, internationally, we think most people are well-intended and want the same things we do. Obviously, this is an example with Muckrake. Even I tended to think he could be befriended, come to friendlier terms despite disagreements. That communication, explaining a perspective, and kindness were always winsome --just as the Democrats think about foreign relations --that if we just look eyeball to eyeball, and have talks, we will, like Bush, see the goodness in a soul of a Putin --or as the democrats think, see that all Muslims really have justification and desire for peace and that diplomacy will work.

News flash! Deception abounds --the devil is alive and well and active in God's creation --but there will come a day of reckoning.

Shaking the dust off the feet was a very offensive and rude gesture authorized by Christ toward those who wouldn't receive the disciples.It wasn't a "love your enemy" gesture. (Kateb happened to remind me of this the other day.)

Mudrake's blog is closed to me since we found out his real name and address, so I'm certainly not going there --though I could get a new email address and screen name and squeek through--because he does want readership. I won't be doing that --but watch mudly get paranoid and accuse any new conservative bloggers of being me after he lets them thru --wanting to expand his audience.

This man is really fortunate that I am a Christian, Aaron --and even then, it would be a form of righteous justice to post his yearbook photo, his name, and his address. I think that would be the end of Mudrake as we know him.
His blog image would be severely compromised and he wouldn't want me to ever find out his next blog identity --anonymity and a ferocious blog image are much prized by him. But even with a new identity, I think he is obsessed and would find his way back here. I don't think his face to face persona is ferocious at all --as is his blog persona--but the mudrake image is an outgrowth of his unbelief and Satanic deception operative in his life.

If Kateb and I go ahead with a civil suit, that will also help with the problem, I'm sure. Jeanette and I have had our addresses printed with insults of our character as racists, bigots, homophobes, theocrats, etc --justifying any nutcase who wants to do us in-and more than that, about me with libelous remarks, maps and pics of my home and church, letter to my pastor; Kateb and I have been impersonated repeatedly--the former is a form of blog harrassment and intimidation --menacing. The latter can ruin a blog, I think. How does he find the time for such futility, knowing I can delete faster and more easily than he can post? He cuts and pastes from my old comments and posts and then also creates his ridiculous, unfunny imitations of what he thinks we believe and say.

Kateb found the former out from her attorneys--that we have a case for "menacing" --making a blogger feel unsafe in her own home. Stalking by internet. No matter how many proxy servers or anonymizers he may know about, Blogger or any blog server he would use would know who and where he is and how to shut him down --but it may take a court and a fine to stop his egregiously bad blog manners.

I am currently in a "ignore him mode" as you recommended, just deleting his nonsense -- except to warn people like yourself that the blogs with gray icons or November profiles attributed to me or Kateb or Rob or Steve or any other blogger --are probably malicious or at least mischievous impersonations. Malice is more his usual style and intent than mischief, however. He doesn't really have fun with this stalking. This is not a man who knows how to have good fun. (Microdot knew how --until he started channeling the spirit of mudrake.)

My history with him is much longer than you know about --you have no idea the peace-making email I have sent him to no avail. And to Microdot --who maligned my efforts as harrassing email --but my email to him and mudrake and any in their blog community who provided email addresses was not harrassing but an attempt to get better behavior from them both --and to explain truth to their blog community--because Mudrake would delete truthful explanations from me when Mudrake maligned me publically on his blog. He couldn't delete the emails.

I was the victim of much libel by me. I was very aware of Christian witness in my approach to him over many many months. He knows in his heart that my desire has not been one of revenge and malice toward him. That's what irritates him so. Like heaping coals of fire on his head. Because he deserves to have me expose him , photo and all.

Also,I point out the hypocrisy of blogging about peace and brotherhood out of one side of his mouth--and threatening internment camps for Bible believers --"theocrats" --out the other side. He publically, in his real identity, protested a harrasser of him and Dr. Hussain in the Blade recently --when that harrasser was arrested. That should have been a wake-up call to Muckrake about the whole issue of harrassment on the internet by emails, in that case --and regular mail in Mud-rake's case received by him when he used his own name as a Blade letter writer --and about his own harrassment of others on blogs.

It's also hypocrisey to protest deletions on my blog or say,Yankee Doodle's (who doesn't put up with liberals' views very often) --while deleting madly on his own blog --not deleting for a bad attitude on my part or scorn and ridicule by me --just deleting because he doesn't want anyone to hear certain views and beliefs --or truth.

I know I'm dealing with a sick (obsessed) individual --sick with anger at God and the Catholic Church--the latter with good reason. And also sharing in his father's alleged hatred for protestants ("the religious right" in Mudly's case.)

The Catholic Church has not always been run by God --and is one of the most Satan-infiltrated of "christian" organizations. Yet, the Truth is alive in Catholicism in certain individuals and groups. But their all-male "celibate" clergy has attracted AND HARBORED many unrepentant sinners. Mudly resents his church for that and rightly so.

I know that Mudly is to be pitied, more than censured. But I have tried everything --and I have come to realize that nothing will help him with his obsession here, except the law --or the Light of God --and I truly wish for him the latter --in a Damascus Road experience. God surely knows Mudly, loves him, and wants fellowship with him --and wants to gather him into the fold of the Good Shepherd in Eternity (though the Calvinists here might disagree that we can be sure God wants to save Mudly.) But I truly hope to see him in Heaven some day --not yet. NOt wishing his physical demise. but he is sure that any God would approve sodomy (the bane of the Catholic church) and abortion (one of the Catholics' good issues is pro-life) --and therefore, he stiff-necked, will not believe. YEt.

the Bible talks about stiff-necked people --and those with hearts of stone.

I'm not going to molly-coddle Mudrake for the sake of political correctness and Christian charity and deny that he has those aspects of the stiff neck and the heart of stone toward God and His people.

also, in reference to your dust-shaking recommendation--do you recall the story of Paul being nearly stoned to death in this one city--and after his friends picked him up and dusted him off, he went right back into the same city and continued preaching!! ? And his persistence despite martyrdom produced a church. And do you remember how Paul treated the sorcerer in the book of Acts?

A Pollyanna style of Christian witness and behavior is not the only instruction we have in the Bible. sometimes we forget the Jesus who turned over the tables of the money changers. I've said that's usually for God to do --and not us --we are to turn the other cheek --but at the same time, we have example in the early church of denunciations of evil-doing and evil-doers.

Which, by the way, you felt justified in rebuking my approach here --calling it enmity. I am not initiating any enmity toward Mudrake. It already exists by his determination. He started out ripping on me --and I first went to his blog to set the record straight --but without enmity.

I've said, too, that he might disappear if I ignore him --but that will surprise me --because he does have his father's OCD toward the non-Catholic Christians who don't agree with Mudly on the social issues.

I see myself as followng the pattern of St. Paul --when I don't give up despite stoning but go back into the city --or his blog.

Barb said...

By the way, CA, no way do I cause Mudrake to sin.

Causing others to sin is said in reference to stumbling weaker brethren. Mudly is not a brother.

His sin is already within him --he was sinning directly toward me, committing libel about me on his blog, before I even heard of his blog.

Barb said...

"I was the victim of much libel by me"

was supposed to be "much libel by MR" or "him."

Christian Apologist said...

You are wrong in your recounting of Acts.

Acts 14:19-20
Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead. But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city. The next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe.


Acts 13:51-52
So they shook the dust from their feet in protest against them and went to Iconium. And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

To add to that, the fact that Paul was an Apostle set apart by God for preaching the gospel to the gentiles, and specially inspired by the Holy Spirit to write most of what we call the new testament. I think it is safe to say that there are many things that Paul did which we should be very careful in emmulating because we may not be mature enough in our Faith to pull them off without falling into sin.

Barb said...

CA --21They preached the good news in that city and won a large number of disciples. Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch,22strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. "We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God," they said.

CA, they went back to Lystra where he had been stoned nearly to death--went into the city that day --and left the next day --but then returned to the cities where their persecutors were living --Lystra plus the two other cities from whence came the angry Jews to Lystra.

So, just what is my error here?

and don't forget how he dealt with the sorcerer.

I would never take one story alone as a pattern for everything I did as a Christian. Jesus gives us the pacifistic teachings --but he also showed some anger at times. He spoke hard truth without a Pollyanna tone to many. He said he will separate sheep from goats for Eternity --granted, that's for him to do and not us. But while He told the disciples on a specific mission to shake the dust off their feet and in one place to not cast pearls before swine --He didn't give me a lot of room to judge anyone as a swine that I should stay away from them --failing to preach the truth of the Gospel of Christ wherever an opportunity arises.

On blogs, you don't know who all is reading. you don't know if some people are on the fence in their faith and have no one to help them refute Darwinist material view of life --for some people, Darwin is a stumbler to faith in the bible and Christ. you think you help people reconcile faith with Darwin. That would be good if Darwin's theory were true. I don't think it is.

As for what God needs, I agree that He does not need any particular time table --including Darwin's.

As for radiometric dating, the universe could be very very old --by the star light --but that doesn't mean we are. And I understand that radiometric dating has some limitations.

HOw do you get more complex organisms from a one celled amoeba? the idea of everything transitioning in Darwinian fashion from the one celled creature to all the myriad of life forms today--sure does take faith. I think God's style is much more like a laboratory with Him (He said, WE --in OUR image) He and His son? --designing away and creating every species --and then they each procreated after their own kind --once they were formed by the Divine Hand of God with HIs vast super computer of a Mind --such that he SPEAKS things into existance. If we can speak a command to a computer and get results --I guess He can exceed that.

Christian Apologist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barb said...

On a blog, CA, you don't know who is reading just because trolls ridicule.

As my Christian brother, you should write this sort of thing in email.

As I said to you before, turn the other cheek is not the only response used by our Biblical role models. My husband hooted when I told him you said I was making Mudrake sin.

I tease with the screen names --like Rob calling SS "excrement spreader." After all, SS chose his screen name! --but I don't begin to truly ridicule --they know it. The French blog host especially enjoyed the name games --said so.

And I didn't use the vulgar as they would. Mudrake continues to be bold, despite the threat of exposure --because he believes I will not do it --even though he does it. They do not believe in shame --or that they have shameful things in their past --if you are thinking of the French blog --or Mudrake's bad blog manners.

If they are going to lie about me, they will get truth instead.

There are times to call a spade a spade. As you have felt you are doing here to me. there is a time to denounce --as you believe you have a right to do here. Of course, i disagree with your assessment and your method.

Liberals, agnostics, atheists are very careful to almost never criticize each other, have you noticed? Like honor among thieves.

Barb said...

By the way, CA --I thought your paraphrase at Masoni's was very creative --did you come up with that yourself?

and also you and Rob had excellent posts on the thread about the atheist prayer of Masoni's

which posts by you, he, or his blog partner -I don't remember which --dismissed rudely while patting Rob on the back.

I am much more objective, kind and civil than liberals. I would not belittle your intellect ever. I never say Mudly is stupid (even if I think he's not dealing with a full deck.) If somebody gets their feathers singed by me, they will have begged for it and I hate to disappoint. There is a time for turning the other cheek and a time for truth and self-defense. Both Paul and JEsus did some self-defense in some contexts. Jesus didn't always do it, but He did not speak in a Pollyanna way to His critics --only to sinners who humbly responded to Him.

Barb said...

Here's a thought --In my wide blog travels, I was asked to leave 2 blogs --not because I was mean, or ridiculing them, or spamming with repeated irrelevant articles --but because they didn't want to hear a scriptural view --or a Christian view --or a republican view --or any anti-socialistic/communistic views (the French blog) while posting ABOUT Christians, Republicans, the USA, our history, etc. --and me personally.

One of these 2 blogs posted about me libelously before i ever knew his blog existed. Someone found me on google because he was writing about me.

So why wouldn't I be persistent in rebutting misinterpretations, misunderstandings, lies --and conversations about myself.

And it infuriated SOME --but not all.

The blog hosts had the power to delete --and that's easy --so why did they not want any challenge to their thinking --while claiming great tolerance and broad-mindedness and luv for all! except for people who think as I do. My Bible-based world view and my clarity and persistence and thoroughness in explaining it earns me loathing in a leftist blog --because those people really are NOT at ALL open -minded.

It wasn't my style, as y0u may want to believe, CA --it was my views --which are pretty mainstream evangelical thinking. And I did not have any lack of sympathy or Christian charity for these people. That wasn't their complaint --THEY DIDN'T WANT TO HEAR A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE! THEY RECOILED TO IT LIKE SATAN DOES TO THE WORD OF GOD.

Why do Christians think we will be popular among sinners if we just witness rightly? Yes, Jesus was popular with some of the down and out who knew they were down and out--but the masses went against Him.

Look at the criticisms of me from these 2 blogs (which overlap) -- you can't really find them honestly saying I was mean to them in the slightest. Just that I wouldn't go away and let their leftist ideas and misinterpretations of the religious right go unchallenged in blogs that claimed to be tolerant of all views!

If I have a person blog here with unpopular views, people can figure that out and skip over his comments if they are really bothered by them. But the only thing that really gets censored here is spam, over the line vulgarity, impersonations.

As a Christian blog, I wish all of us Christians would be nicer to each other. And save our criticisms of each other's Christianity for email or the phone.

Barb said...

BTW, CA, we missed you at choir tonight. only 2 basses and 2 tenors!

I really like you, Aaron --despite your criticism of me --and my defenses.

Keep the faith! Forgive me if I made you feel bad. As i told you, I have appreciated posts of yours at masoni's --and some here, too. I intend to get over and see your Weslyan article.

Jeanette said...


Telling the truth as through God's eyes from studying His word, is not a sin but is our command. I commend you for standing up for what is right even when I was asking you to back down on the French Blog.

They cannot claim they never heard the Gospel since you tried very hard to show it to them.

To the prostitute you told her she was sinning and to the pagans you did the same thing.

Now we wait to see if it fell on fertile ground or fallow. We can't lead someone to Christ without telling them the truth, whether or not it offends them.

Barb said...

For the sake of other readers, Jeanette, I didn't JUST preach there; I tried to be sociable and respond to insults of me with humor --with some success -- and when I did "preach," I meant to be gentle --as in posting on separate occasions from the Bible the stories of Jesus and the prostitute and the woman caught in adultery and the woman at the well --and how God's love sees beyond our sin to save us when we come to him --how we are all sinners who need to heed Christ's first sermon: "Repent --for the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh!"

They didn't believe in the Bible, God, or JEsus --for the most part --but Valerie and Stiletto and Whynot, and some others--to my knowledge, had never heard the stories.

We live in a Biblically illiterate world. It is the stories that touch the heart --if anything will--and I did try to convey my love--though any conservative political views I held were shouted down as bigotry and hate. They protested Biblical postings --but did not argue with their content. They protested any defense of my country, president, the war in Iraq, capitalism vs. socialism, concerns about national health care --things they would discuss --but they would sound like the British Parliament in booing and ridiculing any disagreement.

People on the ideological left (as defined here) seem to have to shout down, ridicule, demean and even despise those who disagree with them.

It's interesting that while I was on the receiving end of the scorn and verbal abues-- I'm not the one who gave up! They got so mad at my persistence and refusal to be bullied away, that THEY refused to continue unless I would leave. This on a blog that claimed tolerance to all views.