Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Thoughts on GOP Loss

McCain was old and familiar--Obama was young and black and a novelty --white guilt did help him win --McCain did not articulate conservative values clearly and well --GOP tried to move left in rhetoric in order to distance from Bush and advocate changes people wanted (namely in gas prices, economy, Iraq and D.C. dysfunction) saying little about other issues important to the base. They should have defended our middle east policies --and explained GOP to the mushy middle.

We of the base were excited about Palin, knowing she had the right values --but she couldn't save McCain --and the liberal branch of media crucified her with their dishonesty. I see now that the whole Africa debate thing was a hoax against her?? And I understand that the wardrobe for her to choose from was brought to their hotel? I'd choose everything they put in front of me, too, if it looked good and fit --if someone else said it was all windowdressing at campaign expense. She probably didn't even look at price tags. They were surely in a hurry all the time --and buying for 6 people or so?

Another goof --the whole "spreading the wealth" thing --the democrat base likes that phrase. and the GOP didn't make their case for what was wrong with socialism, i.e. "spreading the wealth." Socialism means "spreading the poverty" in actuality. It kills incentive and opportunity. We didn't make that case as well as we could've. We let black mamas think that Obama was going to pay for their cars, gas and mortgages. (See video at Uncommon Squalor --link on my blogroll.)

So that's why we lost --and not because a majority doesn't agree with GOP on most everything --when it's explained well. After all, we are the party of objective common sense. But when you have people getting their info from Democrats blinded by their prejudices and hate, democrats in news media and mostly from entertainers, they have no idea for what they voted. One lady telephoning for the dems was sure that Obama was against abortion. And he's the most pro-abortion legislator of all time --even voting against BAIPA (Born alive infant protection act)--it takes a real heartless person to vote against that.

I see Obama is listening to the right wing and he may get it, after all --on the economic issues. Says he may delay any tax increases. He's paying attention to history; he's listening to both sides --good for him. He wants to succeed --that's better than being blinded by any agenda and futile socialist dogma.

As for those rapacious corp. execs whom we're bailing out, I bet they are all social liberals --as they've all given money to gay pride parades, and most to the democrats.

The Democratic party has a serious integrity issue --now we hear how Bill Clinton received 700,000 for speaking fees from one of those auto companies. CEO must be a democrat to ask Bill to speak --at that price. Since when was Clinton worth that much in any job? much less one speech. That was a charity to pay him like that! Why???

Good for Congress for quizzing the CEOs about their private jets. Now, how about Pelosi's big jet? Remember how she couldn't stand to have to fuel up half-way? They had to give her a plane as big as the president's so she could fly non-stop to California. BIG gas guzzling, air polluting jets! flown by the speaker of the housse.

I think she can fly commercial first class with the common folks. Being a democrat, she should find that idea appealing.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


kateb said...

I read that the Big 3 may not fly to Washington in their corporate jets to plead their case again. What we in the business call, was a strategic error for folks with their hands out.

Obama's campaign was very well organized. Even the media is now acknowledging the bias for him during the election. It would have been hard to miss.

The other thing that aggravated me was Obama agreed to use public financing - and then McCain agreed to do the same. Then Obama backed out on that commitment which left McCain really at a disadvantage. His two choices were to renege on his promise to use public funds OR he could be outspent as he was. By more than 2 to 1.

Jeanette said...

Barb, the plain, simple truth is that McCain ran a lousy campaign from the twentieth century while Obama ran a well-oiled campaign from the twenty-first century.

Instead of conservative our primary system allowed Iowa and the northeastern states the power to nominate liberal-lite.

We need to change the primary system to allow the real base of the party to nominate the candidate. We are not a liberal country and even Obama is having to move to the center, much to the chagrin of his partisans at the left-wing blogs such as Kos and Democratic Underground. They don't like his appointments and his new policies since he now has the full information the current president has on everything.

Reality has set in and they don't like it. He had to let his CIA appointment resign from consideration due to his base raising cain.

I heard the other day that for every democrat he loses he will have to pick up two republicans. Lots of luck on that one unless he actually turns out to be more right than we thought.

Democrats have been preaching class warfare for the past twenty or more years and it finally paid off. The reason? People are tired of Bush and blame him for doing the primary responsibility of his job: protecting our country.

One day he will go down in history as one of our greats, who didn't check the polls but did what he felt led to do by God. Yes, he made his share of mistakes, but they were made with the conviction he was doing the right thing and not for getting more votes.

McCain lost my support when he let his staff dump on Palin without defending her publicly except on Leno. I don't watch Leno.

He wouldn't go after the things that mattered and heading off to Washington to help with the bailout and then leaving when it failed didn't make him look presidential.

If the economy hadn't gone south McCain probably would have won because up until that point he was ahead, but again, the better of two evils is still evil.

My support was more against Obama than for McCain.

We have a great group of people who can get us back on track. If Michael Steele gets the head of the party position that's a plus. We have Bobby Jindal, Gov. of Louisiana who is a real up and comer with a lot of common sense. We have Pawlenty and other governors who have conservative ideals and would be great. We have Palin, but with the shellacking she took from the press is she viable? Maybe so in four or eight years. Either way if it looks like another Obama win in four years I hope none of our good people run and we just offer a sacrificial lamb to protect them.

Get the right campaign consultants and have a real message and stick to it and we will win again. Watch for us to pick up some seats in Congress and possibly the Senate in two years.

Jeanette said...

Off topic, but I heard Glenn Beck on Fox yesterday or the day before. He's joining Fox the first of the year and is on a book tour right now.

He stated when he was in the Northeast he found the people to be in a panic over the declining economy, but in the South people were relaxed.

He thought about it and realized the South is the Bible Belt and people are "clinging to God" as Obama put it.

We lost about 3 and a half years worth of income from our retirement fund just in the month of October. Somehow we are not concerned.

God has richly blessed us all our lives and if we lose everything He has given us it won't matter because He will still take care of us. If he takes care of the birds in the air how much more does He care for us? to paraphrase Jesus Himself.

This is no mountain for a climber and we're climbers, thanks to Jesus and what He did on the Cross.

Jeanette said...

Barb, the Republican party bought several sizes of each outfit for Sarah because they didn't know which one would fit. The clothes have all been returned, but it was a relief to see a woman dressed in a business suit that didn't have pants with it.

She looks good in her own work clothes and could have worn them, but with all the appearances she couldn't be seen in the same outfit more than a couple of times.

The party chose the stores and the clothes. She just did as she was told even to the point of not being able to speak her mind when she wanted to. I love her!

Barb said...

One of my newsmagazines quoted that lady staffer --the top lady on the Mccain staff --as saying they told palin to pick out 3 suits for the convention. And that she just went hog-wild and bought for her family.

I've heard so many versions of that story--you wonder if deadlines incline "journalists" with a liberal bias to just quote rumors of he said she said.

No one has discussed nearly as much the expensive suits and wardrobes of others --of course mcCains have money. you know they all dressed to kill and would be expected to in this media-sensitive generation.

When it comes to Satan's media, I'm convinced they will say anything. Truth be hanged.

Barb said...
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kateb said...
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kateb said...

The kateb and barb comments above are muckrakes. You can click on the name on the comment and you'll see that he's just made these two accounts this month, in November.

I have consulted my legal retainer and this conduct is unacceptable. It's menacing by stalking and it really should stop.

matthew said...

Muckrake, who's Muckrake? I can't find anyone named that on Blogger.

kateb said...

Matthew- You know who I mean so stop playing Mr. innocent. You know very well that he has been menacing Barb's blog for a long time posting nonsense and terrible things about my friend.

I thought you were a good Christian man, Matthew, and supported other Christians.

I'll bet 'Matthew' is just one more name muckrake made up to harass us on my blog.

My attorney will hear more about this matter!!!

kateb said...
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kateb said...

Matthew - that was not my post.

As usual this was not my post. I believe that once discovery opens we will be able to get the information to identify the person who's posting in my name. I've never harmed this person. Never had an honest debate.

All that I have done to set this person off into menacing by stalking it to talk about my personal beliefs. This is America. We have a civil right to be free from harassment for our religious beliefs. This person doesn't believe that. He believes, in his misogynistic, narcissistic state that he can harass and menace any woman who has beliefs that he has 'not approved of'.

Anyone who sees this should be very concerned that a person could set about harassing, menacing and stalking another person could be set off simply by a person discussing their own beliefs, and has made himself a menace to society.

That person should seek the advice of an attorney immediately. Not joking. I've already consulted my legal council. And this guy has a problem. But only if he persisted.

And now - he has.

There are legal remedies available to me and I intend to file since he won't stop. And mark this - he could just stop now - but since he won't - I'm quite willing and able to file first a civil complaint and use that discovery in a criminal complaint.

I've just had it.

Stop now or we go.

Barb said...

Matthew --is your profile dated in October? Just wondering if that was your post about the name of mudrake/muckrake.

Barb said...

Who posted the 9:54 deleted item? which author? Kateb, do you want me to leave up the phony post of Kateb's on 7:44 AM? I can delete or leave it there --your decision.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my thoughts.

Obama ran the best campaign in decades, and McCain's tactics were outdated at the outset, and then completely out of left field come August (Palin?). Obama deserved the win based on his campaign performance. You can disagree on the issues, but he was the better candidate.


Oh, and I'd like to be added to your blog list on the sidebar.

Barb said...

Will do soon. Gotta run right now. Return the favor?

you might be interested in debating with Yankee Doodle --on my blog roll --a CA h.s. student.

I think it's always good to debate views --and stay cool! To get good at articulating --and to be well- read. Good for the brain to pursue and defend truth!