Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Have we all heard about the executive orders obama says he will sign first: rescinding a law against public funding of abortions in family planning services abroad. Why should we fund these??? in our present economic state? Why should we try to tell other nations that they should allow abortion through our family planning programs --when most of them don't believe in abortion. Talk about imposing our values on other religious groups!

And I heard he's going to rescind the off-shore drilling order of Bush's --making us perpetually vulnerable to possibility of middle east cutting off our oil --say if al quaeda takes over Saudi Arabia --this is dangerous for us to be dependent on a hostile region for our oil --when we could get our own! Sure we want to develop other sources, but Obama let us believe he would reconsider off-shore drilling--and now I understand he plans to stop it.

Thirdly, he's going to sign permission to do experimentation on "excess frozen fetuses," --on "the snowflakes" --who could be implanted and adopted. We know that adult stem cell research and umbilical cord stem cell research have yielded good results. Why do we have to tamper with tiny lives --who have all the potential to be unique human beings as they are implanted in a woman and start to grow. We don't need to kill human life for our experiments.

Bonhoeffer said you can tell the character of a society by how it treats its children. Yes indeed. And the character of a president, too.

Obama will invigorate the religious right, all the pro-lifers and traditional values folks. They became complacent with a pro-life president --and listened to the critics. never again! Actually, they were just pre-occupied, having many worthwhile things to do at job, home and church --and trusting Bush to do the best he could to resist abortion on demand and fetal experimentation.

We're going to see that he was a good president with lofty and noble goals --he saved babies. And he really saved Iraq from Sadam and AFghanistan from Taliban.

Now, watch Obama undo the good --causing many more to die by abortion and pulling out our troops.

He has also said he would close GITMO. And what is he going to do with the Taliban and others imprisoned there? Send them to jail in AFghanistan to have their heads cut off? Turn them loose in the U.S.? Send them home, free to regroup in AFghanistan?

I don't get left-wing thinking at all. No common sense! No compassion for fetuses or for people in 3rd world conditions whom we've helped so much. No sense about fuel --and what we would do if we were attacked again and didn't have enough gas to support our military because the middle east cut off our supply.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Barb said...

BTW, the order regarding stem cell research is to provide federal funding for such research. My understanding is that we had no law to protect the snowflakes from privately-funded research.

So again, why are we tax payers paying for something like this that is so controversial --when we don't have money in the gov't.???

mud_rake said...
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mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

Everybody knows I'm against abortion--and logically, I'm also against gov't taking my money to kill babies. Did you feel I was trying to mislead anyone by bringing up the money issue? Hardly! I just don't get it-- performing abortions overseas when those nations are against it overall, if they are predominantly Catholic or Muslim --that's imposing our nation's leftist values on these countries--imposing YOUR belief that women should get to abort as a form of birth control. I'm for birth control, myself, but not abortion.

When we don't have money as a gov't, when more than half of us who would be paying for it don't even believe in abortion, what is Obama thinking??? This president said he wanted to reduce unwanted pregnancy and thus "the need" for abortion --and many in his party were deceived into believing Obama was "against abortion" as a caller for the democrats told my young friend who knew better.

Do you understand me now, Mudly? Can you hear me now??

As for Iraq --like I said elsewhere, the Terminex guy just told me how deeply moved his Iraqi friend was to find that her home which was a shanty in shanty town --had been upgraded by US --and that there was a hospital in her region now --and other infrastructure services which they didn't have before. Our legacy in Iraq is more good than bad. Freedom from tyranny always costs lives. Life under Sadam was the pits --burial grounds for all dissenters. he was unimaginably cruel.

I'm willing to pay for overseas AIDS relief and overseas freedom initiatives as in Afghanistan and Iraq --but not for overseas abortions. Do you understand now, Mudly Dear?

say, good for you, finding my World magazine letter! Pretty neat, huh? I got printed in Newsweek (or Time) years ago --probably in the 70's.

In World, I was responding to an article or a letter that asserted that women who believed in ordination of women were probably on a slippery slope to approving gay rights and abortion.

I really like male-headed churches --our church elects men for the Pastor's cabinet --but allows women to serve there and elsewhere if we can find a woman who is willing --but sometimes small congregations have administrative needs that their men don't have the time or the skills or the calling for. And putting an inept man into a position that he has no time or ideas for and having him hang onto it for 30 years is a big mistake.

Barb said...

I should have said in previous comment , that putting anyone (not just men) in a position where they are uninspired and uninspiring should be avoided.

For the most part, our church has a turn-over of men and women in leadership--they serve a while and then need to turn their attentions elsewhere. Often it's burn-out or a realization that one is not doing the job as good as he/she should--and they give up positions.

i think we have such loving earnest leaders at HFM. I see very little pomposity and spiritual pride in my church these days. Mistakes have been made on occasion --but for the most part, ours is a great group of non-judgmental, kind, friendly people.

mud_rake said...
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crusader09 said...

You're right Barb in the case of privately funded embryonic stem cell research: there is no ban, only strict guidelines. (Biomedical ethics is becoming my area of interest in Philosophy, and I've studied under a founding (and current) member of the President's Council for Bioethics, and he kind of "dumbed down" all of the language for us):

As it stands, no federal money can be given to studies involving embryonic stem cells. There are also strict regulations on how embryos can be created, how long they are allowed to be kept for, etc.

I think it is likely that what President Bush has done with the President's Council on Bioethics will all be undone with Obama's administration. And I think that's a shame, they have had some big effects (both for the better and, in my opinion, for the worse) on not only stem cell research, but euthanasia and other biomedical issues.

Barb said...

Interesting! We'll hear more about that from you when you have more time.

mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

I don't recognize that verse as Jesus's, quite, Mudly. What is the reference? sounds like a paraphrase or extra-biblical source, a commentary. Nothing wrong with it --except I don't think ALL neighbors are people of "The Light." Without Christ, they walk in darkness. We are still to love them and show it.

steve said...

I think abortion is the very last thing on Obama's mind. He has an economy in shambles, a directionless war-with-out-end to solve, a growing population that can't afford the any healthcare. Abortion is the very least of his concerns.

Barb said...

Not according to the news media -they said Obama SAID he was going to do all sorts of things on day one of his presidency , like lifting the Mexico City Policy against funding family planning agencies abroad which promote and perform abortions -- by exec order. And they said he was going to rescind Bush's order for off-shore drilling.

This was this week, right after he was elected; I definitely had the impression that Obama had said, after the election, that he was going to address these issues first. It didn't sound as though it were media speculation.

mud_rake said...
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