Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter to Liberal Christian - Part 2 (who pays the income tax?)

  How do you determine the fair share of taxes?    Right now --take 100 people paying a total of $100 in income tax.  The top man pays $37.   The next 4 join him, paying $22 or 4.50 each.   That brings the total paid by the top 5 people  to  $59.   So the top 5 percent pay 59% of all the federal income tax.   Now the next 5 guys pay  $11 or over $2 a piece on average.   That means the top 10  people  (10 per cent) are paying $70 or 70 per cent of all the tax.   Now the next 15 guys pay $17 between them, an average of a little over $1 a piece --so that's 25 guys (25%)  paying $87 or 87% of all the federal income tax.   Now the next 25 guys pay $11 or an average of $.44  a piece.  And 98% of the tax has been covered by  the top 50 guys.  The bottom 50% pay $2.25 total out of the $100.  That's  4 !/2 cents a piece on average --and most of these pay nothing --and get an Earned Income Tax Credit if they work.

So I think it behooves the bottom 50% to be more grateful than resentful to the top 1%, 5% and 50% who pay ALL the federal tax for them --and live off of it.   The shame is that we spent the senior citizens S.S. instead of saving and investing it profitably --and thus we use Social security payments for various pork projects and the new obamacare.

So is it fair, that the richest 1 per cent pay 37 percent of all  the federal income tax?  All we heard  from democrats was how the top 1% weren’t paying their fair share.  Because “they didn’t build that.”  Obama goes on to explain that the GOV’T made it possible for the rich to be rich  (true for him) –but who made it possible for the gov’t to have money to do anything???  The taxpayers –NOT THE GOV’T. !    In fact, the gov’t is the entity at fault for letting their programs and people run amok.  They have failed to support waiting for marriage –as being a religious notion.  They have encouraged, via sex ed,  homosexuality.  And Obama’s adm. encourages gay marriage by not defending federal DOMA.  And they said it was just fine for homosexuals to share barracks and bathrooms with people to whom they are sexually attracted in the military.   They won’t restrain tv at all  or liberal sex ed which teaches our kids that “everybody does it” and “responsibility is a condom” and  “gay sex is fine.”  Right now, it’s the Obama adm. that has told schools to leave morals out of the sex ed program or lose funding.  (But really, who  needs funding to teach sex ed?  You need moral teachers and parents and churches to do that –and the message is FREE.)

I think Christians can debate these issues  without being insulting –but I find that the LEFT-thinkers don’t know how to do this without being insulting –making it personal.  Remember –like when you said I probably never worked, never had to do anything because I married wealth.   I think I explained to you then that I married a poor boy and never knew wealth –until after we’d been married with children a few years.   And if anyone deserves financial comfort, my husband does.  I might not, but he does. And I’m “entitled” to his living because we are a unit with separate roles –the Bible says so.   He’s the hardest working guy you’ll ever meet –and loves to give when he can.  But would he work as hard as he does if he were told he could make just as much money doing something much easier that didn’t require him to work so hard ?  Do you believe that everyone in healthcare should make the same money as the MD who took 11 to 15 years post high school of hard study and work and testing?  And still has to  study difficult stuff and be tested every 7 years or so for recertification.    In Canada, the doctor makes so much for so many hours, according to the gov’t.   And he quits after that.  Thus, the rationing and delays in services.   Here, if the dr. works his fanny off, he can do better than if he just puts in 40 hours.   You can say that doctors should do what they do just to help people –and because they love their work –but you know that people aren’t all that NICE to work for –and that it’s no fun to be threatened with lawsuits –and have people complain if your office runs late or if their illness doesn’t get better.   A doctor is a servant –and so far,  he is well paid as a compensation for the misery and difficulty  of becoming one and remaining one.  Few men want to sit with a 3 foot stack of charts and tests to survey every weekend all the way until Sunday midnight. Few want to be tested every 7 years like doctors --to maintain their ability to work.  It is great stress on my husband to prepare and take those tests.  And few want malpractice lawyers chasing them in order to make  THEIR  living by out-of-court settlements for nuisance suits that would cost more in risk and time for the doctor to fight.

There are many poor people –even on gov’t payroll –who vote Republican –for the moral principles, the religious freedom and religious moral values and the belief in free enterprise being a rising tide that floats the most boats.    The unis are teaching our kids  --and the party teaches the public -- that the Republicans are all the rich people who care nothing about the poor –who won’t help the poor.   Now, THAT’S a mis judgment.  And it was the over-arching lie of the Democratic campaign.  The 47% tape didn’t help—but  Mitt  was right about it.  He wouldn’t get the votes of those who paid no taxes –in most cases.  He actually did –because a lot of elderly (who paid into the system and may still pay taxes)  and poor DID vote for him –but the masses of people on gov’t checks  other than social security–those people weren’t going to vote for Romney –so he was challenging donors to give to him because he would work to keep taxes down, in spite of those who live   off  the labors of the taxpayers, not paying taxes themselves.  He probably was appealing to those who resent working for their incomes while others live off of their work.   It’s not right, to the extent that it has gone in this country.  We have way too many men shirking work because they don’t want to pay child support.  This is NOT an indictment of the truly poor who WANT to work and can’t find work or those who can NOT work for whatever reasons. It’s less an indictment of the single mothers than it is of the men who never married them and didn’t want to pay support so wouldn’t take a real job that could be garnished.

Some children riding on  a church bus with me  don’t read politics –but they watch tv commercials.  They insisted to me on the bus, after gloating about the Obama victory, that Mitt Romney would’ve taken away all food stamps and welfare.   I said, “No, he wouldn’t have.  He just wants more people to have good jobs so they won’t have to be on welfare and food stamps.”    They were sure I was wrong.   They saw the commercials.   The public had the mentality of 12 year olds and believed the lie that Romney wanted to kick everybody off entitlement programs.  I know a mother and son who voted for Obama because they are on entitlements and thought Romney would take them away.    They hated voting for gay marriage and abortion, but it was more important to vote for their checks –even though their checks weren’t being threatened.    I want her  son to find a good job.  I want MY son to find a good job.  It’s not going to happen with this president increasing business costs through Obamacare, I’m afraid.

But I’ll be delighted if the next four years are great –and you can then say in 2016  “I told you so!”    I do not want this president to fail.  But I do think Christians need to wake up –over the things he’s done so far –including his forcing the Catholic institutions and religious colleges to provide birth control and abortifacients –even for unmarried college students who aren’t supposed to be having sex, according to our Christian beliefs.  It’s unbelievable the way Sandra Fluke got to speak at the convention about women’s health care –meaning  Catholic Georgetown U. should provide birth control for their students.   It seems absolutely CRAZY to me that fornicating students expect their colleges’ health insurance to put them on the pill!!  WHAT ARE WE and the DEMOCRATS THINKING???     Obama also restored monies to overseas agencies to promote and provide abortions –rescinding the Mexico City policy which prevented us spending money to encourage or facilitate abortion overseas.  WE ARE BORROWING FROM CHINA TO ENCOURAGE ABORTION?  Let them do that –they are the ones who believe in it to the extreme.

Another example of an immoral culture –I saw an engagement announcement of 2 young people –which said they were living together at such and such a place –enjoying life with their dog –or something like that.  We didn’t use to announce that we were shacking up and unmarried –as though it were OK.  But that’s the change that Hollywood has wrought –and the church hasn’t prevailed against this culture-corruption being taught  by  the media –and public ed’s value-neutral sex ed.  There is no longer any shame for our immorality.  I would tell my kids that there would be NO wedding money if they moved in before the wedding. 

As a Christian, you need to ponder the fact that it is not the conservatives who are shutting down the Christian groups on college campuses –or removing them from the list of acceptable student associations; they didn’t try to forbid  manger scenes, Ten Commandment plaques,  and prayer and Christmas music to  on public school campuses and public places.   The liberals do that. The conservatives  oppose abortion generally (though most would allow in the law the choice for rape, incest, life of mother);  they define marriage the way the Bible does –by God’s creation of male and female for parenting.  They know that greed isn’t good for the rich when they are selfish—nor for the poor when they are eaten up with envy, and desire to have wealth redistributed to them without earning it as though they are entitled to the fruits of others’ labor.  These people will hit the streets in rage if inflation eats up their checks –and the checks no longer come in the mail –if  we are economically like Greece –no more money and no more borrowing power.  Then what happens?  Riots in the streets – crime as at Occupy Wall St.--like the Watts riots which you are probably too young to remember? And the looting –and the irrational, hyper-emotional, conduct of ignorant people whose schools were lousy because the barely parented entitlement kids acted like fools all their lives in the classroom  (or truant at home)–and Obama will declare martial law –and  if he IS a communist, he’ll tell me  that my house is no longer mine but the state’s. And we shall all be redistributed!    We don’t think it could happen here, but those nations where it happened in my lifetime didn’t expect what they got either.  I hope Barack is too lazy and self-indulgent to share any of his father’s dreams against the  “imperialist west” –or in favor of communism like his spiritual father, Communist poet-pornographer Frank Marshall Davis.    If we do go over the fiscal cliff with him, it will be a scary ride!   

Peace, my liberal friend.      And tell me again where my thinking isn’t right –but don’t tell me I just don’t understand the plight of the poor.  I do.  That’s why I’m there for some people.  But I also know we wouldn’t have so many poor people if more of us  did live by  Biblical standards of sexual morality –and if we could turn around our youth culture with the Gospel –before it’s too late to save this nation as the beacon of light it used to be to the world –despite its flaws.

The LEFT, is just the wrong direction.  We need to go RIGHT.   

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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