Tuesday, November 13, 2012


UPS announced today that they won't sponsor Boy Scouts of America because of their discrimination against homosexuals as members and scoutmasters.
Parents and Grandparents: Do you really think it will be ok to have the gay scoutmaster in the tent with your good looking 17 year old son? Would you have a man in a tent with the girls? 
The Boy Scouts would never bully or identify a boy as homosexual and keep him out because of his non-macho appearance, mannerisms, or interests --but only if he self-identified as homosexual.  If he identifies as homosexual, that justifies, in his mind,  his crushes on,  and pursuits of,  other boys in the organization. 
We need to regard the biological realities of libido (sex drive), orientation, opportunity, attraction and temptation. Young people can have gender identity confusion and orientation flexibility because of early sexual experiences --not to mention the potential for STD's.  
Corporate America needs to find a new cause celebre --how about Santorum's Big 3: tell the youth the truth:  If you 
Graduate h.s.
Get a job
Wait until marriage for sex and babies,
 98% of you will not be on gov't payroll and 77% of you will make an above average income. 
Now there's a good ad campaign!
Meanwhile,  write to:

Mr. D. Scott Davis,
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
1- 404-828-7123 (Eastern Time)

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Anonymous said...

"The Boy Scouts would never bully or identify a boy as homosexual and keep him out because of his non-macho appearance, mannerisms, or interests --but only if he self-identified as homosexual."

Never, never, never! HAH! I'm sure you're the expert on being a Boy Scout, BARBARA.

Barb said...

My father was a boyscout commissioner -as was a homosexual bachelor friend of his. As far as we know, that man was not a Chester, the Molester. And he was not "out" in those days. And we didn't know of any sordid sexual life on his part. Before the homosexuals wanted to have their difference legalized and championed and promoted to even kindergarteners (true of sex ed in some school districts) homosexuals were less ridiculed in the adult community, at least, and tolerated in scouts, because it would have been impolite to label them or make an issue of a difference they were not admitting to. Yet, there were often reports of molestation in the tents at the Nat'l Scout Jamboree --but I don't remember one kid in my school rumored to be or taunted as homosexual--like happens all the time in middle school today--with girls kissing each other on the mouth and self-identifying as lesbians (anything for attention) --and kids taunting each other as gay or lesbian --and gender insecure, non-macho guys being bullied and labeled. Yes, I'm sure that kind of labeling and bullying goes on today a LOT --because kids aren't being raised to be kind.

I stand by my statement that no kid would be excluded from scouts unless he self-identified as gay or put the moves on the others. Scouts is glad to help the apparently gender insecure find a niche of normal respect and treatment among normal boys --to provide the father-like mentoring they may have lacked in the many homes with single mothers.

People who disapprove homosexuality don't consider it genetic--and there is no evidence that it is.

mud_rake said...

His father and you!


Barb said...

I have no idea what your comment means. but I read your link, Mudrake.

It is tragic what this boy concluded about himself --and what his father had to conclude as a result.

It's not genetic or they could find it. There is nothing genetic about doing sodomy. Attractions to attractive people of both sexes are normal (we all are drawn to the beautiful and handsome for friendship) --craving a best friend niche with one of the same sex is absolutely normal. It's not normal to go to bed with same sex people for mutual button-pushing --for sexperimentation. Well, it may be in the realm of normal as "child sex-play" and adolescent curiosity and desire to receive sexual touch --but it is still wrong and to be avoided. Smart parents will monitor and limit overnight buddies --and the scouts rightly discourage homosexuals in the tents together with the youngsters --just as they would not put adult men in the tents with all girls.