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About the Boy Scouts & Gays in their Ranks


BLOGGER: Hey, I don't like this comment. Please remove it.

Nice job treating a group of humans as trash.

Superb example of "Christ's Love for All".

The comment to which he objected --We were asked if our kids were gay, would we reject them? My answer at the time:
Barb  (January 30, 2013): I would grieve --love them, but grieve for the mess between their ears. For our failure to affirm their gender identity and moral and spiritual commitment to Christ. I would not attend their sham "weddings" or invite them to share a bedroom with partner under my roof. I would wonder what we could've done to prevent their confusion/sin --and their first association with other homosexuals such that they wanted those activities which are so frought with promiscuity and disease.  In medical research on HIV, 2  stranger-encounters (sex) per week were reported by average homosexual during height of AIDS crisis. The males suffer prostatitis, high rate of STD's, anal fissures and incontinence --potentially, eventually. Women are giving neck and head cancers from HPV to their oral sex partners of either sex. They won't give us grandchildren by any normal means. They won't know the joy of heterosexual love and parenting as God designed it to be. If they start into this, they become addicted --and may never repent of choosing this lifestyle instead of God's plan for their bodies, they may miss out on Heaven --without repentance. A time for parental grief all the way round.

My response to BLOGGER's private message to me at the top:

Thanks for bothering to write your feelings about my posts on the scouting issue. If you looked there, you would see a lot of my rationale on this gay issue.   [e.g. I don't believe in labeling boys or adolscents as gay nor excluding them from scouts, unless they are "out of the closet"  and think it's justifiable to have crushes on or pursue the other scouts or are known to be sexually active with other boys.  I would hope scouts would help them find a niche with heterosexual boys and men, such that they were affirmed by and  identified with normal guys --even in orientation.
  I don't know if you are homosexual --most objectors to what I write are. But I certainly won't remove it because it is an obligation to warn the uninitiated --and the homosexuals --of the physical and spiritual risks of settling for homosexual relations instead of growing up into God's design plan for man and woman.

We are made in the image of God as female for male. Our bodies are complementary. homosexuals know what each other likes sexually because they have the same bodies --but God didn't want us to short-circuit our potential there. Romans 1 is very clear --start with verse 18 --it is clear that homosexual proliferation today is part of the wickedness of these times --as in other times. A worship of creature more than Creator. Exchanging the truth about God for a lie --and receiving the recompense for their error in their bodies --such that God gives them up to lusting after their own sex. It almost suggests he gives up on them. But elsewhere in the NT it tells of former homosexuals and other converted sinners as part of Christ's church so there is hope in conversion.

How do you dignify the activities which are unsanitary, injurious, promiscuous usually, and simply not what our bodies are designed for? Even gay leaders like Andrew Sullivan admit that gay partners don't expect absolute fidelity like heteros do. God Himself is a jealous God --and wants no idolatry from us. He doesn't expect marriages to hold when one is unfaithful to the other. But homosexuals know that they are orgasm-focused (by early homosexual indulgence) and weak-willed as regards either fidelity to partners --or to God.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

"If we say we have no sin, the truth is not in us."

Satan is a deceiver and the Father of Lies --his native language is lying --Jesus said.


What if someone doesn't share your religious convictions? What moral basis do you have for your argument for people who do not share your faith?

If it's not a matter of religion, it is still a matter of role modeling to future generations about the purpose and design of gender. We know kids do better with both their original father and mother --not hindered by divorce and the deprivations common for single mothers and the kids when there is no man to share the load --or to role model masculinity to the boys. Someone needs to raise the children --and give us children. There is no societal need or call to the mutual pleasuring involved in homosexual relations.

As for religion--I was just telling some youngsters last night who brought up the tragedy of Syria --and wondered how anyone could do what they have done to babies and children. I told them about Pol Pot and his bayonets on the march of refugees from Cambodia --and Communists and Stalin killing 50 million --and the 6 million Jews and 5 million others murdered by Nazis --and the girl, in 8th grade, had just learned somewhere about the chemical showers in Nazi Germany.

I said atheism and Islam fuel horrendous atrocities --and America has an atrocity of its own in legal abortion. That it is the Judeo-Christian faith and the Bible that stand tallest and strongest against the cruelty and evil in the world. Saying "Thou shalt not murder." And "love your enemy" and "forgive 70 x7." It made America the best place, the most humane and generous place in the world to live.

And the weaker we are in our religious convictions, the more immoral we are, and the more hateful and violent we become. Watch homosexuals talk to Christians online --they HATE them and want to hound them out of the discussion and get them censored.

Some people hate gays--but I think it's more often the other way around. Christians don't want their children to consider that homosexuality is harmless and good --because it is neither. It is not the best. It short-circuits their potential to be happy as spouses and parents --and grandparents.  It is not cruel to deny them the legal status of "marriage" with their adverse role modeling and involvement with youth --putting gay sex ed into our public schools and requiring us to hire them in churches and admit them to religious schools as though they were a minority like RACE --ignoring the Bible.  We aren't working to deny them  their "weddings" or their lifestyles --e.g. in the Episcopalian  or other unbiblical churches --but legal recognition by such churches and gov't will doom this nation ultimately.

The people doing the most "breeding"  (rather than parenting) these days are men not making commitments to a wife and kids --and the result is the violence of a Chicago.  It is also the black youth who are the leading recipients of HIV/AIDS today --and their women are the 2nd most afflicted as new cases.   We need a restoration of the family to role-model normalcy to youth --and a reformation of tv --and thus, culture.  No more GLEE.   TV is the main culprit in changing culture for the the worse --such that young people are shameless in their shacking up with either sex.

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