Saturday, April 13, 2013

Open Letter to Bob Ferguson, Wash. State AG --on Persecution of Florist

Dear Mr. Ferguson: (Attorney General of Washington state)

We are told that people of religious conscience on the gay marriage issue have nothing to fear from the government if gay marriage is legalized. Thanks for proving this untrue before the Supreme Court rules on the issue. I hope they take note.

There is a lot of research that shows that the children who lack a father fill our jails, do poorly in school, and follow the footsteps of their parents, unable to remain married and sustain happy homes. Three researchers found that children raised by homosexuals are 35% more likely to fail a grade.

Functional homes with both mother and father intact produce the most children able to marry and parent normally --civilizing and educating the next generation --providing an economic safety net and a mental health center and good school for life for their children and grand-children. The homes which lack fathers tend to need a lot of gov't aid --and tend to produce similar, fatherless, poverty-status homes.

What your office has done is shameful --to tell private business people that homosexuals are the same as minority races --and thus those who fail to provide services for their weddings --or housing for their unions --are in violation of the civil rights of homosexuals.

There have always been limits on our sexual proclivities: illegal prostitution; illegal obscenity as porn; age restrictions; consent restrictions (no legal rape) ; restrictions on bigamy and polygamy; and restrictions on bestiality and incest --and re: GENDER!

Everyone has the same right --to marry --and marriage is the union of a man and wife --according to historical definition and nature, our physical design as procreative people. The age and fertility status (inability to procreate) does not prevent an adult couple from being role models of the natural order. Married heterosexual people do role- model the natural order as male with female. All else is problematic for our young people influenced by adults as role models; they are impressionable and not ready to make mature decisions about intimacy and procreation. Youth who start to sex-plore their gender roles, end up vulnerable to STD's, depression, and all the downsides of serial broken relationships. Older gays tend to be lonely due to the emphasis on youth and beauty in their community. They do commit 1/3 of the molestations between adults and youth --which is way more than their percentage of the population.

Our national encouragement should be to wait for marriage before having sex. Some people still do that, you know, believe it or not. And all people have a right to heterosexual marriage --there is no discrimination against people --just against immoral sexual inclinations, lust, and choices. We need to protect our children from the lie that is "homosexual happiness." Gays aren't typically gay. They are angry because they want their anal and oral sex to be respected. They tend to hate those who disagree with them --rather than receiving hatred from the religious. The argument now is to say that straights do it, too. I haven't found in my medical practice that ANY women are succumbing to anal sex --or that oral sex is an oft-practiced event for heterosexual couples. There are some real health concerns with sodomy. According to recent study of obituaries in gay-friendly San Francisco, only 20+% of homosexuals attain old age --compared to over 70% of heterosexuals.

If the Christians are right - if Jesus Christ did rise from the dead, we should consider His definition of marriage --man leaves parents and cleaves to his wife. St. Paul called homosexuality "exchanging the truth about God for a lie, " and "worship of creature more than Creator."

Don't ask this florist to violate her conscience, be it religious or moral concerns or both --by participating in gay weddings. Which is better, to serve God or man or money? Don't make this small business pay for refusing to help solemnize sodomy.

Jonathan E. Rohrs, MD
Family Medicine
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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