Friday, January 2, 2015

The Alcorn Boy Who Wanted to be Leelah

To One of the Facebook Memorial pages: 

You have no business telling this grieving family that they have to bury their son using a girl's name --which I understand to be on the agenda of these memorial and vigil events. The consequences of the LGBT ideation, ideology, idolatry of self over God and others are sad ones. Depression comes with the decision to be what we are not --and act as we should not. Every effort should be made by parents, society, and church to prevent this sad mental dissatisfaction with one's gender identity and assignment. We should be more vigilant to protect the kids from those who want them to become sexually active early --either gender. We don't need sex educators telling them the only risks to early sex occur if you don't use condoms. There is no condom for one's self-esteem, gender self-image, or sex addiction.

We've caved to temptation and evil-doing in every way lately. Our permissive PC culture has decided that If people want to be stoned on marijuana, we should just legalize it. If thugs want to break the law, we call them "gentle giants." If presidents want to have sex with interns, we'll make them our party heroes. If people want to have experimental marriage and shack up, that's OK. If people break the law to get into our country, we'll give them benefits. If they want to cheat at the voting booth, we'll look the other way. If they want to make babies with multiple partners, we should pay for them and their children --because goodness knows, no one can afford more than one household. If people want to be the opposite gender, we should provide their mutilation surgery, sterilization of their healthy procreative bodies, and their lifetime of hormones to maintain the deception. If people want to have anal and oral sex with persons of their own gender, we should call it marriage instead of sodomy. We are probably in the last days --when evil is called good and good, evil, according to the Bible.

Former Lesbian, now Christian married to a man and happy to be so, Rosaria Butterfield, says, "We are all born that way." i.e. born with a sin nature --all temptable by many sins.

.The devil had his way with this young man--sin always brings us down. Satan wants the death of humanity. He loves abortion, LGBT thinking, depression and suicide. Sin is sin--and sin matters. His death was a tragedy --and he was not a girl --even though he wanted to be. Where did he get the idea it wasn't sufficient to be a male --or that HE made a better female? from family--or bullying peers. from culture's propaganda --or from Satan himself?

God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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