Thursday, March 17, 2016

WHY I OPPOSE KASICH FOR PRESIDENT --his cupcake instruction

The following is from a Facebook discussion on the GOP candidates:  I was saying Kasich is weak on the religious liberty issue --weak on the defense of those who are being persecuted for refusal to use their businesses for same-sex weddings.  He said they should just get along and "bake the cupcake."  (Wedding cakes, he meant --because the bakers WOULD  bake them generic cupcakes.)

LGBT's SHOULD  be treated equally --but not accommodated (or financially enabled) nor even CONDONED and HELPED in their confusion-- nor should our young be encouraged toward this disorientation and gender identity problem --which is what is happening now. More and more youth are pondering "Wonder if....?" --and then "sex-perimenting" with same gender friends -damaging their self-image-and then becoming addicted to orgasms abnormally achieved --and putting themselves at high risk for STD's.

The Bible-believing Christians (and even Muslims who agree on this one issue) do believe Gender is an assignment,  as both Moses wrote it in Genesis and Jesus said it in Matt. 19:4-6. We are created male and female --it is an assignment from God and the Bible says he literally HATES it when we seek orgasms outside hetero-marriage. He forbade it --seeing that people animalistically were seeking them any way they could get them - and promiscuously --to their everlasting detriment.

It is natural for kids to idolize and even envy same gender friends --and to long for such friendship with admired persons. This is not to be romanticized or sexualized. It is delayed development when kids arrest at the same- sex- preference- for -friendship stage. Many roads lead to this disorientation: relationships with parents, peers, seducers, molesters, and porn --role modeling by others --promotion at schools and in media and entertainment --affecting self-image and gender identity and orientation. ENOUGH ALREADY! WE NEED TO HELP OUR KIDS BE MORAL AND GET TO THE MARITAL ALTAR WITH ONE OF OPPOSITE GENDER.

Homosexual temptation and ideation are like other sins which enslave. Sex-perimentation before marriage with people who don't end up as your spouse --often leads to lifetime of singleness --and with single parenting of fatherless kids, in case of heteros. I am blessed to be growing old with my wonderful husband who has never been with anyone but me --and adores me. We are blessed by the social network and safety net my kids are for us and each other. I want this for others --and for our youth --marriage and sex as God intended it. Church and family make communities and nations strong --and ARE a boon for the economy with families (and church communities) looking out for each other and able to help the poor.

  It SHOULD be a top issue when bakers, photographers, florists, t-shirt designers, wedding chapel owners, and caterers are SUED or FINED out of business as happening right now--because they cannot do gay weddings because of the religiously based convictions about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG in God's sight. The State is denying them their first amendment right to freedom of religion. This will eventually--soon--extend to the Christian churches and colleges and schools --which already may have to ADMIT self-identified homosexuals and transgenders to their student bodies in order to compete for tax dollars for their students -- and will be sued if they TEACH the Bible on the topic and don't provide unisex bathrooms, dorm rooms, etc. In Canada the preachers can't broadcast on this topic. A Swedish pastor announced he WOULD preach against homosexuality and the nation took a fresh look at his religious rights by THEIR courts and legislatures to keep him out of jail and let him preach the Bible as written. All based on the lie that homosexuality and gender dysphoria are in-born --genetic. They are not (granted the very rare cases of extra x or y on chromosomes --who usually identify early on as male or female according to predominant characteristics of their anatomy and live successfuly, accordingly, though are sterile. They are the only ones entitled to confusion. The rest of us have an assignment with our anatomy to live as male or female --either in heterosexual monogamy or celibate. That would end ALL STD's, you know --and most poverty related to single parenting.

 These people who are being sued or fined did not refuse to do business with LGBT's --just not wedding business because they know marriage is a sacred matter and defined as union of man and woman by our Creator. the T shirt guy refused pride parade business. They recommended others they knew would do the businessfor them--but LGBT's won't be satisfied until there is no whisper of stigma against their unions as perverse -- and they intend to persecute Christians until they are quiet on the topic -- such that culture loses their sense of right and wrong about sexuality. "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people." We fear the removal of God's hand of blessing on the USA if we continue down this hedonistic, selfish path regarding sex --and it's not just the LGBT's at fault, either.
"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible

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