Friday, March 9, 2007

Christians Threaten Constitutional Rights???

Liberal Democrat of Politics in has accused the Christians of threatening Constitutional liberties. He means gay rights and abortion.

AGAIN, I tell you , it's not the conservative Christians who are trying to change the Constitution or take away any constitutional rights. It's the LIBERALS who have brought changes in the last 35 years that were not considered GOOD for mankind in all the centuries and cultures preceding--i.e. abortion and homosexual behavior/gay marriage. These are NEW rights sought or given SINCE 1973 --not seen as constitutional by any preceding generation or the constitution's framers --and the gay marriage thing is being debated now --and the majority of Americans still think both of these trends are NOT good for the country--or for the individuals wanting these things. You don't even want these issues subjected to a VOTE for the majority rule --you want to see liberal judges elected who will interpret these activites as freedoms guaranteed by the constitution--which they are NOT.

For one thing, the constitution cannot guarantee a right to something our Creator has declared to be evil. (and which secularists SHOULD be able to see as detrimental to our nation) But of course, that's your big gripe --you think the Creator either does not exist --or that the Bible is not His revelation. What if you are wrong? and you are.

The secularist sees no reason to restrict abortion or sexual behavior in any way --doesn't have a moral conviction that these things are wrong. So you blame the religious folks for narrow-mindedness --for holding out against these practices, for seeing them as evil. And that makes the Religious Right evil and dangerous in your narrow view.

When in fact, Jesus said the believers were to be the salt and light to the nations.

We are to remind you that life is precious, a great gift, and that we ought not abort it --but instead, be more chaste in our sexual behaviors so we wouldn't have unwelcome pregnancies.

We are to remind you that there is nothing healthy or procreative that people of the same sex can do together --especially the men who damage their bodies in some of their practices --who are extremely promiscuous in their behaviors --who risk death and disease for their compulsion. We are made in God's image as male and female --and our design makes that clear. We aren't to follow every inclination of our imaginations --nor to wallow in thoughts that are wrong. We are to screen out the perverse ideas --not entertain them. We are to accept and celebrate God's bio-assignment as males or females and not entertain wishful thinking that we could be the opposite sex or be with the same sex intimately. Surely we will learn that our failure to parent properly and intentionally regarding sexual orientation, is a cause of this great dysfunction.

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