Friday, March 23, 2007

George and Jesus

It was a bold statement for Bush to admit to a skeptical world when he was Governor planning to run for presidency, that Jesus was his most admired person because Christ had changed his heart --that's what he said.

I'm glad for a leader who prays and seeks wisdom from God who IS real --who has guided His followers for thousands of years.

Jesus said, "I and the father are one. If you've seen ME, you have seen the Father." He did the miracles; He rose from the grave. He converted Paul who never met him --who was CHIEF SKEPTIC --absolutely SURE like atheists that Jesus was not a divine miracle-worker but more like a snake oil salesman --until Paul had his own Damascus Road experience in Acts Ch. 9.

The story of Jesus involves too many people to be made up by so many different journalists. Jesus changed Paul, assassinator of Christians, and he changed the world! and Easter celebrates again --He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

We should be more appreciative of Bush, a good man of prayer who controls himself and his libido in the presidency --and fully concentrates on affairs of state --instead of having his own affairs for top priority. It's a shame how the democrats want to nitpick over Bush underlings who haven't always had their mouths under control. Bush may not be eloquent, but he hasn't yet been accused of malicious intent and desire to destroy the careers of Plame or the fired attorneys--whereas his predecessor did all he could to smear his accusers in the press --and did goodness knows what blackmail with his illegal access to FBI files.

Loose lips of Bush's staff (as in the Plame case)have been a problem only because democrats are desperate for anything to give them an excuse to impeach, and keep us all focused on subpoenas, firings, etc.

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