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About Sex Estabishments Opposed in Cincinnati

The existance of such places is a temptation to our young men who should, instead, be inspired in better directions. It helps to further addictions on porn or "sex addictions" --and ruins marriages for men who are especially tempted to indulge in the forbidden--it encourages prostitution and adultery and even rape and sexual abuse --as men want to satisfy the lust that is exacerbated by such places.

The prevalence of places where one can get away with doing wrong in secret --whether on line or in sex clubs --or in the back room of a video store --is harmful to the women and children who aren't benefitting from the fatherly and husbandly presence in the home, help with the kids, and the love and loyalty and faithful(healthy) sex and money from that man who should be home. When illicit sex opportunities are beckoning in many places in a community, the STD's are a greater risk, the behavior of men is demeaning to them and to the women involved --not ennobling --not encouraging to our best aspirations and ideals.

These centers are not where any good parent wants to find his son or daughter nor where any good husband or wife wants his spouse hanging out. Reputations and marriages (and family support) are ruined for people who get into sleaze like this.

I'm saying this because someone should, given the opinions posted here. There are women who consider it a ministry to women to help them get out of this shameful and dangerous exploitation of themselves for cash.

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Barb said...
LD you just don't get Christians who care about community values --who think these values are important. Pharisees thought THEY were righteous and better than others and had no compassion. That's really not the message or nature of fundamentalist Christians as a group. We know some of them/us are just as tempted to sin as the next guy--e.g. haggard. And compassion, even more than indignation, does motivate these women to care about these sex establishments. Most of them probably have husbands staying home who share their faith and values.

Jesus told the woman caught in adultery, "Go and sin no more." The center for CV is passing on that message--saying there oughtta be a law against such tempting, alluring places and materials (adult book stores) which aren't good for public decency and families, nor for the women involved in stripping and prostituting, nor for the men themselves. I suspect that even the more innocuous Playboy Club in its day -and places with the Hooters concept--would not have been allowed in some communities before 1960 --because people in charge of policy had a common sense of decency --even if they weren't all saints. Even corner bars were regulated --as they still are? --so as to not be in every neighborhood, luring folks away from homes and inclining people to the poor judgment and bad driving that come with inebriation --also encouraging escape from home responsibility.

I was proud of Maumee gov't leaders who were angry about and protested that a sex club sneaked in on corner of Dussel Drive & Holland Road --and also surprised and pleased that it went out of business quickly.

Vices should be regulated to be less beckoning to the tempted, less prevalent --and if they ARE centers of criminal behavior and STD spread in or outside their gates as I've heard they are, why not shut them down? We didn't have them in the past and don't benefit from them now. It is a fact that bathhouses in San Francisco and all prostitution helped to give us our AIDS and Herpes epidemics.

Proverbs 28: 10a: "Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit"

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[Photo] The Cincinnati-based Center for Community Values has spent well over 300 grand to push restrictions on strip clubs and vow to put a measure on the November ballot if elected officials don't act.
The last time I went to a strip club was back in 1992. I drink coffee when I'm out and driving and $7 for coffee is a bit excessive regardless of how nice the wallpaper is. But, there are folks who don't care what the cost of drinks are and, are willing to spend their cash and, regardless of what the "The Center for Community Values" has to say, it's their own personal and private business. Strippers work and pay taxes and contribute to the economy just as any other profession does and, people pay big bucks to go see them. Regulating their work hours doesent make strip clubs go away, so what exactly is these jackasses' point? The messege I'm getting is that a bunch of wives make up the membership of this organization who want their husbands home at midnite instead of hanging around in strip clubs!
My advice to the "Center for Community Values", is to mind your own damned business. There are much larger community problems worthy of your 300 grand, time and, effort to tackle that would better serve the community.
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