Thursday, March 22, 2007

LD FEATURED MY COMMENT! What a humanitarian!

Answering in your own style of rhetoric: you are full of it, LD, and it's filled up your ears and blinded your eyes. (I only say this because you posted excrement on my previous comments.) (LD is Liberal Democrat of

Thanks for posting a post of mine that would resonate with right-thinking folks. Once again, no rebuttal of ideas from you and your friends, just scorn and insult from your dark rooms. (I only say this because you said I came from a dark place without light.)

I suppose anyone who would agree with me in their comments will not be posted --not that right-thinking folks follow your blog as much as I do. Most people can't stand exercises in futility.

As for the death of Matt Sheppard, I understand that was less for hate than an intention to rob? until Matt made a sexual approach to one of them? No excuse for the killers. (Actually any murder stems from hatred and is a hate crime.)

I do not approve the fundamentalist preacher who picketed at Matt's funeral --any more than you should approve those whack jobs like Cindy S. who picket against the war at the military funerals.

However, what do you say about the two gay fellows who sodomized an 11 year old boy to his death about the same time as the Sheppard incident and got comparatively little publicity or indignation in mainstream press? People on either side of the orientation aisle can murder and do --like John Wayne Gacy, Dahmer, and most of the really prolific serial killers --who were more often gay than not --by the data. I believe the facts will show that gays are more often murdered by gays than by straights.

As for freedom of ideas, I wouldn't suppress your speech nor be as discourteous as you.

As for Microdot and the ego charge, I have no bigger ego than you guys. You wouldn't like my views (or me) any more if I demonstrated low self-esteem. You hate that I am confident in what I say. but aren't you? Maybe not --maybe that's why the rebuttal is so pitiful to non-existant -resorting to censorship.

Half a bubble off center, micro? see? that's how you see people who merely disagree with you and want to tell you so, who only email you because the forum is closed where your insults and misinfo are posted, whereas your email is not.

If only the sunni and shia confined their battles to email and verbal exchange. The danger to censorship is that there IS no verbal exchange --only hatred nad misunderstanding and false accusation --eventually erupting in violence. Don't worry --not from my side of the aisle. It's when you want to shut the other side up, rather than respectfully competing in free exchange of thoughts and ideas, that your ideological side of the aisle may become dangerous to the other.

So again, I do appreciate the privilege of being posted on your blog.

As for UPtheFlag's post about the military chaplains. I believe the freedom has been restored for Christian chaplains to preach the Bible at Christian memorial services, etc. --and to pray in Jesus' name. And for those of other faiths to pray and preach according to their beliefs. The question now is to restore the position of Chaplain Klingenschmidt who said in a prayer that this young dead Christian soldier was in Heaven today because the Bible says those who believe in the Son go to Heaven and those who do not believe in Him will perish. The CO got him court martialed --because "his feelings were hurt" by Christian scripture since he was not a believer in Christ.

I wouldn't recommend that Christian chaplains badger anyone who is suffering with the negative and the Hellfire verses. It would be better to stress the love of God, Christ's resurrection, and His offer of salvation for all who repent of sin and believe that He is the Son of God. We don't have to spell out the consequence --we KNOW that death itself is ugly and sure without hope of Heaven. The question is, can any religion authoritatively promise an escape from death? a 2nd chance at life? Only the man who came back from the grave --according to the eyewitnesses who started a major world religion on that premise --who had their lives to lose for proclaiming it --but were willing to die because they had seen a risen Jesus.

It's a shame that UPtheFlag won't hear the truth of this matter on the chaplain due to the censorship by her father --but she probably wouldn't benefit from the truth anyway since she seems to suffer congenital sensory deprivation.

Scorn and hatred for God-believers and Christians has been going on since the beginning --since Elijah's demonstration of the power of God on a firey altar after Jezebel had killed all the prophets of Israel except Elijah--since Jesus did His miracles and rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was hailed as King and thereafter crucified for what He did and said --no crimes--since Paul went to the Jews and other God-believers in Antioch and was kicked out of town at his second meeting which had drawn out the whole city like a Billy Graham crusade. He was one who had hated the Christians --until the resurrected Jesus blinded him on the Road to Damascus.

Paul said to the angry ones, "Don't you want to have eternal life???" It's the same question today. And many believe --but many do not --to their loss. (This story is found in Acts 13. Later, some of these from Antioch stoned Paul and thought they had killed him. It was at Antioch where believers established a church and were first called "christians.")

"Narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be who find it."

Nothing would please me more than to meet you all and love you all in Heaven --to hear that you eventually decided the Bible was true --and realized God loved you so much that He gave His only begotten son --that whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but have everlasting life."

Yes, I do have an agenda. And it's not for my ego. After all, who really chooses to be scorned? Not me.


clvlndmom23 said...

Looks like I'm your first comment!!! Don't get excited.

I'm not "uptheflag". He's a HE. You are quite confused.

I see no one comments here, on your blog, barb.

Thought I'd give you a look, I'm sorry I did, I won't be back. Time for my sensory deprivation treatment. What a nice, Christian woman you are.

Barb said...

Thanks for writing, really.

yes, you are right that I confused uptheflag with you momentarily. Sorry. And thanks for confirming utf is a man –I had always guessed a woman –don’t know why. Perhaps did confuse it with someone else’s profile.

As for "no comments" on my blogs --my blog IS new. My supportive readers are new to the whole blog thing and they aren’t likely to sign up to make comments –being conservative folks; some are more fearful of liberal hostility than I am and some probably aren’t interested in reading what they already know and believe –not having time for it. I’m not terribly interested in other conservative sites myself where I can just pat them on the back. I’d rather go “where angels fear to tread” except when I need good info. from fellow Christians or conservatives. I have also only in the last few days sent out my blog address to some on my email list. Here’s a comment below that I got yesterday via email. The day before I got one saying she was afraid for me –that LD and his friends sound dangerous to her.

Don of Mudville has posted on my blog, by the way –as has anonymous –a worker for jews for Jesus. These were cordial people. I suppose, however, that Don’s graciousness is limited because of his ideological position as a liberal which means he probably can’t take too much disagreement from a conserve and still be friendly, but I hope he can. That would make a good lawyer which he intends to be.

I would guess you are a Catholic school or A.W. graduate judging by things your father has posted. He seems to have acquaintance with both.

Yesterday’s email comment to me:

Barb: I have been reading some of your responses to the Liberal Democrat. I have also looked at the "politics in mudville" blogs. Do you know who this person is? Do you know if it is a man or a woman?
Also what piece of artwork is that by his or her name? This picture probably tells more about that person than anything else. At any rate I would never give this person credence on The Barb Wire-that is mention the "politicsinmudville" blog. This person is as UnAmerican as any on any website I have ever seen. I really question the true agenda at "polictisinmudville". At any rate I am proud of you!. You really tell it like it is. Someone needs to give the other side to their BS and you do a fine job of it. However, I really question he or she is really interested in dialogue as you are.

I replied that I thought the artwork may represent the mess LD sees as Toledo Politics –mudville –or he sees himself as a star in the French Revolution, a sort of Les Miserables hero for our times –waving his flag over the hordes of the dead. My son says “if that painting on his blog doesn’t say ‘hate for your enemies’, I don’t know what does.”

This emailer does have a son in Iraq and doesn’t appreciate the liberals’ sentiments on the war. He wants us to stay and achieve a goal of stability for that nation. The situation is most dangerous for his son (and u.s.) with a divided America –with lack of support for the war. Because insurgents will try to hurt our troops to scare us out of there --to get our dems all riled up as they are so predictable. THEY would give up if they thought we were united --as Reagan got USSR to give up the arms race because we showed no sign of backing down.

We admit that getting rid of Sadam did de-stabilize Iraq –to be expected when any tyrant is overthrown. It takes awhile to create a land with Rule of Law and majority rule democracy—especially with all the different factions and the foreign insurgency. So why do the dems think this must be done “overnight” before the ‘08 elections? We live in an instant society –we want push button peace or none for Iraq. That’s foolish, given the terrorists around the world. I realize that the war is the main card the dems. have to play –they fear-monger to pull-out –when they should fear the consequences of pulling out.

As for what makes a Christian woman –it is one who knows she is a forgiven sinner, who loves Jesus, who tries to love people in Jesus’ name. Even in my ornerier posts, I have not departed from that. As I have said, I can always go to lunch with a liberal forum if they could be as forgiving and kind to me as I feel toward them. This is NOT an egotistical statement of holier than thou righteousness –it’s mere truth. I CAN love an enemy and this is only because the Lord makes hatred difficult for me because of His clear teaching on the subject; He commands us to love and forgive.

I know He loves you and your dad as much as He loves me. We all stand equal at the foot of the cross, believers and unbelievers alike. I know He doesn’t want me to make it difficult for you to come to faith. I know he wouldn’t want me to stand in your way. But I really don’t think I have made your father hate the Bible-believers now any more than when I joined the forum –he has a long history of taking pot shots at the religious right (including me) before I got there. That’s not an unkind statement, mom, that’s just a factual observation.

I’m involved in verbal brickbats with you all because you all initiated it with your scornful responses that seldom addressed the issues. You do want to scare off any opposition so you can mislead people with non-fact-based warped thinking. Which is what censorship is about. When I hear any of you say things about the religious right that are not true, or when the president needs defending, you just may hear from me on my blog or by email –whatever is open to me. Because your statements NEED rebuttal for the sake of objectivity.

I know you think you are being loving to homosexuals in the stand you all take in defense of their activities –which is the main reason your father started to censor me, I believe. They are defendable as persons and loved –and I feel sorry for them –but our children are better off if they never walk through the door of homosexual experimentation “searching their sexuality” as recommended by the gay community. Read gay sites, observe the pride parades, hear what the Mass. state-sponsored sex ed seminar in Boston has been recommending for school sex educators to teach, and see if that’s really what you want for your kids –to have a mindset that is out of sync. with their bodily design, given by their Creator. To sexually experiment as kids with all sorts of activities and toys. Do you give your children no guidance to help them feel like and be male or female in a normal way? And to avoid promiscuity with all its heartache? Do you want them to feel the pain of homosexual fixation/addiction –and get involved in that life? I hope not. I hope your Catholic background will do you some good in your parenting for normalcy.

Leviticus 18

The 21 " 'Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed [a] to Molech, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.

22 " 'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.

23 " 'Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.

24 " 'Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled. 25 Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants. 26 But you must keep my decrees and my laws. The native-born and the aliens living among you must not do any of these detestable things, 27 for all these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled. 28 And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

One of the pagan Baal-worshipping fertility rites involved fathers going into daughters and withdrawing to spill their semen on the ground –to ensure a good harvest. Temples were frequented where the temple priestesses were prostitutes. Many primitive groups sacrificed maidens to the gods in hopes of good weather. So the Creator “vomited them out of the land” and got ahold of Abraham, and tried once more to show the world how to live –and Who He was –and did it through the Jewish people and their Messiah. And the world hated them and Him –as the liberals hate Bible-believers to this very day –as Muslims hate the Jews and Christians today –(and they hate liberals, too, I dare say.)

Go to Katrina damage and see if it doesn’t look like land defiled starting with New Orleans with all its voodoo and sexual debauchery parades–or California’s fires and mudslides –or earthquake areas –tsunami damage –and now the pollinating bees are disappearing at alarming rate from Ohio and could mean crop shortages.

We just may find out that the bread basket of the world will become a land defiled –if we don’t stop this tampering with our Creator’s commands.

Yes, we’ve always had weather damage –and recovered. Perhaps because God’s Church got on its knees and interceded for the people. BUT Christians have also pursued knowledge and used education and common sense to improve our lot –putting feet to their faith and prayers.

I don’t take on these issues or participate in such discussion for my ego as Patrick and your father allege; I don’t do it because I CAN; I do it because somebody should. Every Christian does need a sense of calling –because we are called to take a stand for righteousness and the Word of God –and the risen Savior.

Happy Easter! It is about something wonderful for all who repent and believe in the God of the Bible and His son –who IS the Jesus of Christmas and Easter—the only one who has conquered the grave, being dead 3 days and rising on the 3rd. This is the BEST NEWS the world has ever heard. But we can’t have the Heaven without the repentance –and we don’t know to repent when we start to call evil, good, and good, evil. We are like airplanes going 180 degrees in the wrong direction. We won’t get to the right destination.