Thursday, March 8, 2007

Why I believe in God

I don't pretend to know the rules of debate, logic and reasoning --I just think I AM logical, reasoning and able to debate --though not in a formal sense.

I can't prove God. But He can prove HImself to you.

I can't look at the stars --or the human body --or any living thing --or any dead thing by contrast --and not conclude that somebody is out there --and He is a God of life, order and beauty --and love --because He, this Designer/Creator --or Design Team, if you prefer --designed my eyes to see color and they gave me a whole rainbow of colors to see in flowers, sky and grass --and they gave us beautiful scents to smell in flowers,fresh cut grass, the ocean breezes --and ears that hear --and we have music with all its mathematical properties --and language --and we find so much enjoyment in it all --and the human spirit soars on the joy of Creation observed, felt, experienced.

And there is the baby --so pure, beautiful, clean and new, with all this hopeful potential parents feel in him --and love like they've never felt before.

No accidents produce such wondrous things. An intelligence MUST be behind it all --and it is reasonable to me that this intelligence could reveal itself to mankind as the God of Abraham did.

I believe those stories --about the contest between Elijah's God and the Baal Worshippers. They danced around their altar calling on Baal for hours --but the sacrifice would not ignite. Elijah called on HIS God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob --and fire appeared on the altar and consumed everything on it and licked up the water in the trench which Elijah had dug and filled with water just so Elijah's God could demonstrate His power. To me, that's a true story.

I think all the Bible stories have the ring of truth --of history --I believe the stories of Jesus are true --and He tells us a lot about the Heavenly Father, HIS Father --and how we can become children of God as the Jews were --chosen as they were --by simply believing in Christ as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of God --to atone for the sins of the world.

That story is only 20 centuries old and passed from generation to generation. I think they got it right --they wrote it down in the first century and passed it down through the ages --along with the scriptures by the Jewish patriarchs and prophets before.

I think it's logical to conclude the disciples had to see the risen Jesus in order to be willing to die for their message of Christ, crucified, risen and coming again --as He promised.

Interesting to me that the Muslims believe Jesus will return; the Jews believe the Messiah will come; and the Christians believe Jesus is coming back.

In the meantime, we should all seek and find, to be ready for OUR last day on earth --before His return.

I had a beautiful trusting faith as a child --God was very close to me, in my mind --after I went to an altar with my father when I was 5 to ask Jesus into my heart. And I felt so wonderful afterwards --like God was close and real to me. I doubted at 16 --and a young college man told me about fact faith and feeling --that feeling was most unstable and would pull faith down--but the Word of God was FACT --and would reach over and pick up floundering faith --which would pick up feeling. Nevertheless, I doubted --until my college classes in New Testament --where I became convinced intellectually --we read John Stott, C.S. Lewis -and were fortified in our belief in Christ. but it was when I was a church camp counselor asking God to give me a sense of His reality and closeness so I might be effective with the kids--that He ZAPPED me --as with the Holy spirit in such a way that my personality was different --joyful, loving, confident in whom I believed --and the fellowship I felt as a child with the Father was restored. I have described this experience to you before --as a washing over me --a flooding of my being --with God's presence, his reality and love for me.

I believe God wants to give everyone this presence of the Holy Spirit --if we seek, we will find.
If we don't want it, we are the losers. but if we hunger and thirst for righteousness --for justification with God --we shall be filled. It's a biblical promise.

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