Sunday, March 25, 2007

War Mythology

Myths --

that we just went to Iraq for their oil.

that we just went there because Sadam threatened to kill Bush's father.

that the pres. lied when he said we were going because they had WMD (everybody thought they did! They gave us no reason to think otherwise by their behaviors re: inspections --and toward the Kurds earlier.)

Personally, I don't mind if we go to war to keep the middle east oil available to us, because I'm not sure how we could defend ourselves in the short run against terrorism without the oil. Our lives would be very different if we suddenly had only our own oil sources, I bet. We had better be rectifying our dependence on foreign oil.

Doesn't the Constitution of the U.S. say the primary responsibility of fed. gov't is national security? Opening the Middle East to the West is part of that strategy.

I'll bet they are being opened up to Christianity and the Bible also --and Christians can thank Geo. Bush for that. Christianity is the light of western civilization --the difference between the bararian hoardes and the civilized folks.

Any body who thinks we don't have a long road ahead of us re; the middle east--IS believing in mythology.

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Barb said...

Ps to my own comments --I realize that some middle-eastern Muslims are very civilized --know some personally. Some of them can out-shine the average American in civilized values.