Friday, March 9, 2007

the Culture War Rages ON

As you know, slavery was eliminated in the U.S. at the initiative of the GOP and many Christians --and it was the Christian Wilberforce who got it outlawed in England first.

Granted, the Democrats did more to promote the Civil Rights Act --and some Christians were active in that also --but that was before legalized abortion, wasn't it?--I'm talking about changes in the last 35 years if you'll notice what I wrote. That's not one of the changes I'm complaining about that liberals want to make now --and made since 1973.

Re: civil rights act, I wouldn't have supported segregated restaurants, buses, restrooms, etc. --such as the south had. However, history was not well served by riots and looting as public demonstrations of protest. Peaceful demonstrations were fine --until the pro-life people did it. Then the liberals hollered about access to the clinics. It was OK if it was the civil rights folks restricting access. But people trying to save babies were outlaws and hauled off to jail.

I also didn't like integration by busing -and that has never been enforced much, has it? I'd favor integration by vouchers and parental choice --for attending the religious schools (or any other) that do so well in educating their students.

As for the Unions, don't blame me for their demise; I had nothing to do with that. However, my parents didn't like union thuggery, forced strikes, brutality to those who would cross the picket line, vandalism to their cars, and protection of ineptitude and excessive absenteeism of some union workers. I remember when a union leader keyscratched the school sup't.'s car. I also didn't like how unions would get built-in raises in their contracts PLUS the increase from union negotiations --and then turn right around and start working on the next increase. The whole process was too adversarial --nasty. That's not to say, however, that I agree with the inflated multi-million dollar benefits of administrations of various companies as they lay off workers.

Also, I agreed when the GOP said it wasn't right to take compulsory union dues and give it to candidates who were not the workers' choice. I knew workers who resented that.

So, LD, if it isn't gay rights and abortion rights you think are constitutional and threatened --(you complain that I bring these up) --and Microdot says I accuse you all of promoting those two issues --so if that's not the case, what ARE the rights you are worried about losing if we have social conservatives as a majority in this country --or in office --or on the bench? Don't say we OWE the liberals support because of some good thing they supported in the past. Really, what ARE you worried about --if not that we will go back to the previous standards of our culture regarding abortion and gay rights --if not that we might restore the right to pray in schools where the parents want it? Or have vouchers for ALL educational choices?

The Constitution does not explicitly prohibit a lot of things that the majority of people have ruled unlawful in this country. That doesn't mean that such laws made by majority rule are inevitably unconstitutional. Like restrictions on abortion and gay marriage.

I know the ones you are worried about are those 2 because they are the main hot button differences between the two parties --although the Republicans have also been more trusted with national defense in recent history --because of the left's ACLU edge, always protecting the criminal's rights and the suspect's privacy --often tying the hands of law enforcement and intelligence operations --opposing any racial, ethnic profiling, e.g. --when we know, e.g., it is Muslim young men who are most likely to be terrorists.

That "we" I use which microdot refers to, refers to the people that LD maligns along with me. The Bible believers --WE. Jesus gave us some assignments --to be salt and light and stand up for biblical principles.

Well, microdot, we agree on something --we BOTH want honest judges who will interpret cases by the Constitution. To me that means they will not make new law against the majority will of the people --like the legalization of abortion by striking down existing laws that have been on the books for years and written into the culture for centuries.

I KNOW from what you all post here that you are afraid that religious belief will influence legislation as it did prior to 73 --yet it is ALWAYS a BELIEF system --be it secular or religious --that influences how people vote.

We are in a cultural civil war.

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