Monday, March 26, 2007

REiteration --America IS Behaving Badly About This War

People are being short-sighted, lacking wisdom, if they think they are protecting the troops by calling them home.

Terrorists will especially target our boys and girls in uniform, knowing Americans have no stomach for it --and knowing that's what makes our democrats want to pull them home. Remember the leader of the Viet Cong--he said they were just hanging on by a thread --but knew if they could just hang on a little longer, the Americans would quit, judging by the success of the anti-war movement in our country. Americans would and did win the war for the Viet Cong by giving up. We wasted the lives of our war dead by not winning!

It is our ability to identify with troops and their parents, our Judeo-Christian compassion and empathy for the families of the fallen soldiers --and for war-torn nations-- that makes us want to end all wars --a righteous desire --but these troops went into the military knowing there was a risk, knowing that freedom for any nation would not be free. Unlike the drafted soldiers of the Viet Nam conflict, these troops have had surprisingly great attitudes despite their injuries and fallen comrades, wanting to get back to their units as soon as their wounds heal.

I'd want my kid out of there, also --but I'd prefer that America looked like such a united and formidable foe that the terrorists would lay low in Iraq --go home --and that the Iraqi insurgents who stepped up the terror to MAKE us cut and run --would see it was futile.

Instead, the Pelosis of Congress are making our troops more vulnerable than they already are --and more vulnerable than necessary. The cross hairs are on our boys JUST because THAT's what makes us want to pull them home.


steve said...

Barb, you point out exactly why I want to support our troops... by getting them the heck out of Iraq.

Barb said...

Welcome, Steve.

But then what, Steve? after we get our troops out? You can't ignore the growing threats by enemies who dealt us a vicious and successful blow on 9/11. These enemies share the same religion --which historically has NOT been a peaceful one--jihad DOES mean "kill the infidel." more than it means "internal struggle." they always did convert by the sword. The Saudi textbooks that refer to Christians and jews as monkeys and pigs --have been found all over the world, even here. Saudis were supposed to reform the books --and instead, just moved the offending passages around in books published this century. The D.C. islamic school's valedictorian was arrested for a plot to assassinate Bush --their school had Saudi books --their fundamentalist-styled schools are dangerous to ALL of us.

But many of them do not feel as the fundamentalists(who are, however, a majority of the Muslims all over the world --look at Darfur's troubles) --Many DO want peace --and 70 per cent of Iraqis saw us as the liberator and want us to help them get to the polls again and establish democracy --but it can't happen over night.

Their biggest squabbles in Iraqi parliament had to do with religious law --and the differences between Sunni and Shia re: women, etc. Think how long we stayed as a military presence in Europe and Japan after WWII.

Time magazine just reported a poll that said 70% of Iraqis don't want us to leave them, fearing their own blood bath from within, Iran, terrorists and anti-freedom folks seeking control. They showed pictures this week of our military efforts in one city where they have rounded up several insurgents and are working to ensure domestic tranquility and safety with curfews and restricting movement in the city in order to find the bad guys. 70% of the Iraqis know we are not the enemy in their daily lives. The enemy comes from within.

We should have never expected 4 years would be enough after decades under Sadam --given the arabic nations' designs on each other -- Bush promised it would be a protracted effort --and would take patience. But liberals who want to get elected in 08 --have no patience. They use this war as their excuse to get in office --Pelosi, the uniter --Ha!

If she wanted to unite, she needs to say, "let's succeed."

There is a new book with excerpt in Time also --about America's defeatist attitude that has hurt our image in the world. We are our own worst enemy --led by the Left. Too much media with talking heads who don't know anything. The book, however, is about our strengths and how we need to act on those and stop being so partisan.

I tell you the partisan issue really is the left's disdain, and the moderate's disrespect --for our traditional, religioun-based heritage and values --the influence of the Bible in western culture, most exemplified in our nation . the importance of the Bible for western culture was featured in Time article a week ago.

You can't beat that old "golden rule.' At the same time we are willing to love enemies, we can't ignore their human rights abuses --and when they bring them our way we have an excuse to go abroad to meet them on their own turf--when they cultivate hatred for us just because we are the "haves" of the world.

Liberals used to say to ignore the rest of the world --because who were WE to say our ways were better --our culture better --THAT was before 9/11. AT least now some liberals recognize that poverty of the rest of the world ought not be ignored. Capitalist investment in other lands is one way we have raised the comfort level and tolerance for us in areas like India, So. Korea, Japan, and China. So. Korea has thrived with a huge conversion to Christianity --such that THEY are sending out missionaries.

What do want to hear, "The Christians are coming!" or "the terrorists are here." Even if you were a Muslim, you'd want to hear it was the Christians, I'd think with their efforts to be humane.