Sunday, March 11, 2007

My tolerance for liberal democrats

For the record, LD, I think I love you more than you do me!

I could meet you and be very sociable and pleasant --I don't hate you. Have we met under different circumstances? I ask since you know me, at least by name, but I don't know you.

do you think your feeling and that of your daughter and some of these others toward me reaches the level of hatred? or just scorn and disrespect?

We don't agree --and half the country doesn't agree with the other half --but we had better be able to have civil discourse, lest your side rolls out the canons! My side won't do that --just over disagreement.

I think you all should back off the vitriol and ask yourself why it is that I am able to push your buttons and get all this reaction?

I'll answer the question--it's because there IS a culture war -- we don't agree about good and evil--and you think I am advocating evil --and I think you are. But I'm not the changer --My side of this debate is trying to put the brakes on the social change and erosion of Christian values in our culture that we've been seeing since '73--which started at least in the 60's.

whether you believe in Christ or not -- His teachings on the Golden Rule and forgiveness and love for the enemy and the downtrodden are still bedrock for western civ. but so are the Ten Commandments given to Moses --and the Bible's views on morality.

I think that we have a lot to lose if we exclude our faith in deciding matters of importance in the law and for social policy.

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