Thursday, March 8, 2007

On faux republicans and Christians --neo Cons

Barb said...
LD said: "What a nasty mixture: faux-Republican and faux-Christian all rolled into one. The neocon christian: a terrible freak of intellectual evolution." "... this person is eye-for-eye, eternal damnation, and letter-of-the-law. There is no room for love."

Seems a pretty harsh judgment, don't you think?

I'm thinking you don't know the Bible too well if you think your "neo con fundamentalist" poster "mostly forms the rationale of her posts from the Old Testament."

On the contrary, the big Romans passage was from the NEw Testament --as was the story she posted about Paul's conversion --and everything she says about how people can have a 2nd chance at immortality through repentance and faith in Jesus. She does refer you to the OT for Isaiah 53 to see the prophecy about the suffering servant who would be "wounded for our transgressions."

The nasty edge LD claims to detect in HER posts isn't anything compared to LD's edge--and it's only because you, LD, do not agree with the Bible-believing Christians about the Bible's validity in defining sin. They believe it is God's Word, clearly telling us what God considers sinful so we might repent and turn away from such sins. You do not agree. You like the love teaching of Jesus --and that's all I've heard you say good about the Bible --however, love is not the manifestation of your personality seen on this blog. I'm sure you love your friends and family --but as Jesus said, even the Heathen do that much. he would challenge you farther --to love those with whom you disagree --and consider persuading them to your view point --for what purpose? so they might attain Heaven? so they might have peace with God? Just what IS your purpose??? in tearing down Bible-believers and the Bible at every opportunity?

as for Jesus, He, too was dogmatic --very --and He said He will be punitive when he separates believers (sheep) from unbelievers (goats.) He will be the judge, according to the Book of Revelations and HIs own words in the Gospels. He tells us there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun.

But He also offers the absolutely FREE GIFT of salvation for life eternal in a better place--FREE in that you don't have to be perfect & righteous to get it. He is the perfect and righteous one and His sacrifice on the cross atones for your sins --so you may go to Heaven simply by owning your sinfulness and your need of a Savior --so that when your family gathers at your graveside, the minister can comfort with those words of Christ, "I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be also." (NT by the way.)

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