Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Time Magazine Says TEACH THE BIBLE!

I was thrilled to read the cover article in this week's Time magazine. The Religion editor said all educated people need to know the Bible, that it is, in fact, the most influential book behind Western culture. He recommends it be taught in public schools --which is legal. He admitted there are challenges in trying to teach without either proselytizing --or seeming to sanction protestant Christianity over other faiths. I'm not sure why he thought The Book favored protestants --although much of Catholic tradition does go beyond the protestant version. Perhaps he was referring to a text book on the subject that favored a protestant view of scripture. I also think there is a possibiity that unbelieving teachers will teach their unbelief and skepticism in such a study.

Nevertheless, I have been saying for years that every educated person should know and appreciate The Golden Rule --and know and appreciate Jesus for having stated it. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Likewise with the Ten Commandments and Moses. Likewise with SO MANY of the persons, parables, historical accounts (or stories) --in the Book. Educated people should know the Christmas and Easter stories --instead of looking dumb on Leno's JayWalk. They should know and appreciate the Love chapter written for Christians in Corinth and attributed to St. Paul. "If I have not love, I am a noisy gong...." And the 23rd Psalm, "The Lord is my shepherd..." --and if I were teaching, I admit, I could not resist pointing out after David's 23rd Psalm, that Jesus said, "I am the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep." John 10:11.

The author suggested that even Genesis 1 and 2 should be taught so people would know what it is that "creationists" are purportedly defending in the science wars.
Actually, today's creationists focus a lot on the fact that the theory of Darwinian evolution just doesn't make sense in light of today's knowledge of DNA.

We have so much to lose if we continue to bury The Book to favor every other ism, ology and religion --as in California where students spend more time studying Yoga and Islam than Judeo-Christianity.

Today's secular humanists, post modern folks, are biting the hand that fed the noblest ideas of western civilization, in their hostitility toward The Book, Christianity and Christians, in general.

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