Thursday, March 22, 2007

General Pace, Stick to Your Guns!

General Pace spoke for millions worldwide when he said homosexual acts are immoral like adultery. Why? Because both are temptations that ought to be resisted at the first thought. Moral people flee temptation. (No, Oprah and Montel, homosexuality is not genetic or inevitable.)

I read in People magazine that 16 universities offer co-ed dorm rooms and anyone may sign up for them –not just dating couples, but strangers. Some rooms practically have revolving doors with people frequently changing roommates for current girl/boyfriends. This is as crazy as the co-ed bathroom phenomenon.

We who object to co-ed rooms in colleges also object to out-of-closet Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgenders in barracks and military bathrooms. It IS simply immoral to put unmarried people of opposite attraction together in intimate quarters.

Just as a moral and responsible father wouldn’t want his daughter to share a dorm room with a man who would naturally and likely be tempted to jump into bed with her; he also wouldn’t want his son to have to share quarters with anyone (male or female) who is tempted to jump into bed with him.

So why not let the GLBT’s all room together in the military? Because they are sexually attracted and tempted by each other, of course. IT’S UNNATURAL to expect to throw attracted young people together in intimate quarters without an eventual breach in moral conduct.

With that breach comes tremendous risk for emotional trauma, pregnancy, disease, jealousy, fights, break-ups, infidelity to spouses and sweethearts back home –all the traditional harms of immorality—not conducive to troop morale and cohesiveness.

General Pace should stick by his guns –and the liberal media should GET REAL and withdraw theirs.

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