Sunday, March 25, 2007

An example of Hate Speech which Incites

A local Toledo blog rightly objected to a Kansas church that pickets military funerals to make a political statement --a statement that
God is punishing america for her homosexuality by allowing our troops to die.

Then he said:

"There have been many posts on this blog by such a skewed-thinking evangelical. Folks like that are dangerous to our society as well as to our democracy. They are in the same category as the Taliban of Afghanistan or the 'religious' authorities in Iran."

This really is "hate speech" that would incite violence toward evangelicals like me --far more dangerous than anything I have ever said.

People can disagree and say, "NO, you're wrong!" or "I disagree and here's why, " on any topic --without it being "hate speech." But when you call Geo. Bush a Nazi, and call evangelicals the Taliban or Iranian religious authorities, you are suggesting, however subtly, that it's ok to hate them, wage war against them, in fact, to do away with them because they would kill you first and deprive you of your liberty --(like the Nazis, Taliban or Iranian leadership.)

Just because people disagree about what is right or wrong, doesn't give us license to hate either side.

American politics needs to get back on a high road of cordiality and respect for differing views.

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