Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Christian Influence in the Republican Party?

The Republican Party is not a party separate from its constitutents -not a party whose power is up for grabs by any but the majority who make it up. My family on my mother's and father's side have been republicans --and on my father's side, social conservatives/Christians as well, for at least 4 generations --probably since Lincoln. They always believed in low taxes and limited gov't --and incentives for initiative and business. They opposed social security for the reasons why it is in trouble today. They were members of churches that opposed slavery from the get-go. (However, we're all willing to collect S.S. --my parents still think they could've managed their retirement better themselves. I do recognize, however, that most people would not and would come up short --and have to move in with their kids--which would not be the end of the world.)

I've been intrigued by the delegates to the repub. national convention and their socially conservative planks placed in party platform. Because in Toledo, I don't know of any Christians who work hard to work through the party in that way --taking a stand and getting a delegate's spot to preserve the values of the first 300 years of this country on sanctity of life and marriage, media decency, etc. I am grateful to those who have done so in the nation at large.

The party is fractured now over immigration more than anything else--and Bush's view is the more liberal --and Christian view, i believe. And the more realistic one. Extreme self-protectiveness of conserves like Pat Buchanan is NOT as Christian as Bush's stance. Nor is the "buy American" insistance of Pat and Unions --wanting to cut out the rest of the world from our prosperity by trade restrictions --a richer world with shared prosperity is good for all. And our people benefit from the cheaper goods. We've had a lot to do with teaching the rest of the world how to manufacture and prosper --and in turn, we learned some things from the Japanese in business, also.

ultra-conservatives would not be as compassionate as the social conservatives are --who march to the tune of a different drummer. Granted, Pat B. is a social conservative also.

I understand that the movie Amazing Grace at Spring Meadows now for limited release --is excellent in depicting how Wilberforce's Christian faith influenced his politics and the greatest civil rights decision of all time --end of slavery in the British Empire before it happened in U.S.

Ms. Price shows her ignorance in saying: Limited Government does not have room for a list of social prohibitions trying to change America as a whole nation."

It's the liberals who have been trying to change America by legislating (legalizing) IMMORALITY --by getting into power to choose judges who will legislate from the bench --since it's much harder to get unlimited abortion and new rights for gays (like marriage) through legislatures. So liberals want to change the nation through media, education, and the courts in hopes of eventually winning majorities in the congress for their licentious views of morality.

Our younger generation is so ignorant of history, they don't know that the 21st century is the first time in human history that gay marriage was promoted and exalted as equal and as legit as normal marriage. When I grew up, we knew such a thing was "unthinkable" and unnatural and wrong --as any other perversion is still considered to be --for now.

The Republican party embraced the Christian Coalition --because the Christians who cared most about preserving centuries-old moral standards in our country were already republicans -- We were not the hippies who advocated free love (communal sex) and drugs. Out of the hippies movement has come all the rest of this malarkey in favor of abortion and homosexual marriage.

So we're not about CHANGING America for the worst -but for preserving the better features of her Judeo-Christian heritage. We believe, as Jesus said, that Christians are a light to the world --a salt to preserve righteous standards. "There is a broad road that leads to destruction and many there be that go that way --but the narrow path to righteousness is the path to LIFE and few there be that find it."

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