Friday, March 23, 2007

Tragedy in Detroit --Real Christians Don't Murder

Associated Press

DETROIT - Andrew Anthos died Friday of injuries sustained during an attack last week outside his downtown Detroit apartment building. Family members said he was a victim of an anti-gay hate crime.

Anthos was on a city bus Feb. 13 when a man asked him if he was gay. The man followed Anthos off the bus at the stop in front of his building and beat him with a metal pipe. Anthos, whose family said he was gay, was taken to a hospital and later fell into a coma.

Local and national gay rights groups condemned the attack. Police told The Detroit News in story published Friday that the department was investigating whether the attack was a hate crime.

Police have no witnesses and only a vague description of the attacker from Anthos.''Obviously we're very, very distressed for Andrew's family,'' said Jeffrey Montgomery, executive director of the Triangle Foundation, a statewide gay rights advocacy group based in Detroit. ''But what the crime really is evidence of is the risk with which gay people live their lives every day.''

The Detroit News says:
Andrew Anthos was a private, gentle man whose twin passions to support military veterans and public transportation earned him a reputation for community service.

NOtice what Liberal Democrat at Politics in Mudville had to say about this and whom he blames:

Michigan does not have a hate crime law. Interesting. One wonders why.
Just yesterday there was a letter to the editor in The Blade written by an oh-so righteous fundamentalist who makes it a habit to bash gays. Frequent visitors to my blog would recognize her name. Letters like this bolster the delusional homophobic in our society . Because of this, the murderer of Andrew Anthos felt 'justified' in his actions. After all, Anthos's lifestyle was 'against god' and he deserved to die.



This is a tragedy but not so uncommon for downtown Detroit --especially if it was late at night.

No one should blame the Bible or the believers for what happened to Anthos. He lived in downtown Detroit and was on a city bus, for goo'ness sake! He wasn't killed by anyone who just came from church--unless the killer were insane. Because we believers are taught to love sinners but not the sin. We don't believe God wants us to murder anyone, not even babes in the womb.

Just as Matt Shepard's killers were not Christian, neither was Anthos' killer.

The only philosophy that CAN restrain violent forces in our society are the teachings of Jesus --who also said men should leave parents and cleave to their wives. Haters killed Him, too.

The haters/killers of this sort are most likely the irreligious who can't tolerate any differences from the norm ; they despise Christians, too. The most radical Muslims could have done it because they think killing Christians or gays is honorable in Allah's sight. "Kill the infidel." But Christianity does not justify such murder at all --contrary to what LD wrote.

I went to h.s. with some of the irreligious who were mean, petty, cruel, vindictive, haters for no reason. They aren't worried about what the Christian, Biblical God thinks or they wouldn't murder or abuse, verbally and otherwise.

Someone mentally ill would kill gays for the same reason a serial killer murders prostitutes. No good reason. The insane may see them as tempting-to-them deviates of society instead of as people God loves, for whom Christ died.

Liberals need to stop blaming the Christians, their Bible and pulpit, for what could've even been gay on gay crime. Like Afr.American people who call each other the "N" word, so it is that gays can kill each other calling each other insulting names. I'm not saying this WAS gay on gay crime --but whoever the murderer was, he wasn't a true Jesus follower who did the crime. MOre likely an insane person if he acted alone as the victim believed.

I feel very sorry for this kindly man who cared for our veterans.

AS for Michigan not having a hate crime law.

No crime comes from godly love. All murders should be prosecuted severely.

Is it really worse to kill someone for racial or sexual orientation reasons--than to murder your wife or your neighbor for OTHER reasons? I think not. I have never understand why the law needs to make a distinction. Murder is murder.

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