Monday, March 26, 2007

Democratic Party Issues

What are the Democratic Party issues for which they want to re-gain the presidency?

They want Judicial, Legistlative and Administrative power

A. to keep abortion legal

B. to gain legal marriage for homosexuals

C. to protect access to porn and sex establishments (as happened here in Toledo with Judge Skow)

D. to promote ACLU, liberal, atheistic values and enforce their view of church-state separation (a naked public square, term from The Naked Public Square: Religion and Democracy in America, a book by Richard John Neuhaus)

E. to promote Planned Parenthood values (liberal, atheistic) in sex education of public schools, and access to and funding for abortions

F. to promote censorship of the Right, especially the Religious Right by casting them as bigots and their Biblical views as hate speech

G. to stifle the grass roots conservative groups (churches) by "campaign finance reform"


A. the war in Iraq --all the dead and wounded there are reason to come home instead of establishing that struggling democracy which millions of Iraqis voted for
and for which they celebrated the downfall of Sadam

B. the myth of the Bush lie (re: WMD in Iraq) --Most EVERYONE believed it, including George, so it was not HIS lie. My understanding is that Sadam did have nuclear aspirations --and did have SOME evidence of WMD in the country, if not as much as expected. He certainly was a kindred soul with bin Ladin in his vindictive intentions toward the U.S. We could expect him to harbor, aid and abet terrorists.

C. their Robin Hood philosophy of steal from the rich to give to the poor via tax schemes that actually hurt the economy through business DISincentives. If you tax people too high, they can't/won't invest, hire or buy.

D. their view of national health insurance for all when we already have more access for citizens' care than any other country in the world. Canada has rationing and Europe has a two tiered system, public and private --because the private-pay care is so much better. If you need EXPENSIVE, HIGH TECH remedies, you are more apt to get it covered here than in Canada or Europe. (Granted we are taking out of plan elective remedies (like plastic surgery) to other countries where they are cheaper.)

E. More money for failing schools instead of vouchers to go to successful schools


A. they will use religious language to try to deceive believers into thinking that democrat candidates really do have religious faith --they will focus on the compassion and pacifistic teachings of Christ. They will parade out every Christian liberal they can find and every Gospel choir --and "God Bless America" soloists at their convention.

B. I believe they will downplay the issues of homosex and abortion --but defend them when asked, in compassion terminology of equal rights to all --and women's rights focused on abortion for victims of incest, rape, and life of mother.

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