Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Vitriol of the Local Left --Mudslinging in Mudville

My family and friends know I've been posting for a couple of months, comments to Liberal Democrat at Politics in Mudville. He says outrageous, scornful, untrue things about Bush and Bible-believing Christians who make up most of the Religious Right. He daily demonstrates bigotry and tries to foment fear about "social conservatives" who oppose homosexual and abortion wrongs. He even posted a lot of my comments with pictures of horse manure strewn throughout.

Therefore, it is understandable that it is rare that a conservative goes to his blog to shed some light in the darkness. I found it because someone told me he had written about me when I wrote the Blade last November. After a while, he started to censor me out of his blog. Yesterday, I thought he had relented and opened up his blog again, as I was able to post, but alas, he deleted me today. These deleted posts were not LONG comments (as mine often are), nor did they go off topic--which he and all his commenters do at times.

So here is my response to his censorship. My concern is for the vitriol (acidic, corrosive tone) when liberals DO discuss with conservatives and the censorship when they are bankrupt in ideas for rebuttal. They do it at every liberal site I have visited --scorn first and then censorship--but never dealing with the issues effectively at all. Because they can't. Yet, I don't use foul language and avoid name calling,scorn and vulgarity --which deserve censorship. I admit --I am sometimes tempted to out-clever them in insults, as I know how, but I usually refrain.

My latest post to LD:

Ah, you disppoint, LD --I thought you had grown more tolerant in a few days time. (I did say; "grown up to be more tolerant" but realized I was stooping to your level of scornful discourse. See the difference? I would be as scornful as you, when you said to a fellow scorner, "'thinking fundamentalists'? --surely, you jest!"

It would be interesting if you could focus on WHAT conservatives say --instead of on the persons--whom you've probably never met. Ad hominem attack or censorship is your only defense. Where is the debate of WHAT is said --the competition of ideas?

You don't seem to care if your blog continues to say that all right wing conservative Christians oppose stem cell research when this is not true--because you won't print me saying it is not true (we support adult stem cell and umbilical cord stem cell research, but none on aborted fetuses and murdered "excess" embryos in labs.)

You don't care if your blog calls "the right" uniformly liars and bigots --when THAT is not the case.

You don't care that there REALLY IS no known genetic or bio cause for homosexual orientation and that it could possibly be prevented by parenting, protecting, teaching, self-control, and "right" thinking as in rejecting all sexual ideation outside hetero marriage. Also helpful to hetero orientation is cultural support for morality and normalcy, etc. instead of always celebrating the immoral and depicting it in media as good--including the pre-marital hetero-sex promoted on tv--as in "Friends," etc.

You don't seem to care if your blog generates no discussion --just a bunch of like-minded back slapping.

I'll continue to visit and see what you're up to in defamation of Bible-believing Christians and I'll continue to disagree with you on my blog --though I'm sure you and your readership won't go there because I doubt you read any conservative blogs that refute you on topic. Which is a shame --as you say of ME, you are really the ones who won't let any light in. I'm willing to hear from the dark side in order to TRY to shed light; you are not open to your opponents because, it seems, you are bankrupt in rebuttal. I understand; it IS hard to refute the Bible.

But you might consider why opposition makes you so red-faced mad! I suspect it is because of spiritual reality. If I'm right about the truth of the Bible as God's Word to mankind, with your refusal to believe Jesus was divine -and your refusal to believe the Word directs us to God's standards for right living, defining sin so we may repent, you are in trouble. In Romans 1, The Book says we are sinning if we APPROVE sin --as in homosexuality and abortion.

If you libs can't all swarm like wasps with scorn on one lonely pro-lifer like James Love here, free speech has no value to you except for yourselves. Free speech cannot be allowed if the arguments from the Right are better than yours --which they are. You say you just want to prevent any insulting speech against homosexuals --but you delete my remarks that are not even about them. And what I say about them, SHOULD be considered. If there is any way to prevent homosexual orientation in children and adolescents, and to help them be normal, we should do it.

I dare you to prove me wrong about your closed-mindedness or anything else about which we disagree--but you cannot even muster up a good rationale!!!! except for evolution; you can say, "but scientists say thus and so..." But you can't do that with homosexuality --except that the political APA has said it is not a mental illness. Maybe not, but sexual choices are still moral choices to make in one's life -- The APA ALSO can't honestly say homosexual orientation is bio-caused and inevitable --nor that homosexual acts and lifestyle are typically moral,normal or healthy with any authority or evidence.

I do encourage folks to your blog so they may see where the radical element is going in vitriol toward believers--which is the most dangerous thing about your viewpoint--the vitriol and the suppression of dissent from your view.

Liberal Democrat can be read at WWW.politicsinmudville.blogspot.com.

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