Thursday, March 8, 2007

We were asked what Christians were doing for Muslims

Barb said...
I have a Christian friend who teaches math to Muslim women in Toledo. Our church has an Arabic Bible study run by an Egyptian Christian --but only Christians from the Middle east have come so far. I know some Christians who teach English to Muslim women.

I have a Muslim friend to whom I have reached out in several ways --such that he has started studying the Bible with our minister.

I am reading a book now by the Caner (Kaner?) brothers -both college profs with PhD's in Christian schools now --their father was Muslim and they were mosque-raised --but later converted --both they and the young man I know say Islam does not tell them that Allah loves them even as sinners. they expect their deeds to be weighed on the scales of justice to determine if they will be saved or not for paradise.
In Islam, there is no Savior for them who has paid the debt for their sin.

After 9/11, you may recall that the YES FM Christian radio station called for Christians to form a circle of prayer for protection at the mosque --for the protection of our Islamic residents. You can't beat THAT as a demonstration of Christian love for Muslims. If they try to convert us through reason, we will listen --they should listen to us, too, because our Savior lives today and is still the Best News on the planet for all.

But we do have more to fear from them --if you read the fatwah against the west given by Osama (as I just did) --they do believe that Allah's desire is to establish Islamic gov't and law everywhere --and that it will be done by force more than by loving evangelism. That's not how we believe Christianity should be spread--not by the sword.

microdot said...
But don't you think that America should have a Christian Government and your interpretation of the bible should be the law of the land. Isn't that what you keep saying or am I misinterpreting the last 25,000 or so words you've written.

Barb said...
I think America should learn from history --that sexual immorality (as defined by many religions) is is a reproach to any people.

Righteousness, as in sexual morality (Biblically defined and shared by many religions) exalts a nation--and is helpful to her in every way --including economic.

So many of our economic burdens are results of people's immoral sex lives --including disease, poverty, delinquency, teen pregnancy, prisons, fatherless kids. And sexual identity experimentation and confusion are also a result of the messed up families --messed up by adultery, porn, divorce, drugs, alcohol.

True Religion is a bulwark --a fortifier of man's best intentions.

microdot said...
so instead of answering my question directly, you have indirectly tried to disguise your answer in a flurry of another (i'm getting rather good at estimating wordage by the centimeter thanks to you) 120 words of proslytizing. I think you said yes.

Barb said...
I think we are a Christian nation more than we are any other kind of nation--in our views of civil rights --and I think Christianity protects all the other religions --has been open-armed to people from all over the world with all kinds of beliefs.

But Christians/God-believers and Bible -respectors --formed this nation and made it the best in the world. Not all the people here were believers nor moral nor good --and some came here purely for opportunity--and many for religious freedom --and many for both.

I want us to be respectful of our foundation and not cash it in for a purely secular philosophy of governance--because secularism without a Judeo-Christian base --loses all sense --and cohesiveness --and starts to persecute religions and erode our religious freedoms and foundation. Pure secularists are vicious --in their rhetoric for starters.

Wilberforce was a Christian whose religious beliefs convinced him that slavery was evil and so he persevered until Britain agreed. Britain didn't have to embrace his religious view --but they came to embrace his religion-BASED view. And probably because they believed in his religion also.

I think America's gov't needs to keep those same religion-based values that formed our gov't. The equality of man and each person's right to vote are based in Christianity --granted some Greek/Roman influence on our government. Women and slaves had their rights recognized because of Bible-believers --who knew the scripture on oneness in Christ and the fact that salvation is offered to ALL men. Christ exalted the value of each individual. He chose common joes for his disciples.

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