Tuesday, April 3, 2007


From RightwingToledo's blog:

I recently had someone pose me the question, “Why would anyone want to be a liberal? There’re wrong on nearly everything, and they’re always so miserable.” The answer: it is easier to be liberal than conservative. You can almost hear the voices now; “it…is…not…. It’s hard to… be concerned... about the bunnies.” Well, sorry to burst your bubbles, but it isn’t hard. In fact, there’s nothing hard about being a liberal – excepting the occasional hair pulling every time a conservative makes a fool of you in front of others. I know that you liberals feel bad when that happens, and this leads me to my first point. To be a liberal, one feels instead of thinks.

My grandfather was a professor/minister/school administrator. I remember him saying that emotions are a God-given aspect of humanity --and appropriately used to move us to action. He preached with a volume range, slow, deliberate choice of words --and was often moved to tears as he preached. Powerful preaching DID make people want to confess their sins and get right with their Maker. And the experience can be life-changing for good.

Someone commented on the above blog that both sides use emotion--as in the Pro-life debate. But she ignored the facts behind the emotions.

E.G. Photos of The tiny fetus, the little hand wrapped around the doctor's finger, as it reached from the womb in a fetal surgery case, the pictures of aborted fetuses --they are pictures from reality --that pack an emotional wallop. It's a fact --abortion kills a helpless tiny person.

Re: abortion --the Left appeals to emotion about the FACT of a young innocent rape victim who gets impregnated. But the liberals' sad fact is much less frequent than death by abortion and there is no jusification for abortion on demand for all ages, for all circumstances, for convenience sake --or because a man doesn't want to support a child he made.

The fact of the pictures used by pro-lifers, should be the more compelling argument.

We should ALL agree that since birth control is available, since abortion kills life, there is NO excuse for abortion for convenience sake. We should be arguing only the issue of a possibility of abortion for rape, incest, life of mother. Convenience abortion is indefensible by any fact-based or common sense reasoning.

And the FACT is that partial birth, 3rd trimester abortion, is never necessary. If the woman can't carry to term, she should deliver --if she doesn't want the child --adopt out. There is NO justification for crushing a skull and suctioning out the brain in a 3rd trimester abortion. It's grisly murder --and that's a FACT --not emotion. But no wonder that many ARE emotional about it --and rightly so. These are babies who could survive with today's technology. We usually want to save life --what about this third trimester procedure? Doesn't matter, a knee-jerk liberal HAS to support abortion without reservation.

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