Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Poor Vs. Rich --Liberals' Class Warfare

There are more similarities between poor and rich than some liberals realize.

In the U.S., we do all have free public education, and lots of college aid for needy people and minorities --but the liberal professors keep demanding and getting raises and the tuition climbs.

There is an american dream for those who want to work hard. There are people like me who have the advantage of a good, hard-working husband --too hard-working --and always hard-working from his youth until the present to pursue his education, necessary to attain and maintain his career; there is no state teachers' retirement system for him that promises to support him and me until we die. He gets what he makes and can put away for the future --at which time it will be taxed at a democrat's high tax rate, probably. If we were investors, and more shrewd about money, we would be better off than we are --but we both are wealthier than our parents were because of his education and hard work --and their legacy in parenting, the values they transmitted.

Liberals are right to observe that the poor ARE often handicapped by their environment--such as their goof-off peers, failing schools, lack of vouchers to escape those schools, lack of parental push and structure --and sometimes there may be I.Q. differences --but more often than not, the old adage holds --that success in any endeavor or pursuit is 95 % perspiration and 5% inspiration( or ability.)

Granted, some people are more creative and fortunate in money-making than others --but look at their lives. When people live by the values of the Hollywood and athletic rich, they just have more costly addictions, more divorces, more alimony, more fatherless and maladjusted kids --and only the very rich can get away with such lifestyles and still have some money left over--sometimes. Whereas, the middle class and poor who embrace Hollywood values, making babies with several partners and having multiple households to support--they find this to be a broad road that leads to poverty and destruction.

Poverty is NOT God's affliction. He commands generosity toward the poor --and wealth is not necessarily His direct blessing in exchange for our virtue. The virtuous may be poor or rich --the sinners may be poor or rich. (and for the record, we all have sinned --but some try to avoid it more than others.)

I have noticed, however, that some Christian poor people (and educated people with wholesome values) live wealthy lives because they value good things --I think of missionaries and ministers and school teachers (of any faith) --many of whom live excellently because they value learning, the free outdoors, the parks, the libraries, the free concerts, the church life, helping others, frugal use of money and stewardship of time, doing their own work instead of hiring --they practice virtue and love --and they know how to make their not-rich houses lovely by orderliness, cleanliness, practical skills and elbow grease.

I look up to many such people who are not rich in dollars --but rich in lifestyle in all the ways that really are valuable--and admirable.

Money is nice to have --but it doesn't buy happiness and can't guarantee good health. It seems that most people can't get enough --and are haunted by chronic insecurity with inflation and taxation and the longer lives we live in the US. Presumeably those democrat millionaires and billionaires are the only working people (if you call playing ball, making movies and being celebrities, work) who really won't feel and don't fear higher taxes coming via democrats.


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