Sunday, April 29, 2007

DEMS LEAVE US BREATHLESS! House Judiciary Committee Approves Hate Crimes Bill After Rejecting Proposed Amendments

Democrats are losing no time in reminding us of how far left they can be --and why we haven't had a democrat legislature for several years. I think they'll do themselves in with their anti-Biblical Christianity legislation. I hope so, anyway.

A link to the latest on hate crimes legislation:
Religion Clause: House Judiciary Committee Approves Hate Crimes Bill After Rejecting Proposed Amendments

Barb said...
I think the concern is legitimate about the possibility of associating hate crime with liberals' interp of hate speech --because people blogging have already been accused viciously of bigotry akin to racism and Imus-type racist remarks if they quote the Bible or teach any kind of understanding of homosexual origins other than what is considered PC by liberals.

People like Montel have derided ex-gays for suggesting that gays can really change --because, to social liberals, why SHOULD they change since there is nothing wrong or undesirable about homosexual orientation and acts--and since they erroneously believe the orientation is innate from birth rather than cultivated by life experience in formative years.

Talking heads in media and in gay community blast social conservs and Christians in particular for what happened to Matt Shepherd --not allowing anyone to blame homosexuals and their supporters for their crimes against others. Of course matt's killers were not the religious right but a couple of loaded blokes from a bar with a visceral dislike for anyone different from them --hate crime, sure, but would they have loved him any more or made him any less dead if he had not been gay?

Murder is murder and it doesn't matter whom you kill or why--the penalties should be severe --and hatred should be assumed. You don't kill those you love. I see no reason to punish more the killer of a homosexual than the killer of a neighbor or spouse. They all deserve the death penalty. There may be some extenuating circumstances to make courts more lenient --but there is no reason to say hating or killing a gay is worse than hating or killing anyone else.

In Canada and Sweden? it has been criminalized to preach the Bible on homosexuality --such preaching or statements against homosex are called "hate speech" by some college and corporate rules.

Therefore, it's no stretch to see Christians'free speech curtailed, to see persecution of Christians who take a pro morality stance by liberal definitions of "hate crime" as speech.

Sun Apr 29, 05:01:00 PM EDT

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liberal_dem said...

Breathless? Rather, surely you meant: a breath of fresh air. Ever notice how stagnant the air is inside of Republican homes? Blogs? Presidential debates?

By the way, as you are an 'expert' on righteousness, could you tell me which of the R candidates thumps the Bible best? As I fall far short in the 'thumping' category, I thought I'd come over, hold my nose, and ask the expert.

I suppose I could frame the question this way, if it makes it easier for you: 'Which one would Jesus vote for?'