Saturday, April 7, 2007

Abstinence Education Still the Best Way to Go, Liberals!

Abstinence education is all the way around cheaper than providing condoms and clean needles, etc.

It's JUST information! Nothing would have to be manufactured. And you really, in the U.S. anyway, don't need new teachers and expensive materials to teach it --our current health programs SHOULD teach it.

I'm not one who says people shouldn't know about condoms or where to get them --but giving them to a 12 year old is going to incline him to find somebody to use it on. And distributors typically condone extra marital sex with their condoms.

We need to continually teach the downsides of all extra-marital sex --all the risks: the emotional downside, the faulty condoms, the failure of condoms to cover all STD germs, the absence of willing partners after one has fallen out with one lover and craves repeat experience, preoccupation with sex at the expense of other wholesome pursuits --like education. Difficulty staying faithful after marriage because of habit of promiscuity. Jealousy is exacerbated when multiple partners are involved --how many murders occur because of that?

The old fashioned virtue of waiting for marriage was never 100 per cent achieved by everybody --but more people used to get to the altar as virgins --or have one partner for life --than is now the case. We have successfully removed the stigma of promiscuity in our culture, such that my words here are considered unrealistic, quaint, peculiar, hateful,judgmental --whatever --and we are worse off for it.

Yet, i can tell you there are still Christians getting married who waited --or only had one partner. Counter-culture Christians.

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