Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who Does Pelosi Think She Is, Going to Syria?

Who does pelosi think she is? I've never seen such undermining of a nation's leadership as our democrats are doing. They are acting outrageously --obnoxiously--dangerously --by dividing our front. I think she's a bit big for her britches on this one.

I understand we were concerned about her security. WHO Is PAYING FOR HER SECURITY BY THE WAY? wE ARE. i NEVER asked her to go over there. who did?

Hopefully, Syria will have as much concern for their public image in the world as Iran did in releasing the "detainees." But they COULD act like terrorists who don't seem to care about their image at all--who cut off heads for the world to watch --to TERRORIZE and intimidate us out of a good offensive/defensive plan such as meeting them on their turf in the middle east--keeping them busy there instead of here --and reducing their numbers, as the General said we are doing in Iraq since the surge.

Also, the little muslim kids see that our military guys are often very humane and generous and playful with them --something no one told them about "the great Satan's" minions--more appealing than people who want you to bob and weave and chant the Koran all day --who might murder your mother or your sister for being raped --who might suggest you should blow yourself up on a bus for Paradise.

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