Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Censoring Liberals--Free Speech Violators in the Name of Tolerance

A local blog, LD's Politics in Mudville, follows in the pattern of Belief Net, the Oprah forums, Christian Alliance for Progress, and many other leftist websites. All of these forums censor out any opinions, based on facts or not, that homosexuality is not genetic and that it is a moral choice. They censor out any speculation as to how one might find himself attracted to the same sex without choosing. They do not want to hear any alternative theories for prevention and treatment of this orientation. They censor out any logical comparisons of homosex to other aberrant sexual fixations like adultery or pedophilia. On a liberal forum, if you don't celebrate homosexuality, you will be insulted first and ultimately censored on that topic.

The Oprah shows and forums on sexuality and transgendering advocate that children should be treated as the opposite sex if they desire --and encouraged in their pursuit of surgery some day --which surgery is essentially mutilation of their perfectly healthy functioning bodies --to make them NOT function normally --so they can live out a charade as something they were never designed to be: the opposite sex--and probably at tax-payers' expense eventually. I think that's true in San Francisco already.

But don't disagree on line in Oprah's forums --or you will be blocked from posting on the topic. Meanwhile, mothers are writing in that they think Jr. wants to be a girl because he prefers the pink crayon, likes to carry her purse, puts scrunchies on a towel as long hair on his head, and likes to wear her high heels and put on make up. Geeeesh! Meanwhile, Dad comes home and rightly hits the roof because Mom is encouraging by not discouraging such nonsense. Parenting genius freely shared in the name of tolerance and free speech --but common sense is disallowed in rebuttal.

Liberal methods of parenting are raising a lot of confused kids. The issues are emotional on both sides of the social issues--but common sense and facts are not allowed on liberal forums. Sex-perimentation with your kids is the new way to go! For goodness' sake --don't try to steer your kid in wholesome, normal, healthy directions! Just let 'em be! Like little Jeffrey Dahmer --they let him be --divorced and left him alone in his home in his teens to be as weird (and angry) as he turned out.

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Barb said...

ps --to my own post --clarification of Momly advice: I don't think parents should be alarmed about jr. stepping into mom's high heels or being interested in pink crayons or make up. These are all normal behaviors for any toddler if those things are available to him --but you do use some of these things to teach --instead of encouraging or praising the boy child for his cuteness when being feminine.(and pink crayon preference means NOTHING --unless you are telling him pink is for girls. That's a taught and learned idea that pink is for girls.)

Gently remove the feminine things from the boy child --and when make-up and jewelry look interesting to him, tell him it's girls and mommies who wear these things to look pretty --because girls like to look pretty --and boys like to see girls looking pretty --but boys get to shave. and look handsome. Enter, the bladeless hand razor and some nice gooey shaving cream --and daddy and he shaving together. Girls shouldn't have all the fun, after all. Both should bake and decorate cookies, e.g.

TREAT him like a boy, encourage the boyish interests and pursuits --and do not be alarmed at any times when he has interests in feminine activities, etc. --after all, chefs and tailors are usually normal guys. just steer him where he belongs --so he has a male self-image and identification with positive male role models --knows he's one of them --and has affection --straight--from them.

That's not to say all children's activities have to be stereotypically macho or feminine -they should both learn to do some housework and help dad wash the car- but we need to just help the kids feel good about being boy or girl --and to appreciate differences that are good for each.