Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why our No. Korea Strategy/defense of Rice

From a forum:

You Democrats should be sued for libel and slander. The stuff that outrages you is the SAME sort of thing you'd be pilloried for by the foreign press (and probably conserves, sad to say) if YOU were in their shoes. Bush and Rice ARE dealing with complex problems --strategies will change --experiments are undertaken--much advice is given and received and they can't follow all of it. And I'll bet it's true that it's impossible to keep accounting or memory of every memo that flies in from all over.

Rice knows a heck of a lot more about foreign affairs and cultures and the intelligence briefings --than you guys can surmise in your little fingers. she'd still make a real pres. compared to Hillary.

Democrats are just keeping up the pressure and the chronic negativity in hopes of getting their pres. and court appointments in. As for what your party would do with terrorists --"fiddle while Rome burns." Or do the very same sorts of things but you'd defend it because YOUR party was doing it.

I just got a letter from one of my 2 friends in India --who praises Bush for recently pushing Pakistan harder to deal with its terrorists.
so not everyone abroad thinks as Microdot about the Bush administration.

Here's another idea: everyone has been jumping on Bush-Rice for ignoring No. Korea compared to Iraq --for not negotiating with Iran and No. Korea --for being a lone ranger and not working with other nations --so the best a team of nations can get from diplomacy with N. Korea is not good enough --and I agree --it wasn't good when Clinton did it nor now--but is it for a temporary easing of the tensions re: both critics of Bush's leadership and the problem with No. Korea --seeing as how our hands are full with middle-eastern terrorists and Iranians halping to keep the pot stirred in Iraq --hoping you libs will prevail and get us out of there so they can have their terrorist safe-haven or continue to blow up the region and kill millions with their ethnic war drawing from Al kaida Sunnis on the one side and Iran Shiites on the other.

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