Wednesday, February 14, 2007

from Mudville --on religion --how to be forgiven

A dialogue post of mine to Liberal Democrat, et al on Mudville site:

So what do you believe about God since you are not an atheist?

Do I think He is keeping track of your irreverence? Indeed I do.

Jesus said every thought and word is being recorded.

Of course it is --we are hooked up to that celestial computer --if our computers can record minutia, I'm sure God can also. His intelligence is limitless --and He has us online. But the Bible also says that when we repent and believe in Christ as Savior, our sins are blotted out --washed away --buried in the deepest sea --removed as far as east is from west (figuratively speaking) --we, in effect, access the delete key in God's mind through faith in Christ and He remembers our sin against us no more.

But we have to access the right keys --"I'm a sinner; I need God's grace; I believe He sent Jesus to save us from our sins --and to save us from death." It's the GRACE icon. Undeserved favor from God.

Neighborhood Concerns said...

I believe in one creator or god if you will with many helpers but none above the creator.

Barb said...
NC,I thought you said you were a "born again Pagan." You say you believe in God with many helpers. And you have defended God and prophets of the Old Testament and consider Jesus was crucified because He claimed to be God (true enough) --as would an orthodox Jewish believer. So I'm concluding you might be a pagan of Jewish background with some Jewish beliefs. Most liberals like Jesus and misinterpret Him as being like them; I don't think you do like Jesus but see him as an enemy of the one true God --as did many (but not all ) of the Jews in His day.

Those that saw him bring Lazarus out of the tomb after he had been dead 3 days --who saw him heal 10 lepers, the blind, the lame, the demoniac, the woman with an issue of blood for many years --when they saw Him do these things-- and heard His wise teachings on love and forgiveness and humility -condemning self-righteousness and pride and unforgiving attitudes and behaviors =--and then touched and spoke with Him after His resurrection --those people were Jews who believed Jesus had to be from God, the Messiah, One with the Father, both Son of God and Son of Man --not another God --but one with the Father (He said, "You have seen me; you have seen the Father." --He was the human manifestation of God who walked among us and died for us ---to satisfy the debt of sin --so that HIs blood is the blood of the Passover lamb for ALL who believe --from every tribe, race and nation --so that the angel of Death will pass over us for eternity.

This is the Good News, the Gospel --that Jesus conquored the grave for all mankind who would repent and believe. His blood atones for our sin, the way the lamb's blood did the same for the O.T. Jews.


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