Sunday, February 18, 2007

Response to Liberal Democrat calling pro-lifers names

LD, I missed this bigoted rant against pro-lifers as "right wing religious zealots."

What exactly are you afraid of, LD? that the church will punish you for dancing as in Saudi Arabia?

Or that you can't abort the products of your indiscretions when you, like a Bill Clinton, bed women other than your wife? or that you and your wife might have to use birth control instead of putting her through abortion trauma? that you and others would, in fact, have to be more responsible in your sexual activities?

Are you afraid that a new license to gay marriage won't go through? --even though we've gotten along without such a thing in the whole history of mankind and nations?

Are you afraid the church will burn YOU at the stake for irresponsible, malicious, anti-Christian blogging? We don't do that anymore. In fact, if ARthur Miller's take on it is accurate in his play, The Crucible, it wasn't really Christian people who started the hysteria, but a truly nasty teen girl and her followers --influenced by an angry slave with occultic, witch-like beliefs -- nothing Christian about what happened to the really decent, nice Christians in the story. The lawyer/judge types and the rabble of the streets (like the mob who called for christ's crucifixion) were deceived by the girls behaving badly( the Bible warns against being so deceived.) It wasn't witches who were persecuted in Salem --it was Christians who were accused of being witches --by naughty girls wanting to deflect blame from themselves to the good people in the town--

JUST LIKE YOU, LD,FOCUS ON CHRISTIANS AS THE ENEMY IN ALL THINGS, CALLING US THE WITCHES --saying we are JUST AS BAD AS FUNDAMENTALIST TERRORISTS ABROAD. Your kind of rhetoric, inflaming gullible people, would get ME and the other bible believers burned at the stake --and somehow, i don't think you would mind --or see your role as wrong. You'd say good riddance --and you WOULD be so, so wrong--biting the hand (the Lord's churches) that fed this nation's best qualities based on our Judeo-Christian values of unselfish kindness, equality for all, freedom of belief and speech, (to be Christian is a matter of individual free will and assent --not force) --compassion for all --forgiveness, etc.

America is still a nominally Christian nation --and coincidentally the best place to live on the earth.

However, the radical Muslims see us as a den of iniquity, tempting people to immorality --and as such see no reason why we should live.

Yes, secular American culture is a den full of iniquity with its unlimited porn, easy to get drugs, free-flowing alcohol to our underage youth and to America's parents, rampant divorce, adultery, predators --our shacking up couples --our serial monogamists and worse --our cruisers in public restrooms --our fascination for same sex attraction.

But I don't see that government is the solution as much as religious revival, missionary fervor --and love for and from the Church --but the law is a cultural teacher --and it ought to support traditional American views of right and wrong--rather than experiment with liberal redefinitions of what is good and evil, moral or immoral.

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